Best Things to do in Hammamet Tunisia

14 Top Things to Do and See in Hammamet Tunisia

Hammamet is a popular summer holiday destination located on the Mediterranean Sea in northeastern Tunisia. Between its beautiful sandy beaches and cultural experiences, to its historical sites and theme parks, there is plenty of things to do in this North African country.

The well preserved Medina, Kasbah Fortress, Carthageland Amusement Park, George Sebastian Villa and Golf Citrus are just some of the main attractions in Hammanet. Just outside the city, you can visit places like the Tunis Sidi Bou Said, and the World Heritage sites El Jem and the Sousse Medina. 

Hammamet Medina Fortress Tunisia

Up above the medina and the fortress of Hammamet walls

Having some of the best beaches in Tunisia, Hammamet has no shortage of all-inclusive resorts and hotels taking advantage of the prime location on the waterfront with direct access to the beach. Guests can soak up the sun, go swimming and enjoy water sports without leaving their resort. Just like the resorts in Tabarka Tunsia in the northwestern.

Top Things to Do in Hammamet

Whether you’re looking for a beach holiday, adventure activities, watersports, historical sightseeing, or a taste of Tunisian culture, Hammamet has something for everyone. Here are 14 top things to do and see in Hammamet Tunisia

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1. Wander around the Medina Hammamet

Wander around the narrow streets of the Hammamet Medina, where you can see its combination of blue and white buildings to reflect the Mediterranean and its unique wooden Tunisian doors. Visit its colourful shops selling traditional, ceramics, textiles and leather goods. It is worth visiting, especially if you like Sidi Bou Said in Tunis.

Surrounded by original 15th century walls, Hammamet Medina oozes a myriad of beautiful and well preserved traditional Tunisian architecture. The famous artist Paul Klee was so impressed by the old town that it inspired him to paint a picture to capture its beauty, called “Hammamet with its Mosque” in 1914.

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The medina is one of the best places for shopping in Hammamet for souvenirs from local vendors, like embroidery, jewellery, ceramics, and leather goods. However, due to Hammamet’s popularity as a tourism destination, items can be more on the pricey side within the medina. Just remember if you are going to buy anything barter down to get yourself a deal.

The main entrance into the Medina is near the Kasbah Hammamet fortress. If you are not driving you can easily catch a bus or a train to the old town, which is located just outside the walls. 

Inside the Medina Hammamet Fortress Tunisia

Walking around Hammamet old town and Fortress

2. Visit the George Sebastian Villa

Visit Hammamet cultural centre George Sebastian Villa or officially known as Dar Sebastien. It is located in the south of the city past the Hotel Continental in the Yasmine district. Built by wealthy Romanian, George Sebastian, this historic villa is a stunning example of 1920s architecture.

Over the years this stunning building has attracted luminaries and artists including Winston Churchill. Today it is a cultural centre and museum that showcases art exhibitions. The exquisite gardens that surround the villa host a variety of events as well as the Hammamet International Festival of Music and Drama held every July and August.

Even if there is not an event taking place, you should pay a visit as it is a beautiful place to look around.

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3. Kasbah Fortress Hammamet

Kasbah Fortress Hammanet is a 13th century fort located inside the old town of Tunisia on the oceanfront. Inside there is a museum and exhibits detailing the Tunisian history of pirates and Spanish occupation in Hammamet.

Up above the fortress walls, you will have picturesque views over the Mediterranean, the harbour as well as the medina and the Great Mosque. Though it is not very big inside, the fortress walls are a great spot for exploring and taking pictures.

If you’re interested in historical sites, I recommend a group trip to Dougga and Zaghouan with a guide from Hammamet with GYG.

Kasbah Fortress Hammanet Tunisia History

The ocean view from Kasbah Fortress Hammanet

4. Yasmine Hammamet Marina

If you are looking for things to do in Yasmine Hammamet at night then I suggest heading to Yasmine and its Marina Tunisia. The modern tourist resort area is lined with luxury hotels, shops, restaurants, bars and a Medina. As well as having a vibrant port/marina that is worth visiting.

The port has over 2kms of docks and pontoons filled with yachts, sailboats, and catamarans. Stroll along the promenade, visit the shops, have a drink or enjoy a meal at some of the best restaurants in Hammamet. 

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5. The Great Mosque Hammamet

One of the most important religious landmarks in Hammamet is the Great Mosque which is adjoined to the Sidi Abdel Kader Mosque. Both are located within the old town walls and can be seen when strolling around the medina. 

The Great Mosque is the oldest mosque in Hammemt and the second largest in Tunisia. It is a fine example of Tunisian architecture with intricate tilework and a major monument of Islam. The Sidi Abdel Kader used to be a practising Mosque but now it’s an Islamic school (madrassa). Both are fine examples of Tunisian architecture.

Non-Muslims cannot enter the prayer rooms, but it is worthwhile passing by just to admire the facade architecture. Another great spot to see the Great Mosque Tower is from the Kasbah fortress. 

Great Mosque old town Medina Hammamet Tunisia

Strolling past the Great Mosque Tower

6. Explore the Pupput Roman Site

If you are interested in historical sites, then head to the archaeological site of Pupput (Souk el-Abiod). These ruins were once a Roman town and Hammamet’s first settlement and were discovered during a hotel construction project.

Pupput covers an area of two hectares and features mosaic floors, thermal baths, ancient walls, a villa and parts of aqueducts. The archaeological site is located a couple of kms away from the Hammamet city centre and near the Aloha Beach Club. It is a must if you are a fan of ancient Roman history.

7. Enjoy Hammamet Beach 

The beach is the main draw card to why tourists go to Hammamet in Tunisia for a summer holiday. The beaches are clean with soft sand and crystal-clear water that offer a wide range of water activities. They are lined with beach clubs, and beach resorts with most having their own private section.

Relax, sunbathe, go swimming, snorkelling, or participate in water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding. For something different, you can even have a camel or horse ride on the Hammamet’s sandy beaches. 

Couples or adults looking for things to do can head to the beach clubs like Palm Beach Club Hammamet to enjoy cocktails, wine and beer or even champagne while relaxing on the sun lounges. Book a beach day at Al Huwariyah that includes lunch with GYG. 

  Make sure that you don’t forget your beach towel and sunscreen

Tunisia beaches Hammamet

Spending time in Hammamet on one of the Tunisia beaches

8. Have an adventure at Carthage Land

Carthage Land is Tunisia’s biggest amusement park which combines a theme park and a waterpark. It is the perfect day out for families and friends looking for things to do away from the beach.

The theme park offers a range of fun activities, including roller coasters, water rides, a mini zoo, 5D cinema, and a kid’s zone with an Aladin Park experience. In the waterpark, there are water slides and a wave pool, swimming pools and a children’s swimming area.

Carthage Land is only 10 kilometres south of Hammamet Central, between Tunis and Sousse. As it is the number one tourist attraction in Hammamet most resorts in Tunisia will offer transfers but you also get a taxi, and catch the metro or bus.  

Best Day Trips from Hammamet Tunisia

Here are the best day trips from Hammamet Tunisia that offers a range of experiences, from historical and archaeological sites to cultural experiences. Plan your itinerary based on how much time you have and your interests.

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9. El Jem Amphitheatre Tunisia

El Jem is home to one of the best-preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world. This grand historical attraction is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is known as the “African Colosseum”. It was of my favourite archaeology attractions in Tunisia.

It is the third largest amphitheatre in the world & the biggest in Africa, which at one point could seat up to 35,000 spectators. Explore the ancient theatre, and learn about the history of gladiator battles. It is approximately two hours south of Hammamet but it is worth taking a full day tour.

The best bit is it’s less crowded than the Colosseum of Rome and half the price. Book a private one day tour to El Jem Amphitheatre and Kairouan from Hammamet with Viator.

The historical site of El Jem Amphitheatre Tunisia

El Jem Roman Amphitheatre Tunisia

10. Discover Cap Bon Peninsula Tunisia

Discover the picturesque Cap Bon Peninsula and indulge in some of Tunisia’s best wines and food. Cap Bon is a Peninsula located to the northeast of Tunisia. The peninsula’s northern shore is surrounded by the Gulf of Tunis and its southern shore is surrounded by the Gulf of Hammamet.

Have fresh seafood in the charming fishing village of Kelibia, explore the Roman ruins of Kerkouane, and drink Tunisian wines in Korba. Or enjoy the beautiful long sandy beaches of Nabeul, Cap Bon Peninsula’s largest town and the closest town to Hammamet.

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11. Take a day trip to Tunis

Take a day trip to the vibrant historical city of Tunis the capital of Tunisia. Explore the ancient ruins of Carthage, wander through the bustling markets, visit the Bardo Museum, and discover the beauty of the blue and white village of Sidi Bou Said.

Tunis is a great day trip away from the beach and is only an hour’s drive from Hammamet. It is also convenient if you don’t have a car. The number 105 bus runs from Hammament to Tunis every hour. If you don’t want to make your own way there, you can easily book a private tour of Medina of Tunis, Carthage, and the village Sidi Bou Said which includes lunch.

Sidi Bou Said Tunis Views of the beach Tunisia

The ocean views from Sidi Bou Said Tunisia

12. Spend a day in Sousse Tunisia

Spend a day in Sousse, a popular summer holiday destination in Tunisia. Sousse was an important port during the Aghlabid period (800–909). Today the medina, including the Ribat and Great Mosque is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wander around the well-preserved Medina, explore the Archaeological Museum of Sousse and visit a local cafe for the famous Tunisian coffee. Sousse is located about an hour south of Hammamet, along the Mediterranean. Reserve now and pay later for a History and Culture of Sousse Medina guided tour. 

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13. Port El Kantaoui

Port El Kantaoui is a holiday resort located along the central Tunisian coast just south of Hammamet near Sousse. Its yacht port or marina serves as a parking lot where Mediterranean jet setters dock their yachts. This is a great thing to do at the same time as visiting Sousse. 

There are boutique shops, bars and waterfront restaurants that line the port. As well as all the different types of boat tours you can do. Wander around the shops and take a glass bottom boat right before enjoying fresh seafood at one of the waterfront restaurants like La Daurade. If sport is your thing then have a round of golf at their 5 star golfing grounds.

Port El Kantaoui Sousse Tunisia

Port El Kantaoui and marina near Sousse

14. Zaghouan Town

Head to the historic mountain town of Zaghouan built on the ancient Roman site of Zigus. Visit the Water Temple, an aqueduct, which was once an important water source for ancient Roman cities in Tunisia like Carthage. The area is also known for hiking in Tunisia and the production of rose essence.

Zaghouan is located about an hour’s drive southwest of Hammamet. It is best to book a day tour there that includes Thuburbo Majus and Dougga if you don’t have a car.

Hotel Hammamet Tunisia

I stayed at the all-inclusive Magic Life Manar Hotel resort along the beach in Hammamet. It is a popular resort for both families and couples and is a part of the Hammamet Tui summer holiday packages.

The resort had direct beach access, outdoor swimming pools, a waterpark, a gym, and a kids club, as well as bars, restaurants and a shared lounge with a giant TV screen. It was a fantastic base for getting around to all the top sites in Tunisia.

Other resorts along the beach worth mentioning are Steigenberger Marhaba Thalasso and Medina Solaria and Thalasso Hammamet Tunisia. Check availability and compare prices for Hammamet hotels and accommodations here

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Magic Life Manar Hotel Hammamet Tunisia

All-inclusive 5-star Magic Life Manar Hotel pool

Tunisia Hammamet Information

  • Hammamet Tourism office is located in the city centre between the Kasbah Fortress and Bus Station Hammamet Ville.
  • Flights: It is only a 2 and half hour direct flight from London to Tunis and Airtunisia has the most regular service to the capital. 
  • Currency: The Tunisian dinar is the official currency used in Tunisia and is easily available at ATMs and banks. Tunisian dinar is a closed currency meaning you can’t order it before you leave or take it out of the country. 
  • Adaptors: Tunisia has type C and E sockets that fit the 2 pin plugs. These are the same adaptors that are used in Europe. 
  • Official language: The main language that is spoken in Tunisia is Arabic. However, a large portion speaks English and French at the main tourist destinations and beach resorts.  

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I hope that my article helped you with any information you may have on deciding on what to do in Hammamet Tunisia. Please feel free to head to my Africa or Mediterranean page, if you like more related articles and travel guides.

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Best Things to do in Hammamet Tunisia   Top Things to do in Hammamet Tunisia

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Tunisia Tourism during my time in the country. However, all views are based on my own experience.

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