Aerial view of Turkey's Blue Lagoon

Top Things to do in Oludeniz Dalaman Turkey

There are so many things to do in Ölüdeniz Dalaman Turkey, you know that you are guaranteed to have an amazing holiday. From paragliding over the blue lagoon at one of the most famous spots in the world to turtle spotting in Dalyan.

As well as a coastline strung with stunning beaches, trendy cocktail bars, delicious restaurants. Not to mention the variety of ancient ruins to explore and history to learn.

Blue Lagoon with mountains in the background
Overlooking the Blue Lagoon from the road Ölüdeniz Dalaman Turkey

Things to Do in Ölüdeniz 

If you don’t feel like doing sports activities then that is not a problem either. You can sit by the pool sipping cocktails or enjoy the many restaurants and bars. Your options are limitless really, with so many interesting things to do, see and places to eat. I can completely understand why it is such a popular destination. 

Where is Ölüdeniz Dalaman

Ölüdeniz Dalaman is a beach village resort on the southwest coast of Turkey. It is only an hour from Dalaman International Airport and because of this, it is fast becoming incredibly more popular with the British especially for a summer holiday.

Best Things to do in and around Ölüdeniz

Here is a list of some recommendations of top things to do in Ölüdeniz Dalaman Turkey, to help you get the most out of your time in this fantastic destination.

⇒ Do you require a visa for Ölüdeniz Dalaman before you go? You can check here and see if there are any requirement.  

Silhouette of a Paraglider between the masts of two ships
Watching the Paragliders at sunset Ölüdeniz Dalaman Turkey

Wander through the Ghost Town of Kayaköy Village

The History of Kayaköy village Turkey 

I am always intrigued by History and how a particular country or place has evolved into what it is today. The ghost town of Kayaköy village also known by the Greeks as Levessi is one of them. It is a deserted ancient Greek village, located in the south of Fethiye. 

The history of Kayaköy village Turkey dates back as early as 3000 BC but due to a combination of historical events has been deserted and partially destroyed since the 1920s. When the Greeks were forced to leave with just their shirts on their back.

Some of these uncontrollable events were the loss of the First World War, the end of the Ottoman Empire and the attempted Greek occupation of the Anatolian region, all combined to force the decline of Kayaköy village

Interior of empty shell of stone church
Inside the Greek Orthodox Churches Ghost Town Dalaman Turkey

Then in 1957, an earthquake hit Kayaköy village destroying most of the abandoned buildings. Leaving them with no windows, doors and about half of the walls collapsed. Today Kayaköy village is preserved as a museum and a historical monument. Considered to be one of the biggest tourist attractions in Fethiye and the surrounding resorts.

Wandering around Kayaköy village

The existing 500 or so house ruins and two Greek Orthodox Churches that remain are under the protection of the Turkish government.

I felt like I had stepped onto a movie set, as I walked around the deserted village. While wondering what it was like when it was full of life. I would have loved to be able to spend some more time here to really fully appreciate the area and explore more, it is definitely a place I highly recommend for both groups and families. 

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Tips for wandering around Kayaköy village

  • The best time to go is either early in the morning or late in the afternoon when it is not so hot and you have a lovely breeze. It is also a great way to miss the crowds.
  • The village is on a hill and you are walking on rocks, so best wear walking shoes, so you don’t slip.
Stone building ruins on the side of a hill in Kayakoy Village
Overlooking the Ghost Town of Kayaköy village Ölüdeniz Dalaman Turkey

Paragliding over the Blue Lagoon in Ölüdeniz 

If you are up for an Adventure of a lifetime then you can’t go past Paragliding over the famous Blue Lagoon in Ölüdeniz with Sky Star Paragliding. It is one of the most popular activities to do and is a known hot-spot with paragliders. Especially being one of the highest commercial take off points in the world at near 2000 meters (6550 ft). 

You will be excited and scared at the same time while taking in the views of both the mountains on the horizon and Turkish coastline below. As it is tandem paragliding, your professional pilot will not only make sure that you are ok but will make you feel at ease during your flight, all the way to your landing point. 

Selfie while paragliding with the Blue Lagoon beneath
Paragliding over the famous Blue Lagoon in Ölüdeniz Dalaman Turkey – Photo By Erciyes Kayak Merkezi

This is the second time that I have paraglided in Ölüdeniz the first time being 13years ago. I was pretty scared not only from the Paragliding but of the drive up that was a whole adventure in itself. It has definitely changed a lot since then and they now have a purposely build a concrete platform for takeoff and the road is definitely a lot safer.

I had such a better experience my second time around and not only did I feel safer but my pilot instructor Erciyes Kayak Merkezi was very professional which put me at ease. Just remember when your pilot says run, you have to run!!!!!!!

View from paragliders showing the Turkish coastline
Taking off Paragliding in Ölüdeniz Dalaman Turkey – Photo By Erciyes Kayak Merkezi

Additional Information for Paragliding over Blue Lagoon

  • Your journey from the top to the landing area should take around 25-45mins depending on wind conditions etc
  • Most of the companies will pick you up from your hotel, so double check before you go.
  • Price – £65 per person


  • This is a great activity to do any time of day but if you love sunrise or sunsets, try to go then. Some of the photos I saw from these times of day looked amazing.
  • Be aware that they do not like people taking camera’s up in case you drop them. I had mine strapped to the paraglider.  I would double check with your pilot what is ok to take up.

Watch what it feels like to fly

Swim and Kayak in the Blue Lagoon

Swimming and kayaking in the crystal blue water of the Blue Lagoon while watching the paragliders soar through the sky above, is something I will not forget. I never had a chance to go here the first time that I was in Ölüdeniz but it was something that I was determined to do if I ever went back, especially after seeing it from the sky above while paragliding. 

The Blue Lagoon is located at the end of the beach in Ölüdeniz in a National Park.  You have to go here at least once for either a full day or half a day while in the area. I am not one to lay around all day on a sunbed but there is plenty of things to do like hire a kayak (which what we did) and a few bars and cafes to keep you refreshed and hydrated.

Additional Information about the blue lagoon

  • Entrance fee around £1 depending on the exchange rate
  • 17€ for a sunbed standard in a popular tourist area especially in Europe
  • 20€ for an hour on the kayak
  • Note the beach here mostly pebbles not sand.

Top Tip

  • It is a bit of a walk to the Blue Lagoon so check with your hotel if they do a free shuttle to the entrance. I know that a lot of the hotels offer this service. 
Mel paddling away while kayaking on the Blue Lagoon
Kayaking on the Blue Lagoon Ölüdeniz Dalaman Turkey

Sailing around the 12 Islands of Gocek

Probably my favourite day on the trip was sailing around some of the 12 Islands of Gocek Fethiye Dalaman on our own private boat, I felt like I was in paradise. The water was so crystal clear and it was cool watching the fish & turtles swim about. The best bit was finding our own secluded area to swim and having the area all to ourselves. 

There are various boat companies and routes that will take you around the 12 Islands, with most stopping in popular areas like Cleopatra’s Bath, Bedri Rahmi, Aquarium Bay, Ancient Shipyard and Pancake Island.

Swimming in the turquoise water of the Dalaman coastline
Swimming in the crystal clear water – Gocek Islands – Photo By Mel Legarda 

We set off early in the morning from Göcek Harbour in Fethiye for our day trip, we sailed for about an hour passing some incredibly beautiful mountains and seascapes. The sights of islands dotted with pine trees and the incredibly blue sky meeting the turquoise sea made me want to jump straight into the water to explore.

When we stopped for lunch our boat captain prepared a delicious lunch which included grilled fresh fish and fresh salad. Topped off with a cold glass of wine to wash it all down. At that point, I realised that I did not want to get off the boat and could have sailed around forever.

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Apparently, if you are lucky and you keep your eye out, you will see dolphins. Now if that happened to us, it truly would have capped off a perfect day.

Top Tip

  • If you love to snorkelling, I would suggest taking your own stuff as you don’t want to miss out.
Whole fish grilling on the boat's barbecue
Captain grilling fish on the boat- Gocek Islands Dalaman

Roll around in the Thermal Mud Baths -Dalyan Peloid

A trip to Dalyan is not complete without visiting the Thermal Mud Bath at Dalyan Peloid. Not only is it a lot of fun (not just for kids but adults too), research has shown it is really good for you and has many benefits like helping with arthritis and even infertility, as well as exfoliating your skin at the same time.  

After layering yourself up with the mud and allowing it to dry for 15-20mins, then you can rinse it off under the shower and then relax in the thermal pool. I have to admit my skin really did feel great afterwards.

 Additional Information about Dalayn Mud Baths

  • Entrance Fee £2.50 depending on currency conversion.
  • For an extra cost, you can get a message


  • Make sure that the thermal mud bath has a licence from Ministry of Health. Unfortunately, there are a few imitation thermal mud baths that are considered not safe. Double check with either your guide or hotel if unsure if it is regulated.
Two tourists posing in the Mud baths
Playing around in the mud – Dalyan Peloid – Photo By Portia Jones

Take a Boat Ride in Dalyan

After going to the Thermal Mud Baths, spend the rest of the day exploring the Dalyan Delta by boat. While stopping off to admire the Lycian tombs, having lunch and going for a swim in Iztuzu Beach. At the same time looking for sea turtles (Loggerhead) and other wildlife that have made the nature conservation area their home. 

First, you will cruise through the network of windy water channels towards the ocean. Before making your first stop to admire the Lycian tombs carved into the rocks high up on the cliff face. I was so intrigued and fascinated by how they were able to build these tombs over 2,000 years ago. If you look carefully, further down the channel, you will see the ancient city of Kaunos. 

The boat then cruised along the river and out to sea where we stopped just offshore on a secluded beach with crystal blue water. It was a great spot for lunch and swimming before heading back. Afterwards, we landed on unspoilt sands of Iztuzu Beach (Also known as Turtle Beach) for another swim.

The beach is protected because Loggerhead Turtles lay their eggs there. At the eastern end of the beach, there is a turtle hospital, caring for injured turtles.

Tour boat sailing past the Lycian Tombs carved into the mountain rock face.
Admiring the Lycian tombs – Dalyan Delta Dalaman Turkey

The best bit was that we had our own private boat, where you were able to sit on the roof and take in the 360 degree views, which were nothing but stunning and it was also a great spot for turtle spotting. 

Tip for taking a cruise along the Dalyan

  • If you are unable to catch a boat you can get a Dolmus (Bus), which drops you off near the Turtle Hospital and you can walk the short distance from there.

Plan in advance by booking your cruise along the Dalyan

Visit the Grand Bazaar and dine at the Fish Market

If you love fresh local seafood you can’t go past the Seafood market for dinner one night and stroll through the Grand Bazaar taking in all the smells of the herbs and spices. 

You can buy your fresh fish and then the surrounding restaurants will cook it for you for a small fee. If you are unsure what fish to buy then that is not a problem because most of the restaurants also have menus with fresh seafood. 

Squid tentacles and a glass of wine for lunch
Squid and wine at the Fish Market – Fethiye Dalaman

Where to stay in Ölüdeniz 

Ölüdeniz Dalaman Turkey has a wide variety of accommodation spread out in the resort village and most of the main hotels are situated about 5-10 mins from the beach and in the centre. Don’t be discouraged about staying further out as most of the accommodation is within walking distance and most of the hotels have regular shuttle buses.

⇒  Check the current availability of accommodation for the Ölüdeniz DalamanTurkey area.

Liberty Hotel

I stayed at Liberty Hotel Oludenizcentrally located and only 5 mins walk from the stunning Belcekiz beach. The hotel had 3 outdoor pools including children’s pool (freshwater) and an adults pool. Two restaurants including 1 buffet restaurant and 1 à la carte restaurant, as well as a pool bar to enjoy that much needed drink in the sun.   

If you feel like indulging then that is not a problem either, as the hotel has a health club, with a sauna, Turkish Bath and massage services.

Feet selfie while paragliding over Oludeniz
Flying over the resort of Ölüdeniz Dalaman

I had a spacious room on the second floor with a lovely private balcony with views of the surrounding mountains and hotel. The bed was comfy, the air conditioning was good and the WiFi worked really well in the room. Something I always look for when staying in a hotel.

My favourite thing to do was sit on the balcony and watch the paraglider’s fly over in the morning and when the sun was setting in the afternoon.

Whether you are on an adventure holiday with friends, a romantic getaway with your partner or holidaying with family, Liberty Hotel is the perfect spot to stay.

Tip for staying at Liberty Hotel

  • Beware that there are no lifts in the Hotel if you have trouble getting up the stairs. Please let the hotel or holiday provider know beforehand, so they can give you a room on the lower level.
  • The Hotel offers a free shuttle service to the Blue Lagoon, which you have to visit at least once when in the area.
Paraglider flying over the resort bar while guests enjoy a drink
The pool bar at the hotel – Ölüdeniz Dalaman Turkey

Where is Ölüdeniz and How to get there

Oludeniz is part of the Dalaman Region on the southwestern coast of Turkey. The closest international airport is Dalaman International Airport. It is about 57kms away from the airport and should take around a 1hr 15mins to get to Oludeniz via car. 

I flew with Jet2 airlines as apart of Dalaman with Jet2 Holidays, which currently services 9 airports routes from the UK and various other areas in Europe. From Dalaman airport, it is easily accessible to reach the 7 Resorts areas that are currently serviced by Jet2 in the Dalaman area. 

 Take your holiday to the next level and obtain a Priority Pass Membership.  Where you can gain access to over 1500 lounges that offer complimentary refreshments, FREE Wi-Fi and so much more.

View of Dalaman from the Jet2 plane
Flying into Dalaman International Airpor with Jet2

Transfers to Ölüdeniz and Surrounding Areas

The best way to get to Oludeniz Turkey is via transfer, whether shared or private.  If you are taking a Jet2 package, they will give you a choice of options.

 Hire a car to drive around Ölüdeniz

Alternatively, you can hire a car to get around Oludeniz and Turkey’s top attractions, especially if there is a group of you. There are numerous companies at Dalaman Airport where you can hire a car.

⇒  Check out Travel Supermarket for FREE, easy fast comparison on car hire in Dalaman. 

Top Tips for Ölüdeniz Turkey

  • Go to the viewpoint on your way to up to Paragliding, where you can get a great picture of the whole beach.
  • If you are wanting nightlife and clubs then head to Fethiye town, which is only 13km away.
  • Sunscreen: Marmaris gets really hot during the summer period, please make sure to wear the appropriate lotion.
  • Have cocktails on the beach one night and not only watch the sunset but also the paragliders landing
  • If you decide to stay in Marmaris instead, I highly recommend D-Resort Grand Azur Marmaris

⇒ Do you require a visa for Ölüdeniz Dalaman before you go? You can check and see if there are any requirement.  

Boats lined up on the river's edge
Boats along the Dalyan Delta Dalaman Turkey

Discover more of Europe

If you are interested in discovering more of Europe, feel free to read my following articles. All are great options for groups of friends or family.

Thank you for reading ‘Top Things to do in Oludeniz Turkey’. I hope it helped you to decide what to do and where to stay in Ölüdeniz. It is one of my favourite countries to explore.



Have you been to Ölüdeniz Dalaman Turkey before? Please feel free to share your experience in the comments below or if you know any other places to see while in Dalaman or the surrounding area.

Here are some amazing activities that you can book while in Oludeniz Turkey before you go.

Video Highlights – Ölüdeniz Dalaman Turkey

Disclaimer:Even though I was invited by Jet2Jet2Holidays.All views are my own and based on my own experience.

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    I have never heard of Oludeniz in Turkey before and WOW I am glad I stumbled upon your post! What a gorgeous place! I dont like to lay by the beach all day like you so I am happy to see that there are much other more adventurious things to do! Paraglading over the lagoon is beautiful! And the sailing and the boat cruise are definitely a must! I love kayaking although 20€ for an hour is a bit too expensive for me.
    That said, I am adding Oludeniz to my travel wish list!

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      This one of my favourite spots in Turkey and I have been a couple of times now. The paragliding is so much fun to do and I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance

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    This is a pretty perfect itinerary to Oludeniz Mel! I’ve not yet been anywhere in Turkey, but absolutely love the landscape. You’re so brave doing paragliding there; I’m quite scared of heights so not sure I could do it. The fish market would be a must for me; I adore seafood, and that octopus looks incredible, especially with a chilled glass of white too. Really hope to visit one day soon!

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    This is such a comprehensive guide! I adore the Mediterranean Sea, and Turkey looks amazing. I had no idea about the thermal mud baths, that is the perfect way to relax after kayaking and snorkeling.

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      It is really weird being in that mud but a lot of fun. I never realised that it has so many benefits for your body and health which is amazing.

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    Wow. Thanks for sharing a great post. I have visited Turkey and done Istanbul and Antalya. This is another luxe toon surely to be visited. Thanks for the details. Would love the paragliding and the rafting. The photos and video add so
    Much depth to the post. Great going and top tips.

    • Melbtravel
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      I have been to Istanbul and Antalya too and they are very nice but Oludeniz is definitely a favourite for me. I could easily relax and stay there for a while

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    What a lovely post. I don’t know about gliding but I am in for kayaking. The water looks amazing. And those ruins – I would love to discover those.

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      Kayaking there was a lot of fun, wished that we had it longer so we could have explored of the area. Paragliding was definitely a lot of fun

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    Oludeniz Dalaman looks so gorgeous, I would love to visit this place when I visit Turkey. The activities you have listed sound so much fun and interesting. Exploring the old ruins in the ghost town and sailing across the 12 islands would be my top choice. Thanks for sharing such a detailed itinerary.

    • Melbtravel
      Melbtravel says:

      Oludeniz is one of my favourite places to go. Turkey has so many amazing things about the place and you definitely do not run out of things to do.

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    I’ve never been to Turkey but it looks fantastic. The paragliding sounds like so much fun! I think it would take a lot of ‘mind over matter’ to get me to do that but I think I would enjoy it once I’d started. The Blue lagoon and mud bathes sound like fun too.

    • Melbtravel
      Melbtravel says:

      You are so right it is definitely a mind over matter at the start when you are running of the edge of the mountain but once your up all is good.

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    It looks like you had so much fun kayaking, flying and bathing in mud baths! What an epic destination. I would also love to visit the ghost town of Kayaköy village. Great advice concerning the best time to visit and appropriate footwear!

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    Kavita Favelle says:

    What a visually stunning destination! I love your aerial shots which really show off the natural beauty of Oludeniz. Kayaköy village looks like the kind of photogenic ruins I’d enjoy exploring and I’d love to try the paragliding too, though I’m a bit of a scaredy cat! Of course, would love to explore the islands and marine life too.

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    I’ve never been to Turkey but this looks stunning! I LOVE that you went paragliding! That would never have made my radar but now I feel like I have to do it! And I would love to visit the fish market you suggest!

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    D-Resort Grand Azur Marmaris looks gorgeous. Paragliding to turtle spotting, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, indulging in great food, lots to explore makes Ölüdeniz Dalaman Turkey makes a great place for holidaying. Honestly, I had never heard about it but it was refreshing to read your blog. I love learning about new places. Paragliding is fun. I quite enjoy doing it. Your pictures tell me that you had a great experience too. It was intriguing to learn about Kayakoy village.

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    I’ve never been to that part of Turkey but it looks very picturesque. How fun to do the paragliding, and the mud bath looks great too!

    • Melbtravel
      Melbtravel says:

      This is the second time that I have been here and I forgot how nice the area was. Definitely get your self to one of the 5 star resorts down here 🙂

  13. Avatar
    Danila Caputo says:

    Ghost towns are so fascinating. Yet we have seen a lot in the US and Kayakoy village looks quite different from what we’re used to! It’s incredible that it’s so ancient and that it was partly destroyed due to a series of events, but I like the fact that there are still people who want to preserve what is left of it!

    • Melbtravel
      Melbtravel says:

      I have never been to a ghost town in the USA but I would love to. I am always watching documentaries about them on tv. I would have loved to spend longer in Kayakoy and explore the whole area.

  14. Avatar
    Lara Dunning says:

    I love visiting ghost towns so I’d have to check out Kayaköy Village. The day sailing sounds lovely too and a great way to see the land from the water, and of course, all that fish looked super tasty. I haven’t been to Turkey yet, and this area sounds like it has many things I like to experience when traveling. Saving!

  15. Avatar
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    Not sure I would call the events and consequences of World War 1 an uncontrollable event or the end of the Ottoman Empire (which brought with it its own set of consequences) or the Greek’s attempt to invade the Anatolian region. Kayaköy is a good historical reminder of the price of conflict and war and love the fact the Turks are now protecting the site. Just added another place on our “must see” list. Thank you!

    • Melbtravel
      Melbtravel says:

      I have been all over Turkey through the years and I can agree that is totally different in all areas. Hopefully you get to go down to this stunning area one day

  16. Avatar
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    I love that there are so many things to do on the water. The kayaking and the boat trips would definitely be on my list, as would visiting the deserted village. And the mud bath sounds fascinating too, although a good call on checking for a place that is properly accredited.

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    That ghost town is so eerie but your photos are hauntingly beautiful. I’d love to explore more of Turkey, this post is inspiring! I’ve only been to Istanbul

    • Melbtravel
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      It was really interesting walking through the ghost town and I would have loved to have stayed longer there. It definitely one part of the world that I do love visiting.

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    I had never heard of Oludeniz before, but based on this is sounds absolutely amazing! I’d love to visit some day! I’ve never had to chance to visit Turkey, but I really would love to!

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