Le Relais Saint-Michel – A Room With A View

A comment was once made to me by a passing traveller which has always stuck in my head, ‘If given the chance, why would I want to stay inside Petra, Jordon where it is dark. When I can sleep outside under the stars opposite where I can appreciate the view’. I could not sum up my stay at the Le Relais anymore clearer than that.

We had decided to spend a night here before heading over to our other hotel within the walls of Mont Saint-Michel. Purely so we could watch the sunset while taking in the beautiful landmark view with a glass of wine and cider.

View of Mont St Michel from our hotel room

Le Relais Saint-Michel, Normandy 

Located 1.8km from the entrance of Mont Saint-Michel at the start of the bridge, Le Relais Saint Michel is an ideal position to stay during your visit. All the guest rooms offer a private balcony and some even have a panoramic view of Mont Saint-Michel. This hotel is definitely built around the view of Mont Saint-Michel

About the Room:

The room was very large and spacious with a big comfortable bed but in the bathroom, the tiles were cracked and looked a little dirty. The room was outdated and definitely needed a facelift.

Also, there was a birds nest in the corner of the balcony and the bird excrement was everywhere on the window and ground. It seemed like it had not been cleaned up in a while, which surprised me as it was considered to be a 4 star hotel.

Balconies of the hotel

However, the view from the balcony and bed of the famous Mont-Saint-Michel was just AMAZING and it was very surreal waking up and looking out the window

The room also had Free-Wifi that worked really well in the bedroom. This is always a bonus especially when you are traveling internationally.

Getting there & Location:

No doubt the location of the hotel near the start of the bridge was excellent and from what I could see, this was the closest hotel to the entrance of Mont-Saint-Michel. It only took us about 10-15minutes to walk across to the main entrance from the hotel (which I recommend doing, as you can get some great pictures).

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Where to Park

Parking was only 4 euros a day at the hotel and they allowed us to leave our car there for the additional day, when we stayed on Mont Saint-Michel (bonus). There is a free shuttle that goes from the main car-park outside the barriers too near the entrance of Mont-Saint-Michel

This shuttle comes around every 5-10mins and stops for a pick up at the front of the hotel (You can also get a horse and carriage for a fee).

Mont St Michel

Make sure you have your password

There are barriers that stop visitors from gaining access to the hamlet of Mont-Saint-Michel via car if you are not staying in one of the hotels within the hamlet. Before arriving, you will need to obtain a password from your hotel to gain access through these barriers.

Some of the hotels add it to your booking reference confirmation but if they do not, it is really easy to obtain. I could not find mine so I rang the hotel just before we arrived and they told me over the phone my access code.

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Quick Tip:

Pick up snacks before you arrive

The restaurants within the hamlet of Mont-Saint-Michel are a little pricey and there are no supermarkets. As an alternative for dinner, I would suggest buying some Ham, cheese, and drinks (especially the local cider and wine) before you arrive and enjoying it on your hotel balcony while taking in the view instead of going out.

Buffet breakfast per person was 25 euros a day and to be honest, we never had it but it is always the choice of the person. Instead, we bought coffee and a baguette for less than half the price just inside the entrance walls of Mont-Saint-Michel. Granted they were still a little pricey but they were filling and did the job.

There was also a sandwich place on the Hamlet 5mins away from the hotel that also did fresh baguettes in the morning.

Relais hotel from the outside

Would I recommend it?:

As I said earlier the hotel is outdated and is definitely in need of a facelift and I think they rely heavily on the outstanding view and the location. However, the hotel has potential and a lot to offer especially from its advantages, and with some TLC and updating it would be a much grander place to stay.

Though saying that, if given the choice to say here or in one of the hotels within the walls of Mont-Saint-Michel again I would definitely stay here for that amazing view. However, it would not be any longer than 1 or 2 nights. As mentioned earlier ‘Why be in something beautiful when you can admire it from afar and appreciate it’.

Additional Information

  • Price Range; –  Medium-Expensive
  • Wifi: Free Wifi in all areas
  • Breakfast; – Additional fee
  • Check the current availability for Le Relais Saint Michel

Enjoying a tipple of rum on the balcony with view of Mont St Michel in the background

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Disclaimer: I paid to stay here and all views are my own and based on my own experience. 

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29 thoughts on “Le Relais Saint-Michel – A Room With A View

  1. Alex says:

    What did you think to Mont St Michel? We liked it because there’s not many places like it but I can’t say I’d want to spend more than a day here. Great photo op’s tho! I particularly like your sock-shot, maybe we could make that a proper hashtag (I have some pretty out-there socks) Have socks, will travel. 😉

    • melbtravel says:

      I really like it, as it is so different like you said. We stayed two nights, one night on the main land and the second night within the Mont St Michel walls which was all we needed to explore and relax. We came here once before on a tour but only stayed about an hour and didn’t get to explore much so I always promised my husband we would go back. Thanks in regards to the socks, I have another one which I am going to post later on my IG account. Btw, you will have to post some of your sock pictures 🙂

    • melbtravel says:

      I am glad we stay within the walls of Mont Saint-Michel but to be honest, we would not do it again. We would prefer to stay opposite like we did at this hotel, so we can admire the view and take it all in. I am going to write a review about the socks and give everyone a discount shortly.

  2. Kati from Ms B Travels says:

    Do you know how far or how difficult it would be to travel from Mont Saint-Michael to the famous beaches from the Invasion of Normandy (D Day)? I mean do you suggest these be done on the same trip?

    • melbtravel says:

      It is not very far at all by car. We actually done the D Day beaches the day before we arrived in Mont Saint-Michael. I am currently writing a post about it at the moment. You definitely can’t do both in the same day. We don’t the D Day beaches over two days but you can do it in one if you want to rush it. Hope that helped

  3. Maddison says:

    I told my husband about this piece and he actually read your blog! Thank you thank you, thank you!! You have convince him that we have to do this. I just want the hotel with the amazing view!! Hehe

  4. Annika says:

    I really love that very modern building with this backdrop (though I wish they would have made the signage a bit more discreet ;). The view though, the view is incredible – I think I would have just stayed up all night and stared at it!

  5. Sarah (JetSetting Fools) says:

    When we are able, we tend to stay in city centers or close by the action (whatever that might be depending on where we are), but we are also suckers for a good view – and this hotel def seems to have it! Great review covering all the details (and tips!) so that people know what to expect 😉

  6. Stephanie says:

    Hopefully they will do some renovations to that hotel because it has a prime location. Must have been amazing to just sit and look at that fairy tale castle while you have your morning tea.

  7. Kristine says:

    I love Mont Saint-Michel. I would have loved to get that view from a hotel balcony! I didn’t remember you could go by horse and carriage to cross the bridge. It adds to the charm 🙂

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