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Travel Bloggers favourite Hikes around in the world

Hiking and Trekkingin various parts of the world are definitely one of my favourite outdoor activities to do. It allows you to take in the beautiful surrounding areas at your own pace, see things that you do not normally see while keeping fit at the same time.

It seems that I am not the only one that thinks this and it was a lot of fun putting together this is collaboration ‘Travel Bloggers Share their favourite Hikes around the world Pt1′. I think I added a few more hikes to my bucket list.

Travel Blogger Hikes around the world - hiking influencers

Alpe d’Huez France Photo by Mel from Melbtravel

Best Hikes in the world

We have easy access to these beautiful places through social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook and youtube, which allows us to connect and learn from other like minded people out there who love hiking and trekking too.

Below is the first part in my collaboration with 6 inspirational travel bloggers who share experiences of their favourite hikes around the world and why. What is your best hiking route in the world?

1. Hiking the Overland Track, Tasmania – Australia

Katherine Fenech – Bright Lights of America

Tasmania may be separated from Australia by 240km of ocean, but it’s well worth the visit to drink in the beautiful landscape, dramatic coastline and rugged wilderness. My first trip to the island was to hike the Overland Track – a 65km stretch that runs through a variety of terrains from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair.

It usually takes about six days to traverse the National Park and there are lots of side trips you can take for spectacular views along the way. It starts with a climb up to the base of Cradle Mountain, which was covered with snow and gleaming when we visited. There’s always the option of climbing into the cradle, or like us, you might trudge on through shin-deep snow. A couple of hours later you’ll descend through bush to Waterfall Valley Camp, not a flake of snow in sight.

Over the next six days, we met native animals, lugged our packs up and down mountains and hills, trudged across plains, through the rainforest and into rugged bushland. We set up tents only to be awoken by curious wombats looking for midnight feast scraps. And, of course, I fell over backwards, landing on my pack, and flailed helplessly until help arrived to haul me to my feet.

Most of all though, I remember the Overland Track as the hike that taught me that my limits are the ones I put on myself. And that Tasmania is a stunning piece of Australia.

Hiking bushland plains with mountains in the background
Photo By – Bright Lights of America

2. Heli Hiking Glaciers New Zealand

Sarah – Not Another Travel Blog

We developed a somewhat unexpected love of hiking while backpacking, and nowhere did we enjoy hiking more than in New Zealand. The country is quite literally packed with incredible hiking trails that cover everything from coastal scenery, beautiful forests and rural countryside to active volcanoes, waterfalls and even glaciers! If you’re looking for diverse landscapes, rugged natural beauty and trails to sort all levels of difficulty, this is the place for you.

Our all time favourite hiking experience was the day we got to hike on a glacier in New Zealand’s south island. We chose Fox Glacier, a slightly less well trodden location than neighbouring Franz Josef, and opted for a 4-hour helicopter and hiking tour. Having never been in a helicopter before, just reaching the glacier was a pretty awesome adventure!

Landing on Fox Glacier, James Bond style, we donned our crampons, grabbed our walking poles and set off on an epic hiking adventure. We saw glacial waterfalls, stunning bright blue ice caves and had an incredible couple of hours exploring and ice hiking.

The guides are extremely knowledgeable and safety oriented, cutting out a path across the glacier that’s entirely dependent on the conditions on that particular day meaning that every group gets a unique experience.

Whilst heli hiking glaciers isn’t exactly a budget hiking experience, it’s definitely the most exhilarating and memorable day of hiking we’ve enjoyed on our travels and we’d thoroughly recommend trying it if you ever get the opportunity.

Heli Hiking Glaciers New Zealand - Best hikes around the world
Photo By Sarah from Not Another travel blog

3. Al-Khubtha or Treasury Overlook Trail at Petra, Jordan

Ketki Sharangpani – Dotted Globe

The Treasury or Al-Khazneh instantly springs to mind when you think about Petra, Jordan. Most people take the mile long walk through the Siq to see the Treasury and then go on to see the rest of the ancient Nabataean city. Few venture on the Al-Khubtha or Treasury Overlook Trail, a hike that offers dramatic views of the Treasury and sweeping vistas of Petra city centre and the valley.

The hike starts from the Royal Tombs inside Petra and continues up a set of stairs to the top of the cliff. As it curves its way around the sandstone cliffs, it offers excellent views of the Roman amphitheatre. The trail descends into a ravine and culminates in a Bedouin shop selling trinkets and tea. From this viewpoint, visitors have magnificent views of the Treasury from above.

It is a wonderful way to experience Petra in complete solitude, even as you see tourists milling around the Treasury below.

The hike can be completed in 1.5-2 hrs from the Royal Tombs at a leisurely pace including the time to descend and requires average fitness level; I hiked the trail when I was 5 months pregnant and faced no difficulties. It is essential to wear sturdy shoes and carry lots of water, hat and some food. The hike is clearly signposted initially but needs some exploring towards the end. Alternatively, you can hire a local Bedouin guide.

Hiking the Treasury Overlook Trail in Petra, Jordan
Treasury Overlook Trail in Petra, Jordan Photo By: Ketki Sharangpani

4. Hiking Volcan Concepcion on Nicaragua’s Ometepe Island

Jessie – Jessie on a Journey

While not for the faint of heart, hiking Volcan Concepcion on Nicaragua’s Ometepe Island is an unforgettable experience. It’s about 10 hours round trip, with the journey taking you through five distinct ecosystems. Literally every hour or so the scenery completely changes, from howler white-throated capuchin monkeys toward the bottom to Mars-like insects showing off their neon yellow zebra stripes as they flew by at the top.

It’s important to bring a mask — or use your sweaty t-shirt — to cover your mouth toward the top to keep safe from the active volcano’s fumes. The super-steep Trek certainly isn’t easy, but once at the top, you’ll truly feel like you can do anything.”

Hiking along fog covered ridge
Jessie from Jessie on a Journey

5. Denali State Park: the Kesugi Ridge Trail Alaska

Eleonore – Eleonore Everywhere

Outfitted with an oversized backpack, a trusty map and enough food for 3-days of hiking, I set out along the 28-mile Kesugi Ridge Trail in Denali State Park, Alaska. Although I spent the entire first day and night with wide-eyes and open ears in complete fear that a grizzly bear was going to eat me, the Kesugi Ridge Trail turned out to be one of the most beautiful and unforgettable hikes I could have ever taken in Alaska.

Or really anywhere! The hike is rated as ‘moderate’, although it does begin with a 2,000-foot ascent to the top of the ridgeline. It’s also a well-marked and easy to navigate the trail, which makes it perfect for anyone hiking solo.

Once above the trees and on the ridgeline, the landscape opens up to a picturesque Alpine tundra. But what makes this hike truly unforgettable is that the trail sits in the shadow of Mt. Denali, the tallest mountain in North America, leaving incredible views. There are so many hikes to do in Alaska, but the Kesugi Ridge Trail is considered one of the best in Alaska, and shouldn’t be missed!

Getting There: The closest city to stock up on supplies in is Talkeetna. Begin the hike from the Coal Creek trailhead at Alaska Highway George Parks Highway mile 164, and end at Byers Lake trailhead at mile 147. You can either hitch back to your car (many hikers do this in Alaska) at the Coal Creek Trailhead, or you can arrange a shuttle.

Mountain views out of tent
Photo by Eleonore by Eleonore Everywhere

6. Zion Narrows USA

Alexandra Paulick – Positive Impact Journey

Travel to a whole new world by venturing through the desert swept caverns of the Zion National. Here you traverse to down to the Virgin River, revelling in the consequence of thousands of years of work carving slot caverns through the Colorado Plateau. The result is a sea of vibrant red rocks waving up through the skies as you hike through the river.

For the true gem of the region, head to the North Fork of the Virgin River, known as the Zion Narrows. Here you can approach the slot canyons from the bottom or the top. The bottom approach is a day hike taking you to the meat of the canyons, revealing some of the most scenic views. The infamous two-day top down backpacking hike requires a permit, as well as favourable weather conditions.

Here you can take trek the full 16-mile length of the Narrows. You camp overnight at one of the picturesque campsites before encountering the mystical – and iconic – slot canyons on day two.

Flash floods pose a serious threat in the canyon, making this trail extremely weather dependent. To shuttle to the top of the Narrows, you’ll hire one of the private outfitters. They work hand in hand with the park rangers and the forest service to monitor weather conditions, prioritizing hikers safety.

Regardless if you approach from the top or the bottom, the Narrows’s red rock display will surely become one of the most stunning hikes you ever do.

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Travel Bloggers Hike to waterfalls
Photo by Alexandra from Positive Impact Journey

7. La Chorrera Waterfall Hike – Bogota, Colombia

Steph – The Pink Backpack

La Chorrerra is a beautiful and moderately challenging day hike from Colombia’s capital city. Just east of Bogotá, you can reach the trailhead by bus, private car or guided tour. 

If you love waterfalls, you are in for a real treat with this stunning trail through the Andean forests! In fact, both the El Chiflón and La Chorrerra falls hikes can be reached in approximately 3 hours. La Chorrerra is the largest waterfall in all of Colombia, making this hike a must-do for nature and photography lovers alike.

The hike begins through quiet farm land, quickly gaining elevation and yielding beautiful views of the lush, rolling hills beyond. The first stop along the wooded path is El Chiflón, a good point for a quick water or snack break. You must continue up the mountainous terrain for the full hike to reach La Chorrerra.

For those not used to altitude hiking, be aware that you will reach 8,530 ft above sea level — but the views are definitely worth the exertion!

 La Chorrera Waterfall Hike - Bogota, Colombia one of the best hikes in the world
La Chorrera Waterfall Hike – Bogota, Colombia one of the best hikes Photo By Steph – The Pink Backpack

8. Lang Tang Trek – Nepal

Ellis Veen – Backpack Adventures

One of the most beautiful treks I ever did was the Lang Tang trek in Nepal in 2009. It’s a short trekking of only 3 days up to a small village called Kyanjin Gompa at 3900 meter. What I loved so much about this trek was the variety of landscapes you walk through. From lush green jungle with monkeys to barren rocky paths surrounded by mountain peaks covered in snow.

Another highlight is the people of Langtang who have a Tibetan origin and still follow Buddhism.

Sadly the earthquake in April 25th in 2015 destroyed much of the villages in the valley. An avalanche of ice and snow swept away Lang Tang village, a community of over 400 people. Lang Tang village is still covered with mud, but the other villages are slowly recovering and reopening their Lodges. They are hoping tourists will again come to their beautiful valley and they need tourism now more than ever. The trekking route has reopened and from what I have heard it is still very beautiful.

Lang Tang trek in Nepal one of the top hiking routes in the world
Lang Tang trek in Nepal Photo By Ellis – Backpack Adventures

9. Uluru Base Walk, Australia

Oceana – Maps and Mandalas

Australia is definitely a hiker’s paradise (as long as you’re prepared!), but my favourite hike by far is the Uluru base walk. It’s a 10.6km loop, taking 3-4 hours depending on your speed, that takes you all the way around the monolith that has captured the interest of locals and visitors for decades and centuries.

Uluru is located 450km from Alice Springs, which is itself 1500km from the Northern Territory capital of Darwin. It’s a big drive, but if you’re dedicated and focused you can make it in three days, ready to hike on day 4.

The Uluru base walk is best done first thing in the morning. I walked it just after sunrise when the air was still cold from the desert night. Many people are turned off by the length of this walk, so for many times on the journey, myself and my walking buddies felt totally alone. The base walk takes you through all the landscapes surrounding Uluru, from the acacia woodlands to the grass plains, and offers many stunning perspectives on the rock.

Keep an eye out for the informational signs, which give you a real local perspective on the rock and its importance. Aim to finish this walk before 11, because it does get quite baking out there! When you start early, you’re guaranteed to walk part of the way in Uluru’s shadow, which is amazing.

Australia hiking collaboration
Photo By – Maps and Mandalas

10. KoKo Head Hike – Oahu, Hawaii

Lauren Hay – FaraMagan

Although it’s difficult to drag yourself away from the stunning shores of Oahu, it is so worth it to view the turquoise waters from above, on one of the island’s many hikes. Our favourite was KoKo Head, around a 20 minute drive from Honolulu and the most rewarding hike of our entire trip. 

The most rewarding for one reason – in order to reach the summit you will need to endure 1050 steps to the top! Originally, these steps were a rail road used to transport military supplies and personnel to the Air Force Station which used to be based on top.

Due to the intensity of the steps (they are very steep and wide apart, not the easiest when you’ve super short legs like me) it is recommended to begin the hike around 5.30am. This means you will not only be rewarded with the stunning sunrise over Hanauma Bay at the summit but the temperature is far more bearable to hike in.

This will mean beginning your hike in the dark however so bring a torch- don’t use your phone, you’ll need all the battery for those sunrise snaps! I will add, I struggled more with the hike down than up. Due to the spacing of the steps, there were times I was fearful of falling between the gaps into the overgrown below, so I simply slid down on my bum at times! It was one of the most challenging hikes we did in Oahu, but definitely the most worthwhile and one of the most memorable we’ve ever done.

Sunset Hike Oahu Hawaii -Best hikes in the world
Sunset Hike Oahu Hawaii – Photo By: Faramagan

11. Cradle Mountain Hike – South Africa

Claire – Claires Footsteps

The first part of the Cradle Mountain hike is easy; mainly ambling up some steps and admiring various viewpoints, where you can view the beautiful surrounding Tasmanian lakes and countryside. Suddenly, you’ll see the jagged peaks of Cradle Mountain looming ahead of you.

And, if it’s anything like the weather I had (the clearest blue skies you could imagine) when summiting the mountain, without much further thought you’ll soon find yourself halfway up it.

The Cradle Mountain summit is pretty scary. It’s more like a rock climb than a hike, meaning that you have to twist your body into all sorts of crazy positions to manage to heave yourself up the steep incline.

But the hardest hikes often bring the best rewards, and Cradle Mountain is no exception. From the peak, you can see kilometre after kilometre of gorgeous national park. It’s without a doubt one of the finest views of Tasmania, which is unquestionably the most beautiful part of Australia.

And once you descend from Cradle Mountain and walk away from it, be sure to turn around every so often and see it standing there, still, unchanging; a glorious backdrop reminding you of what you’ve just conquered. It’s a hike like no other.

Table Mountain Hiking South Africa
Hiking Table Mountain South Africia Pic By Claire – Claires Footsteps

12. Hiking Hollywood Sign, Los Angels USA

Jennifer Schlüter – Discovering Legacies

 Everybody is always trying to get close to the Hollywood sign, and most of these people are trying to see it from the front, too. Do you wanna be different and get so close to the Hollywood sign that you can almost touch the famous letters? Then go see it from behind.

There are several paths, but we’ll focus on a more difficult one, which will also lead you past the only tree that survived L.A.’s devastating 2007 fire, The Wisdom Tree. You’ll find cool journals there – check ’em out and leave some of your wisdom with others!
Find the best directions on where to start this hike, and continue the trail along the ridge of the mountain straight to the back of the Hollywood sign. You’ll have stunning views of so many different parts of L.A. and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see as far as the ocean!
The hike will take you through tough terrain, so good shoes are a must! The first ascent is the hardest and steepest, for about 20 to 30 minutes. You may feel your glutes the next day. The rest is fairly easy, but with a few steep spots. Don’t forget to take some water! A round trip can take up to 2 or even 3 hours. Happy hiking!
View of Hollywood from behind the sign
Photo By Discovering Legacies

13. Hiking Rainbow Mountain – Peru

Dina Dubinsky –  Glampackandgo

Rainbow Mountain, or Vinicunca, is a popular day trip hikes from Cuzco for folks looking to do something other than Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. You can purchase the day trip anywhere in Cuzco for about $30-$50 USD, including transportation, guides and meals. Note: Don’t book online in advance, as it’s much more expensive.

The journey begins at 3:00 a.m. from Cuzco, where a local tour operator picks up people on a small bus to begin a 3-hour winding and bumpy mountain journey. You arrive at a base camp tent around 6:30 a.m., where you have breakfast and receive instructions from guides. 

The hike begins at 4,300 meters, so be sure to spend a few days getting acclimated to the high altitudes. The hike itself is 10 kilometers round trip, about 4 hours up and 2 hours down, and the hiking level is difficult due to altitude. Be prepared to get breathless and take breaks. The guides have emergency oxygen tanks or you can pay $20 for a horse and porter to take you up.

Once you have reached the rewarding Rainbow Mountain, standing at an altitude of 5,200 meters, you feel like you’ve actually conquered the world. You can’t go on the colourful mountain, which is blocked off for preservation purposes, but you can take some fantastic photos here.

The hike back is easier as the altitude decreases. You’ll get a delicious lunch and transport back to central Cuzco, where you arrive about 7:00-8:00 p.m.


  • Bring plenty of water and sunscreen, wear layers and hiking boots, and chew coca leaves for altitude sickness.
Rainbow hike South America one the top hikes in South America
Rainbow Mountain Photo By Dina Dubinsky – Glmpackandgo

14. Havasu Falls Hike – Grand Canyon, USA

Ed and Jennifer – Colemanconcierge

Havasu Falls USA is one of the most beautiful hikes in America for good reason. The turquoise blue water of Havasu Creek cuts through the red limestone of the Grand Canyon. The campground sits right below Supia, a remote Indian village that is inaccessible by road. Havasu Falls, a 100’ waterfall, sits right above the campground and Mooney Falls (another 100’ waterfall) sits right below the campground. 

The trail runs 8 miles and descends 2000’ from the trailhead at Hualapai Hilltop to the Supai Village.  You drop most of that 2000’ in the first several miles of the trail as you drop into the canyon. You hike a few miles through the dry canyon floor until it joins with Havasu Creek. A few mile down the cottonwood lined creek and you reach the village of Supai, where you get your permit (advance registration is required). We usually get an ice cream bar and frozen Gatorade too.

The hike through the dry canyon approach is pretty neat but the final two miles to the campground is epic. Just below Supia is a series of falls known as Navajo Falls. This is the first place you can jump in and enjoy the cool blue water. Soon, you reach the top of Havasu Falls. The trail winds down right below Havasu Falls and it really does look just like the pictures. The water collects in a huge pool below Havasu Falls where fellow campers and undoubtedly swimming in the water.

There are about 100 camp spots over the next half mile of the creek. Most are shaded by cottonwood trees and many are right next to the creek. There is drinking water available from on the cliff and several composting toilets. It’s a beautiful campsite but you are here for the waterfalls.

The campground ends at Mooney Falls, that you climb through the limestone formations, chain safeties and a couple of ladders to reach the base of the falls. From there it continues a few miles further to Beaver Falls and the infamous Green Room hidden at the base of the falls. If you feel super spry, you can hike the full 8 miles past the campground to the connection with the Colorado River.

Havasu Falls hiking USA
Looking down at Havasu Falls Photo By Ed and Jennifer Coleman – Colemanconcierge

15. Hiking Haleakalā Crater at sunrise, Maui – Hawaii

Whitney – Purpose to Nourish

My favourite hike has to be the one I didn’t realize I was taking.  My niece thought we could start our morning out with a little hike up Haleakalā Crater at sunrise and be done within two hours and onto our next adventure. I didn’t know it at the time but Haleakalā is a HUGE dormant volcano that forms about 75% of Maui.

The tallest peak reaches far above the clouds at 10,023 feet. ABOVE THE CLOUDS!! Do I need to repeat that? ABOVE THE F-ING CLOUDS, and my niece thought we could go up, down, and out in a couple of hours?! HA! Well, 5.5 hours later, we did it!

⇒  Read More – Sunrise hike and Breakfast Morgins Switzerland 

The views could not have been better.  From some angles, I felt like we were in Star Wars and from others, I felt like we were in Fern Gully. I would recommend going if you’re on the island of Maui.

Hiking Haleakalā Crater
Hiking Haleakalā Crater Photo by: Purpose to Nourish

16. Pedra da Gavea hike in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Suzie Kelsey  – The Wandering Linguist 

The best and simultaneously most challenging hike that I have done in my life was the Pedra da Gavea in Rio de Janeiro. Why is it so challenging? Two reasons. One, it is Brazil. There are points when there is no particular path to follow or signs to indicate where to go, so you kind of have to wing it and hope for the best. Secondly, this hike is literally climbing up a mountain, so it is a constant asset, and scaling cliff-faces is necessary to get to the top (things I was not really aware of before I set off).

Read More – Summer Guide Champery Switzerland

At a moderate pace, you can reach the top in about 3 hours. In Rio in December, it often rains in the afternoon so we set off at about 7 am to make sure we would be able to get up and down before the rain started.

Why is it the best hike I have done, you ask? Look at that view. I still can’t believe I made it high enough to see the entire city of Rio from above!

View of Rio de Janeiro after hiking Pedra da Gavea
View of Rio de Janeiro after hiking Pedra da Gavea – Photo By The Wandering Linguist

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Hiking in switzerland

Photo By Mel from Melbtravel

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      I really want to go to Zion it is high up on my bucket list of places to visit. I also would love to visit Arizona, when I make it there you guys can show me some hiking routes 🙂 Thank you in regards to the series too.

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      Thank you, I love Switzerland and I just go back from there. You live is such a beautiful country. Where are you from, you have a hiking route you want to share?

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    I love hiking but I never hike in such a huge mountains! I would love to do that hike around the Mont Blanc to see France, Italy and Switzerland ! What an adventure! The one in New Zealand seems amazing as well! I am just not so sure about that Volcan Concepcion on Nicaragua’s Ometepe Island! Looks a bit dangerous 🙂 Great list !

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      I recently completed a hike in Switzerland recently that was only an hour up and great morning hike. I definitely recommend it if you like hiking and nothing to hard 🙂

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    in Bangladesh Chittagong hill tracts comprising three major fascinating districts – one is Khagrachari hill district has distinctive value for its cloud hills, sunrise / sunset view point, waterfalls and cave around Sajek and Khagrachari favorite by local travelers. 2nd district is Rangamati is spectacularly famous for its man made Asia largest hillside lake where visitors boating exploring several attractive places and waterfalls.
    3rd hill district head is Bandarban has numerous place to adventure through off the beaten track and 3 highest peak for trekking experience and learning about the indigenous unique culture those has own language, rites, rituals and cultural pattern. Bandarban is heaven for photographers and cultural hikers surrounded by river scenic beauty, waterfalls stream, rocks, misty mountains and cloudy hills always welcoming by hospitable friendliest indigenous people to their lands !

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      Funny you mention the Himalayas, I went there about 10years ago and it is what made me fall in love with hiking and trekking. Every time, someone tells me a new route I add it straight to the list.

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    Stunning photos!! I didn’t get to go on much of a hike this year in North Carolina, but this post has inspired me to purpose a hiking trip next year!

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    The Heuberg Trail in Switzerland looks wonderful! I’d love to attempt to do one of these, but think I’m not active enough! One of my dream destinations is to go to Ometepe in Nicaragua one day; maybe I’ll try my hand at the hike at Volcan Concepcion!

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    I am so happy I stumbled upon this article, for I have been planning to travel to Southern Europe to go on a hike!

    Your article really made me want to book my trip NOW. The Oeschinensee – Oberbergli – Heuberg trail in Switzerland looks amazing, and as I’ve I’ve previously hiked the mountains in Switzerland / Austria I know that they offer the ultimate experience. Even if the trails are not that particular difficult in this region, they are still magnificent nevertheless.

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      I am glad that you have stumbled upon it as well 🙂 I love hiking too and your trip sounds exciting and amazing. You will have to let me know who your hiking trip goes and good luck.

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    I think this is a fun list to see! I live in Salt Lake City and am close to so many amazing hikes, even some that are more my level. I’d love to do these, but at a slower pace, as I’m not the best hiker. Love it!

    • melbtravel says:

      Thank you it was a fun list to put together, I can’t wait to do the next one. The problem is that I keep adding to my own list 🙂 I have never been to Salt Lake city but it definitely has been on my bucket list for ages.

  15. Abigail Sinsona says:

    I am not usually someone to go for a hike as my first choice of activity. But I am a nature lover so I couldn’t resist all the greens and beautiful landscape. The glacier hiking in New Zealand looks so promising and so is that Switzerland hike too!

  16. Rashmi and Chalukya says:

    Hiking is a great way to be one with nature and explore its wonder. These are some of the awe-inspiring and breathtaking trails we would love to explore someday. The Montblanc hike sounds amazing offering best of France, Italy and the unbeatable Swiss. New Zealand is yet another destination on our list with so many picturesque landscapes worth a visit.

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    Whoa! That’s one awesome list! A hike that goes across 3 different countries? Mont Blanc is definitely a must do I guess! Zion Narrows too looks stunning!

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      I have summit Mt Killingijaro on my birthday a could of years ago and I have written tips on completing the challenge. I wish you all the best of luck with it.

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    All these photos look amazing and the views are breathtaking! I have only climbed one mountain in my life and it was Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. It was hard work and my whole body was so sore afterwards, but it was totally worth it 🙂 Looking at all these photos makes me want to hike again!

    • melbtravel says:

      I will have to look up Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, as I head over that way a bit to see friends. And thank you, I have to give credit to all the lovely ladies that gave me their pictures for the post.

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    These are some great hiking experiences. I simply can’t get over of these super stunning pictures. My favorite from this list would be Mont Blanc massif. It’s so picturesque. Great post.

  20. Sonja says:

    These all look so amazing I wouldnt even know where to start!! Hopefully ticking the Heli Hiking in New Zealand off early next year. So excited!!! Hiking is such a great thing to do when you’re travelling because it really gives you a different perspective on a place.

  21. Jean says:

    Oh so many amazing places to hike. I’ve always wanted to hike on a glacier. I really need to do this before they melt away to nothingness.

  22. James says:

    There are some very interesting hikes here, I like the sound of New Zealand and Switzerland. Taking a helicopter onto a glacier New Zealand Bond style sounds like a once in a lifetime experience. I have seen in the movies that New Zealand is so uniquely picturesque too.

  23. Ivan says:

    “I haven’t everywhere but it is on my list” – it was the first thing I thought after reading your post! I love the list. However, I only hiked some trails around Mont Blanc. The world is way too big for getting all the trails done, so we have to be selective about the destinations!

  24. Kim says:

    Wow, all of these places are absolutely stunning! Sadly I haven’t been on any epic hikes, just a few local ones that aren’t anything to write home about. Not so sure I would want to hike Nicaragua’s Ometepe Island though, I don’t think my heart could take it haha.

    • melbtravel says:

      I bet though that your local hike would epic for someone else to read on the other side of the world 🙂 I want to the heli hiking one in New Zealand

  25. Samantha Sparrow says:

    I’m not too fit but I do enjoy a hike, especially for the views and have done some interesting ones across Europe and in Utah. Mont Blanc massif has actually been on my bucket list for a while, the scenery is breathtaking!

  26. Reebex | Recovering Hippie says:

    I only recently got into hiking and in many way it has changed my life. I used to think I was a bit of a city girl but after spending a few weeks in Patagonia I changed my mind on that. I’ve now got a few more on my list the next time I’m in NZ.

  27. Chiera says:

    Literally every place mentioned is on my bucketlist! I love hiking but have so far only hiked in Scotland and China. New zealand and Switzerland are HIGH on my list! Thanks for sharing x

  28. kathy says:

    I love hiking so thank you so much for sharing this. There are some really inspiring ones. I am keen to go to Alaska so Kesugi Ridge Trail in Denali State Park is one for me. I recently climbed Trolltunga which was a really hard climb however the queue at the top to walk out on the trolls tounge was a let down. Who would have thought so many people would be there that I would have to queue for an hour!

  29. Amy Rebecca Krigsman says:

    Hiking is something I try to squeeze in anywhere I can. I did some hiking when I was in Santiago de Cuba that was absolutely beautiful. I love seeing the natural beauty of a place. It looks like I’ll need to add these trails to my list.

  30. Swayam Tiwari says:

    I feel so small after reading about these bloggers. One day, I hope to just pack my mobile phone and trek to an ancient site that is more than 8,000 year-old.

  31. Lauren says:

    Lucky enough to have hiked in New Zealand & Switzerland but these photos are so beautiful!! Find it such a rewarding experience and a definite highlight of any trip – great post and looking forward to part 2!

    • Melbtravel says:

      I have hiked in Switzerland but not New Zealand it is definitely a place I would loved to do it in. Part 2 is already out and I am currently on Part 3 if you want to join?

  32. Suzy says:

    Great post! Hiking is my love – We’re about to embark on a 900km hike here in Western Aus with out 18mth old. I cannot wait to take our little family to all these wonderful locations around the world

  33. Lauren says:

    These look absolutely stunning! I really detest hiking and always swear it off while doing it but after reaching the summit- sweet lord, it’s just so worth it! I’ve got a lot of favourites here in Canada, but they’re never multi-day assaults, hats off to the lady who conquered le massif- although all the women here are really brave!

    • Melbtravel says:

      I do a bit of swearing when I am hiking too sometimes and wander why I like it so much but then I reach the top and remember exactly why. Then longest hike for me was nearly two weeks and I have to admit it was amazing and I went away feeling great.

  34. Dina says:

    Totally inspired to go to Switzerland for the hiking alone!! It’s an alpinist’s dream (anywhere in the Alps, frankly). Love this collab!

  35. hans says:

    Very nice blog.
    Hope this is a positive contribution:
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    We all walked them ourselves.
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    Have a nice walk!

  36. Ursula says:

    Wow all these hikes look incredible!
    Recently I’ve been to Ecuador. There are also so many beautiful hikes and climbs. I planned my trips with Gulliver Expeditions(www.gulliver.com.ec). And it was amazing. In Ecuaor you can take nice and easy walks around crater lakes for example but also amazing climbs up still active volcanoes. I recommend it to everyone who is thinking or planning about travelling to South America.

    Now it seems like I have to plan many trips more to all of these places!

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