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A Palace fit for a King, Hampton Court Palace England

One thing is for sure, Hampton Court Palace England truly [...]

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Whiskey tasting with a deadly twist – Irish Whiskey Museum Dublin

They say you learn something new every day but to [...]

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Bodiam Castle, England, Inside the Medieval Walls

When I imagine visiting inside a medieval castle, Bodiam Castle [...]

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Self Guided Historic Pub & Beer Tour East London

Exploring historic pubs in London can be a fun and fascinating experience, especially hearing the stories about pirates. This self-guided historic London pub, food and beer walking tour takes you around east London. You will visit [...]

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Things To Consider Before Visiting the Tower of London

Are you considering a visit to the Tower of London when in the capital city, one of England’s most famous landmarks? It is a place that both fascinates and horrifies everyone that visits. More than [...]

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Guide on Things to Do in Tintagel Village Cornwall

This guide on the charming village of Tintagel in Cornwall is definitely worth adding to your next cornish trip. Apart from visiting the famous home of King Arthur, Tintagel Castle, and Merlin’s Cave, there are [...]

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Go inside and Climb Wellington Arch London

Unbeknown to many, you can go inside and climb one of London’s top landmark sites, the Wellington Arch. Its appearance looks deceptive from the outside as it looks like two small blocks adjoin together. But [...]

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