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Interview with Kati Lynne Boring – History Teacher & Blogger

As stated in my About Me  , I love nothing more than meeting people from around the world, hearing and exchanging stories and experiences. I really enjoyed interviewing Kati and hearing her story.

Based in South Carolina USA, Kati is a history teacher, travel/history blogger and an inspiring book writer (in the making). She lives and breaths history and it is so refreshing to hear how much she enjoys teaching the next generation.

I wished I had a teacher like Kati when I was at school, it definitely would of made me sit up and learn more.


What made you want to become a History Teacher & Blogger?

I decided in kindergarden that I would be a teacher after only a few minutes into the classroom. I absolutely loved the experience and never doubted what I wanted to do. From that point forward, I was bound and determined to become a teacher. I decided to be a history teacher specifically because I love history so much.


Photo By Kati Lynne Boring

I decided to take up travel blogging because I travel so much. Mostly, I travel to historic locations and explore the places of the past. I love history and traveling, so travel blogging about historic locations just came naturally.


Photo By Kati Lynne Boring

What level/grades do you teach and where?

I teach at a high school in South Carolina. I teach high school so each year I could teach anyone in grades 9-12. This year and most years I teach 10th and 11th graders.


Photo By Kati Lynne Boring

What does a typical day consist of?

A typical day in the classroom usually begins for me between 6:30 am and 7:20 am. I generally want to be in my classroom early and get things gathered and ready for the kids. The kids will arrive at 8:20 am and their day lasts until 3:40 pm. So, in most cases, I teach 3 out of 4 blocks. A “block” is a 90 minute section of time when the students are in my classroom learning my specific course. Its a hard job but there are a lot of emotional rewards people are not always aware of. Seeing a child learn something and knowing that they worked hard to figure it out is something that most people will not be able to see. That’s amazing – watching a kid grow as a person and in their knowledge! At the end of the day, I usually tutor students or give them extra help. At about 4:30 or 5:00, I usually leave the school and head home. At home, I either grade paper, enjoy some free time, go horseback riding, or write in my travel blog.

 “What is your favorite (favourite) historic location or destination?”

My absolute favorite historic location would have to be the Oregon Trail in Baker City, Oregon. I have loved the Oregon Trail since I was in 3rd grade. I read a book about it in school and became obsessed. The Oregon Trail is amazingly preserved in Baker City and in many places across the United States. Seeing the trail still intact even after its not been used in so long is a testimony to the hundreds of thousands of people who took the trail on their journey west.

The best part of your job?

The best part of my job would have to be the fact that I get to build some strong life long bonds with students. I get to influence them and help them, and even though I’m the teacher, they teach me so much, too. Nothing is more rewarding than a student from years ago messaging or mailing me just to check in and see how I am or to update me on their new degree or job. I love that part of my job so much.


Photo By Kati Lynne Boring

What is the worst part of your job?

My job is not bad at all, but it is very demanding emotionally so that would be the hardest part. It is painful to watch children make poor choices as unfortunately some of them do.


Photo By Kati Lynne Boring

What history place is on your to do list?

There are so many historic locations on my bucket list / to do list. I have done most of the historic locations in the United States, but I have a ton in Europe that I’d like to do. I think nearly every major castle or battlefield in Europe is on my list. My list is pretty long! I would also love to explore Egypt and see the pyramids and tombs. Petra, Jordan has always been a dream of mine as well.


Alnwick Castle, England Photo By: Mel Butler

Is there history places that you recommend or think are important that we should learn about?

I think there are some pivotal historic places that should be taught. I think that before leaving high school, a student should have a firm understanding of the significance of the Palace of Versailles, Ancient Rome and Greece, Ancient Egypt, and Istanbul. Places like Normandy should not be ignored, nor should Holocaust locations like Aucshwhitz.


Palace of Versailles, France Photo By Mel Butler

Whats your next big project?

I just recently finished a manuscript for a novel and I hope that soon it will be published. My next big project, after I seek publishing with this novel, is to write another book. I just started this one a few days ago and I’m interested to see where it takes me.



Photo By Kati Lynne Boring

What advice do you give to anyone wanting to become a History Teacher?

If you want to become a history teacher, and you want to be good at it, then learn how to teach without simply lecturing. Kids love activities, even high schoolers, and thrive when they’re being challenged within a reasonable level to do things and learn things that interest them. They are interested when they are doing, not just listening to the teacher lecture. Lecture is OK sometimes, but often, a kid will learn more from a mixture of lecture, activity, and repetition.


Photo By Kati Lynne Boring

Any last words

For anyone pursuing any dream  — whether that dream is to be a full time travel blogger, a teacher, a professional golfer, an author, or whatever it is that you want more than anything: Don’t ever give up or be afraid to try something. Be smart, be wise, and make good decisions, but be willing to take risks to achieve your goals. But, I must say it again…Never give up!

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    1. Thank, Alex I am glad you liked it. I really enjoy hearing about other peoples stories, especially when they are on the other side of the world. Hope your trip is going well?

    1. Isn’t it funny how over time our tastes change 🙂 I don’t remember like history when I was a child either. And I agree if I had someone like Kati as a teacher I would attend class

  1. Beautiful post. I hate to admit that I didn’t do so well in school with learning about our history in America. Maybe I also needed a good teacher like Kati.

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