The Grand opening of the Courtyard by Marriott, Edinburgh

When I was contacted by the PR Rep for the Marriott and asked if I wanted to fly to Edinburgh to attend the GRAND OPENING of  Courtyard by Marriott. I quickly checked my calendar to see if I could fit it in and said a big YES PLEASE, sign me up!

Courtyard by Marriott Edinburgh

I mean who would say ‘no sorry, I can’t make it? You get treated like a VIP (a lifestyle I can easily get used to), sip champagne, eat some amazing food and mingle with like-minded people. Whilst at the same time stay in a beautiful hotel, in a city filled with lots of intriguing history.

Champagne being poured into glasses at Marriott reception
Provided by Hue & Cry Agency. Photo by Kevin McCollum

The arrival

After our interesting and somewhat scary flight through storm Doris, I arrived safely in Edinburgh. From the moment we walked through the hotel door, the staff and Douglas (the manager) were warm, friendly and happy to help. As I waited for my room key, I noticed all the people happily preparing for the big night.

Staff were arranging the champagne glasses, the DJ was setting up his equipment and furniture was been polished and moved about. The relaxed atmosphere was putting me in a very good mood.

I got my key and rushed off to my room quickly to freshen up and drop off my bag before lunch. From the corner of my eye, I notice a little sign on the desk ‘Look in the fridge’. Without any hesitation, I opened the fridge there waiting for me was a bottle of prosecco and a cold champagne glass with sweet schnapps. I thought to myself what a nice personal touch. I decided to quickly pour it and have a sip to warm me up for the afternoon activities.

The courtyard Marriott lit up at night
Provided by Hue & Cry Agency. Photo by Mike Wilkinson

A day in Edinburgh

We left the hotel and headed out for lunch at Devils Advocate, to get to know each other better and to do what we do best, eat, drink and talk about TRAVEL. We finished up our lunch and then went on a tour around the beautiful city of Edinburgh, to learn the history and culture with a local Scotsman in his traditional kilt.

The launch party

It was 5 pm and we were rushing back to the hotel so we could get ready for the grand opening. I finished off my prosecco from earlier and headed out to meet and mingle with the other guests and VIP’s in the Lantern Room. I had a little wander around taking in the atmosphere before popping out to the heated terrace to chat with the others from lunch.

We continued on our conversation about travel but this time, we were joined by other guests from the event. With the champagne flowing, the light show on above us and the DJ playing, the hotel was buzzing with an electric vibe.

the lantern room entrance lit up at night
The lights above the hotel entrance, Courtyard by Marriott

The Morning after

The next thing I knew I was waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed and a little sad that the evening had gone so fast. I jumped out of bed and decided to go for a wander around the hotel to learn a little bit more before my flight home. I was informed by the manager on duty that the hotel decor like the lighthouse light fittings and the images in the bedrooms of technical drawings and maps were based on a famous Scottish engineer Robert Stevenson.

The grandfather of ‘Treasure Island’ author Robert Louis Stevenson. He had once lived in one of the Georgian townhouses that had been joined together to create the hotel. I love history so this little piece of information was right up my alley.

After that, it was time to head home. I said my goodbyes to my new friends and headed off for my flight. I was sad that it was all over but happy because I had now made some new great friends and had a great experience.

stairs leading to the entrance of the hotel
The main entrance to Courtyard by Marriott, Edinburgh


Located 5 minutes’ walk from Princes Street and in the heart of Edinburgh’s shopping and entertainment area, the new Courtyard by Marriott, is in a prime position for business or pleasure. It is a new edition to the hotel chain, combining heritage, contemporary style with innovative design.

The hotel extends through three historical Georgian townhouses and an additional new building at the rear connected by a glassed walkway. At the front of the hotel is a lovely modern outdoor terrace, complete with heaters and blanket to keep you warm during those cold nights.

umbrellas on the outdoor terrace
The Outdoor terrace, Courtyard by Marriott Edinburgh

There are a totally of 240 rooms beautifully decorated with some offering views of Carlton hill (which I had) and the city. You can really appreciate the attention to detail in the rooms and the personal touches like all the different ‘Do not disturb’ signs on the doors.

You might be wondering how I know this but when I got up early the next day, there were a lot of signs on doors. As I walked past, I noticed that they all said different things.

The Lantern Room

Situated inside the hotel is The Lantern Room, a Bar and Restaurant which offers fresh local produce and I hear some amazing cocktails. This is an ideal place for after work drinks or after a long day exploring and you don’t want to leave your hotel.

Bloody Mary Cocktail
Bloody Mary Cocktail. Provided by Hue & Cry Agency. Photo by Kevin McCollum

About the Room

My bedroom and bathroom were modern and had been designed to maximise space. It had good quality amenities, such as coffee/tea services, iron and ironing board, hair dryer and mini-refrigerator. The flat screen TV was quite big and had a selection of in-room entertainment, everything you need for your home away from home.

The King sized bed was really comfortable too and I could have easily stayed in it all day, looking out at the views from my window of Calton Hill.

The room also had Free-Wifi that worked really well, a working desk and lots of power outlets. This is always a bonus especially when you are travelling.

double bed and desk in hotel room
The hotel bedroom, Courtyard By Marriott Edinburgh

Other Amenities

There were other amenities like a Business area, gym and meeting rooms to use, as well as a convenience store area, in case you had the munchies or you just want a snack without stepping out of the hotel. However, as I was only there for a night, I did not have time to use any of these other services.

How to get there & Location:

Situated near the Edinburgh Playhouse and in walking distance to all the main attractions in Edinburgh. The Courtyard by Marriott is in a prime position for getting around the city via foot. And if you didn’t want to walk too far there are also lots of restaurants and pubs around the hotel too.

There are three main ways to arrive in Edinburgh if you are not driving. You can fly to the international airport, take a train or catch a bus, which is centrally located.

We were flown by FlyBe from City Airport (one of my favourite airports) to Edinburgh which is around 50mins direct. Then it was just a simple cab ride to the Courtyard by Marriott that was only 15minutes away.

Edinburgh Castle from below

Where we ate: Devils Advocate

Devils Advocate is a trendy bar and kitchen, located in an alleyway in the historical Old town of Edinburgh. It has a large range of Whiskey’s from around the world to choose from, as well as a large selection of wines and beers.

Cocktails are mostly whisky based and reasonably priced with most of them being around £9 each. There was one cocktail though that was a whopping £400 a glass. I thought it was a typo in the menu, so I asked the waiter and he informed me it was correct.

The food was clean, fresh and full of flavour. I had the Beetroot & lime cured salmon ballotine, horseradish, cucumber and crème fraiche tartar for a starter and the steak for my main.

Plate of colourful food
Beetroot & lime cured salmon ballotine, horseradish, cucumber and crème Fraiche tartar Devils Advocate, Edinburgh


Head up Carlton hill to not only get panoramic views across Edinburgh but to also see the collection of historic monuments, that form some of the most important landmarks of the city.

Pop into the Theatre Royal Bar for a drink if you have time, as it is right next door to the hotel

If you are going to Edinburgh to attend a show at the Historic Edinburgh Playhouse, the Courtyard by Marriott is a great place to stay as it is within 2-minute walking distance.

Use the mobile check-in service before you arrive, so everything is ready when you get there.

Mel in the grounds of Edinburgh Castle
Me exploring the Edinburgh Castle

Would I recommend it?

There are 3 main things I look for in a hotel especially when I go away for a weekend. Strong FREE WIFI that I can get in my room, centrally located (or near transport) and a comfortable bed and warm shower for after my long days walking around exploring. Courtyard by Marriott hotel definitely ticks all these boxes and more.

I know the Courtyard by Marriott is a new hotel and I know I was there as a guest but it really is a perfect fit for anyone travelling to Edinburgh and want something centrally.

Price Range:   Medium/High

Wifi:  Yes and it is strong in the rooms

Breakfast:  At an additional cost, you can have a hot buffet breakfast

view of Edinburgh and the castle from Carlton hill
The view from Carlton hill, Edinburgh

For more information, rates and availability, please feel free to visit here

Please feel free to share your experience in the comments below.


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64 thoughts on “The Grand opening of the Courtyard by Marriott, Edinburgh

  1. Avatar
    Only By Land says:

    The Courtyard Marriot seems to be the perfect place to stay whilst in Edinburgh. Comfortable, free WiFi and close to all the major points of interest, even a view of Calton Hill. I wonder what’s in the £400 cocktail, it must be some 100 year old rum or something!

  2. Avatar
    Jen Morrow says:

    That is a great location in Edinburgh! Courtyard properties are a great budget option. I love the consistency of Marriott for comfort, convenience, and service at a reasonable price point.

    • melbtravel
      melbtravel says:

      I agree with you too, I like their consistency too. I really like the convenience of it as well and I would be happy to stay there again.

  3. Avatar
    Judy says:

    what a stunning place! I’ve been to Edinburgh only once before and I loved it very much. Definitely thinking of heading back again and it’d be awesome to stay in this lovely place. Central is definitely something I’d look. That cocktail, though. For that price tag it had better come with a room for the night 😂

    • melbtravel
      melbtravel says:

      I was only saying to my husband last night when I was going through the pictures that I would love to go back to Edinburgh soon. I agree in regards to the cocktail but don’t worry that had ones for £9

  4. Avatar
    Bhushavali says:

    I love Edinburgh! It was one of the best trips I had. The Castle, Arthur’s seat, Calton hill, Whiskey experience its all just spectacular! Awesome that Courtyard Marriot opened here. It looks like one luxurious stay. That Do not Disturb sign looks interesting!

  5. Avatar
    RunawayBrit says:

    I love Edinburgh, it is one of my favourite UK cities. This hotel is in a great location for exploring the city. I would have been interested in the link to Robert Louis Stevenson too 😀

  6. Avatar
    Naomi says:

    I’ve been to Edinburgh once and had trouble finding a place to stay. Although this is probably a bit above my budget, I’d love to stay at the new Marriott. I love the warm tones of the interior and wouldn’t mind to rest my head there after a day of exploring in Edinburgh!

    • melbtravel
      melbtravel says:

      Funny you say that because I have also had trouble finding a place the couple of times I have been. I would definitely go back here though

  7. Avatar
    Candy says:

    Oh my! How amazing to be invited to their grand opening! The hotel looks spectacular and that bloody mary really caught my attention. I’m a huge fan of the bloody mary 🙂 And strong WIFI is always a plus in my book.

    • melbtravel
      melbtravel says:

      Yeah I was really lucky and it was such a lovely hotel. I always check the small print for wifi especially these days working on social media.

  8. Avatar
    Gareth says:

    While the £400 cocktail might be somewhat out of my price range, the Courtyard by Marriott might actually be within my budget and really, when you’re staying in Edinburgh, location is everything. That being said however, every aspect of this hotel looks pleasingly luxurious and all from a name ou can trust. Oh, and the beetroot & lime cured salmon ballotine looks incredible!

    • melbtravel
      melbtravel says:

      This was such a lovely place to stay and I highly recommend it. The tram was not far away either so you can catch public transport not a problem. I asked about the cocktail and they informed me that was made with some rare whisky.

  9. Avatar
    kathy says:

    How exciting that you were there for the grand opening. This looks like the perfect hotel to stay in when in Edinburgh, one of my favourite cities. Good Wifi is also a must for me along with a comfortable bed.
    The location sounds perfect.

    • melbtravel
      melbtravel says:

      I am definitely sold when I hear that there is free wifi and it is strong. So many times, I have stayed in places and they have free wifi but it only works in the staircase area or the lobby.

  10. Avatar
    Ha says:

    This hotel looks so nice! it’s good that it’s located in walking distance to all the main attractions. Good wifi is a great bonus for this place 😀

  11. Avatar
    Thelittlelai: Beyond limits says:

    Wow, this is just a perfect write up about this Hotel. Good thing that you were able to ample around the City before you could finally enjoy the comfort of the Hotel. I really like how you write about this Hotel, aside from it is very detailed, it is also impressive in a sense that I can feel the honesty in your article. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience.

  12. Avatar
    Stephanie says:

    That’s amazing you were there for the Grand Opening. Sounds like a wonderful experience! I haven’t been to Edinburgh yet, but would like to visit one day. And nothing better than getting more Marriott Points!!

    • melbtravel
      melbtravel says:

      You must get yourself to Edinburgh it is such a beautiful place and it is full of amazing history. This is a great place to use as your base, as everything is in walking distance.

  13. Avatar
    Natasha says:

    Wow, this sounds like such a fun day. I really love the look and feel of this new hotel. And I have to say, now you have me craving a Bloody Mary!! MMM!! 🙂

  14. Avatar
    FS Page says:

    I have never visited a launch party of a hotel but it surely seems like one of those things i must keep an eye on. Especially if the hotel is as lavish as Marriot. The food looks amazing and edinburgh as such is so beautiful with its castles and classic english architecture.

  15. Avatar
    Suzanne says:

    It’s always recommended to stay close to or in the city center. I also like the fact that the hotel preserved some of the local architecture of Edinburgh. Unfortunately, the Courtyard is way out of my league/traveler’s budget! It’s nice if you can afford it.

  16. Avatar
    Sonja says:

    I didn’t know they just opened! What a perfect location though. I live in Edinburgh myself and I never know where to recommend for people to stay. It sounds like the grand opening was so much fun!

    • melbtravel
      melbtravel says:

      You should pop in there to the bar, as they do happy hour and have some great cocktails. Next time I am there, I should drop you a line, I love meeting new bloggers.

  17. Avatar
    Izzy says:

    I had no the idea the Marriott had no Edinburgh property? Great they finally established the chain there! It seems like Ediburgh is very much up and coming on the tourist grid. And I love the fun fact about Robert Stevenson’s connection to the property. What a small but meaningful detail!

    • melbtravel
      melbtravel says:

      My understanding is this is the second one in Scotland. I love Edinburgh and I could not agree with you more that it is definitely up and coming. Thanks

  18. Avatar
    Archana Singh says:

    The Courtyard Marriot seems to be a perfect place if you wanna enjoy a luxurious stay in Edinburgh. Your pictures are stunning and your description is so detailed. I guess it can make anyone change their mind in favour of this hotel.

    • melbtravel
      melbtravel says:

      Thank you very much Archana, I appricated your feedback. I am not just saying this becasue I was invited but the hotel was really nice and the bed was super super comfy.

  19. Avatar
    tracy collins says:

    I am always on the look out for great hotels and this one fits the bill perfectly! Edinburgh is somewhere we go quite often by train so its great to have this hotel as a possible next time we visit! I would also like to know what was in that £400 cocktail Mel!! Wow! Thats a bit steep!

    • melbtravel
      melbtravel says:

      I think they do deal here to and I know they have a loyalty program with the Marriott. I did ask and it was an old fashioned that used some very rare whisky.

  20. Avatar
    Jean says:

    Oh i love it! It’s those extra little touches that make guests feel like they are truly valued and not just another credit card walking in. One day I’ll make it back to Edinburgh and will make sure I book into the Marriot and drink champagne. Maybe not the 400 pound cocktail though.

  21. Avatar
    Riely says:

    The Courtyard by Marriott seems like the ideal place to stay while in Edinburgh. It’s so central to all major points of interest and sounds like it has some great amenity options. I love the style of the Georgian architecture; seems a little more historic, which is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Avatar
    Kim F says:

    Hi Mel, thanks for the great article! I plan to go to Edinburgh this summer and will definitely be referring to this article when I’m booking accommodations and day trips!

  23. Avatar
    Iza Abao says:

    The hotel looks posh and modern. I like the color the striped pillow. The location is great. I like to stay in a hotel which is near to local restaurants.

  24. Avatar
    Aryane @ Valises & Gourmandises says:

    We only stay in hotels when my husband travel for work and gets it for free, otherwise we prefer staying in AirBnbs but I love how comfy fancy hotel beds are! I could just lie in bed all day while he goes to work 🙂
    We stayed in a Marriott once, in Boston, and had the most amazing view and such good service. I would love to be able to stay at their location in Edinburg! I really like how they mixed modern comfort with traditional architecture. Lucky you!

  25. Avatar
    CJ Haughey says:

    As a novice in the blogging game, things like this are all new to me. I didn’t realize that the company would pull out all the stops with a flight, taxi and champagne in your room. Such a great experience and opportunity and in such a wonderful city too. I visited Edinburgh once when my sister lived there. I loved the atmosphere there and the old cobbled areas around the high street and castle.

  26. Avatar
    Suze says:

    What a gorgeous looking hotel! I love the do not disturb sign too. We’re going to Edinburgh in May, can’t wait

  27. Avatar
    Jurga says:

    Looks like such a nice hotel and a great experience for you, Melissa!
    It’s funny, I was just looking for a hotel in Edinburgh for my husband, so I checked the new Courtyard Marriott as well, but it’s already fully booked for the date I was looking for. So I guess it’s a big success right from the start!

    • melbtravel
      melbtravel says:

      Oh really that is a good to know. You will love Edinburgh and you will be able to get lots of great pictures when you are there. Try to do one of the ghost tours under the ground they are a lot of fun.

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