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Chasing Ghosts Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Los Angeles

The Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood is one of the most famous historic hotels in Hollywood and not just because it has a colourful past. It was the original home to the Academy Awards and it is believed to be ‘haunted’ by none other than its former tenant Marilyn Monroe, who lived there during the peak of her career.

Outside of the El Capitan theatre - roosevelt hotel hollywood

Chasing Ghosts – The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Situated on the Hollywood strip, across the road from the Chinese theatre and near both a shopping mall and where many local tours start, you can see why it is in a prime location amongst famous and tourist alike.

You are right in the heart of Hollywood in between all the excitement and action. With its big Neon sign down the side of the hotel, I can’t help but think it looks like the Tower of Terror ride at California Park.

Haunted Roosevelt Hotel

It was in 2004 when I was on a “Home of the stars tour” (yes, very touristy & cheesy but a lot of fun)  and I remember the guide telling us about the history and how it was supposed to be haunted. My ears suddenly pricked up and I knew then that one day I wanted to stay in the Roosevelt to see if I could experience this myself.

I mean what a great story to tell the children if not only do you see a ghost but none other than Marilyn Monroe herself. Fast forward 12 years  (January 2016) and we are standing here at the entrance.

Roosevelt hotel with neon sign on the rooftop - Where to stay in Hollywood

As we get out of the car with our overnight bags, I notice straight away how welcoming and friendly the staff are towards us especially at the reception desk. They had apologised that our room was not ready even though we had arrived really early and were not due to check in. The lovely concierge took our bags, while we went off to explore the strip and hotel.

Kodak theatre - roosevelt hotel hollywood history

The building and various public areas like the lobby are quite historic with its Spanish interior and high ceiling. Even though it has been modernised, they have still been able to keep its glamorous old stylish charm.  We did not use the amenities as we were on limited time but the hotel has a cool fitness center and an outdoor pool with two bars (one is like an oasis area) and the other next to the pool.

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I understand that there is also an exclusive cocktail lounge, a game parlour with vintage bowling lanes, a celebrity haunt nightclub, and a 24-hour burger joint but to be honest I never saw this.

Poolside bar at the Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood

A good nights sleep at the Roosevelt hotel

We sat at the hotel bar enjoying a couple of drinks before retiring to our room; I was secretly getting excited to see whether we would experience a ghost (though I would be scared) and if the stories were true. We headed up to our room and prepared ourselves for the night in our big comfy bed. Without even realising, I had fallen sound asleep and it was morning already.

When I rose out of bed, I felt a little disappointed, not by the great sleep but how I had not seen any ghosts or had any paranormal activity to write about.

Mel and Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium - hotel roosevelt

Star spotting at the Roosevelt Hotel

After we packed up our bags and were waiting in the lobby to be picked up, my husband leaned over to me and whispered into my ear. Is that Theresa Caputo from Long Island medium?, I looked up and said with a smile on my face, yes. I mean what are my chances of seeing my favourite medium while trying to chase ghosts in the Roosevelt hotel.

I got up and walked over to her and kindly asked if I could get a picture taken, she was very welcoming and accommodating. I refrained from telling her exactly why we had stayed there as I didn’t want to embarrass myself as I am sure she has heard it all before. As I walked away with my picture, all I could think was that was the icing on my cake for my great stay at the Roosevelt Hotel.

The famous Roosevelt Hotel neon sign - hollywood roosevelt hotel

Our Room at the Roosevelt Hotel                                                                      

Our room at the Roosevelt Hotel was spacious, light and modern with a comfortable four-poster bed. You could tell it had been renovated within the last couple of years. The bathroom was of average size with only a shower but it was very clean and tidy.

We were in the tower, which gave us some great views over LA and it was quiet at night. I understand though if you are near the pool in one of the suites it can get very loud especially on the weekend.

modern four poster bed in the hotel room - Rooms the roosevelt hotel

There were a reasonable sized flat-screen TV and a nice comfy chair to relax in. But there was no kettle with free coffee & tea satchels, instead, there was a Pod coffee machine which you needed to pay to have a coffee or tea in your own room. This is a little bit cheeky considering you’re already paying for the room and I know most hotels do this for free. 

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To use the WiFi in the bedrooms there was a daily fee, which I was not too happy about either, as most hotels offer this free. There was, however, free WiFi in the main lobby area for non-paying guests, which was a little confusing as I think this should be the other way around.

Hollywood Roosevelt door card and complimentary ear plugs - the roosevelt hotel hollywood

Location and how to get to the Roosevelt Hotel

The Roosevelt Hotel is in the suburb (district) of Hollywood and as stated before, on the Hollywood strip across the road from the Chinese theatre. The public bus stops near the front of the Roosevelt Hotel and the metro is directly across the road on the Hollywood strip. 

If you are coming from LAX airport, I would suggest organising a transfer or getting either a taxi or Uber.

The Kodak Theatre - roosevelt hotel hollywood history

Tours available in Hollywood

There are many tours available in the Hollywood area either walking or taking some form of transport. Roosevelt Hotel is in a great location for walking around to all the attractions within Hollywood. If you wanted to explore other suburbs like Rodeo Drive, Venice Beach or Santa Monica beach the famous Big Bus Tours Los Angles, starting point near the hotel.

Venice Beach lifeguard tower and truck

Top Tips for staying at the Roosevelt Hotel

  • Drinks were a little pricey, so take advantage of the Happy Hour from Monday-Friday 3pm-7pm in the ‘Public Kitchen & Bar’ located just off the main Lobby. The drinks & service were really good and it was definitely worth a visit.
  • Unlike most hotels in Europe, you do not get breakfast with your room in the States, there is a downstairs restaurant that accommodates for breakfast. There is also free coffee & tea available in the main lobby during the morning period. Don’t worry though as there are plenty of places outside the hotel that do decent breakfast food.

The Roosevelt Hotel behind the palm trees surrounding the pool area

  • For the Marilyn Monroe fans, located next to the elevator on the lower level is the full-length mirror, supposedly where the image of Marilyn Monroe has been seen several times. This mirror was originally located in her suite.
  • If you are up for the challenge & have good walking shoes the Hollywood sign is only about a 4 klms hike away (review to come). It is worth doing especially for the amazing view across Los Angeles.

Overlooking Los Angeles from behind the famous Hollywood Sign - Things to do near the Roosevelt Hotel

Would I recommend the Roosevelt Hotel

Would I stay here again? Yes, most definitely. The Roosevelt Hotel is a historic Hollywood icon, beautiful, full of history, a great choice of bars and restaurants and right in the heart of Hollywood.

I would love to return one day and spend some more time around the hotel using the facilities and hanging out by the pool bar at one of the many famous pool parties thrown here, while at the same time celebrity spotting.

Pool surrounded by lounge chairs and palm trees

Yes, it is a little pricey these days but it is hard to get a modern hotel that makes you feel like you step back into time with all that old Hollywood glam.

Like what Marilyn Monroe quoted once ‘Being normal is boring’ and the Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood is definitely not boring.

Mel with wax figure of Marilyn Monroe

Additional Information for the Roosevelt Hotel

Price Range: Medium – Expensive

Wifi: – For additional fee in your free but free in the lobby

Breakfast; – Not included

Booking enquirers – you can use the following link The Roosevelt

The Roosevelt Hotel sign in the carpet at the entrance of the hotel
Hollywood – Los Angeles, California

Thank you for reading this article ‘Chasing Ghosts, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Los Angeles’. It is such an interesting historical hotel that definitely deserves a visit, even if you don’t stay there. 

Have you stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood California before or about too? Share your experiences in the comments below or let me know if you need to know any more before your stay? I am always happy to help 🙂


Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood LA

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      Thanks Greg, I appreciate it alot. I didn’t even know about it myself until I was in the states doing a tour. It is a really pretty and fun hotel to stay in.

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    Alex says:

    It sounded lovely until you mentioned it’s haunted!! I’m glad for you that you didn’t experience anything! 😉
    And don’t you just love it when the reception staff are lovely, you knew the room shouldn’t be ready but they apologise anyway. This is how it should be-it’s s small gesture but it means a lot!

    • melbtravel
      melbtravel says:

      I would of loved to seen a ghost though I am not sure what I would do. I think customer service is the USA is great but they do work on tips I suppose. However I did find the staff at the hotel super friendly and nice. They were always happy to help out which I really liked and made for a pleasant stay.

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    I loved reading about the Roosevelt Hotel! And thank you for the information about the wifi etc as those things may seem trivial but are actually very important to me when travelling. Hope you get back there to meet your ghost one day!

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      Thank you very much, Narelle. I appreciate it your feedback and glad I was able to answer your questions. Have a great day and pop by anytime 🙂

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    I still can’t believe about the wifi! I so would Love to party and stay there one day. Loving these tips! Keep them coming please

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      Glad I was able to share the tips with you. Let me know when you go and stay, as I would love to hear about your experience.

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    I love a convenient hotel like this, located right in the heart of downtown. The 4 km hike to the Hollywood sign doesn’t sound bad either! Though not having free wifi in the room is a bummer.

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