The rooms at Pillows Anna van den Vondel Amsterdam

Pillows Anna van den Vondel Amsterdam – Review

When asked to describe my stay at the Pillows Anna van den Vondel Amsterdam, a particular quote automatically comes to mind. I am unsure of the author but it says “Home is not a place it’s a feeling”.

Most of us can relate when we have had those moments when away and all you can think about is getting home to your own bed and relaxing. This is how Pillows hotel Amsterdam made me feel.

outside of Pillows Hotel Amsterdam
Pillows Hotel Amsterdam Building

Pillows Anna van den Vondel

After travelling around the Netherlands on various press trips, I was a little tired and was looking forward to my stay at Pillows Anna van den Vondel Amsterdam. Not only because it looked beautiful but I had only heard good things about it since its opened. Also, I was looking forward to reconnecting with Amsterdam and exploring the museums.

From the moment I arrived to the moment I left, I felt like I was staying at a friend’s luxury mansion and not in a hotel. There was no check desk or hotel foyer, instead, you walk into a bright and modern living area.

Where there was an open bar & kitchen that had a Clockless eating & drinking service. Meaning if you got the munchies even in the middle of the night, you could get something to eat.

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boats on the famous canals of Amsterdam
Walking along the canals, Amsterdam


I was greeted by the manager on duty when I arrived and taken to the main living room overlooking the outside garden. I was hot and bothered because I had been on the train travelling in the heat and just wanted to relax.

As soon as I sat down, I was offered a complimentary drink (I had a glass of wine). The manager brought over the drink, sat down next to me and started chatting away with his Android tablet in hand.

What I didn’t realise until he had told me, was that he was checking me into my room at the same time while explaining the hotel amenities. At this point, I was already starting to feel relaxed from the friendly ambience, so much so that I sat there for another two more drinks with the sun shining on me before I went up to my room.

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Glass of wine with Amsterdam city card
My complimentary wine, Amsterdam Netherlands

About the Pillows Hotel Amsterdam

Located near the Vondelpark down a quiet street and less than a kilometre to Van Gogh Museum, Leidse Square and Stedelijk, the new Pillows Anna van den Vondel Amsterdam, is in an ideal position for pleasure or business.

It is the first in the Pillows chain to introduce the new concept of offering a more intimate, personal experience. Whilst still keeping exceptional service in a luxury environment.

The boutique hotel extends through 3 elegant 19th-century buildings, creating 31 beautifully decorated luxury rooms while keeping comfort in mind.  On the ground floor is a bright open living area with two side sections (one with a fireplace) for relaxing and socialising with friends. As well, a bar & domestic kitchen which overlooks the outdoor area for enjoying the sun.

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Pillows Hotel private garden
Private Garden Pillows Hotel Amsterdam

I love how they have been able to combine heritage with a modern style while still keeping the hotel warm and charming at the same time.

You can really appreciate the attention to detail in making you feel more at home, from the complimentary drink to the welcome note and macarons in my room.

The Living Room

Situated just inside the hotel is The Living Room a bright and warm area with an adjoining bar and kitchen. It offers fresh local & international dishes and is open around the clock for food and beverages. This is an ideal place to relax after exploring Amsterdam, for pre-dinner drinks or just unwinding in front of the fireplace.

The floor to ceiling windows provide views of the private garden which is perfect for meals, especially breakfast.

Pillows Hotel living area

About the rooms

All 31 rooms are all stylishly decorated and designed to meet your home away from home needs. Each room comes with an HDTV, a safe, a coffee machine, minibar and has 24/7 room service. The rooms have a city or garden view, with some having their own terrace or French balcony.    

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tea and coffee area in the hotel room
The coffee machine facility at The Pillows Hotel Amsterdam

Room Description

My bathroom had a large walk-in shower with a rain shower head from the ceiling, I could have stood under there for hours.  It had been designed to maximise space and I was in love with the circle mirrors.  It was equipped with hair dryers, bathrobes, slippers and complimentary toiletries.

A Smart Control system next to both sides of the bed allows you to control the lights, and air conditioning from a push of a button. The King size bed was definitely my favourite part of the room, not only was it super comfortable but you sank right in it like being on fluffy clouds. And with the hotel being on a quiet street, I literally slept like a baby. 

The room also had Free-Wifi that worked really well and lots of power outlets, this is always a bonus especially when travelling.

Welcome Plate of Macarons, Pillows Hotel Amsterdam
Welcome note and macarons in my room, Pillows Hotel Amsterdam

Location of Pillows Anna van den Vondel

Situated just over a 15-20 minutes walk to the centre of Amsterdam and around 10minutes to Van Gogh Museum, Leidse Square and Stedelijk, the hotel is in an ideal location. The closest international airport is Schiphol and is about 30 minutes to the Pillows Anna van den Vondel Amsterdam by cab.

It is super easy to catch a train from the airport to the central station, then the No. 1 tram  (8 stops) to the hotel. The tram stop is only a 5 minutes from the hotel.

The hotel can arrange transfers from the airport at a surcharge. However, you must contact the property with arrival details.

Additional Information

  • Price Range:   Medium/High
  • For rates and availability, for Pillows Hotel Amsterdam, please feel free to visit here
  • Wifi:  Yes and it is strong in areas of the hotel, especially in the rooms
  • Breakfast:  Yes at an additional cost. You can have a standard cooked breakfast or A la Carte.
  • Babysitting: A babysitting service is available on request
Amsterdam city card with canal in the background
Multi-Pass Amsterdam

Tips for visiting Amsterdam

  • The Netherlands use European adaptors
  • Activities; Take advantage of all these other great things from Amsterdam
  • Walk through the beautiful Vondelpark if you going to go to the Van Gogh Museum.
  • A popular day trip from Amsterdam is Edam or even Rotterdam 
  • If you are in town for a couple of days, take a look at getting a multi-pass to obtain free entrances and discounts.
  • Non-stop Wifi; Keep updated and share your activities with WiFi access in Europe.
  • Think about purchase a pass to travel without limits across the region of Amsterdam. Valid on all public transportation including buses, ferries, subway, trains and trams.


panoramic view of colourful buildings and boats on the canal

Walking along the Canals in Amsterdam

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Have you stayed in Pillows Anna van den Vondel Hotel Amsterdam before or in Amsterdam? I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below.

Disclaimer: Even though I was a guest of the Pillows Anna van den Vondel Amsterdam hotel. All views are my own and based on my own experience.

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53 thoughts on “Pillows Anna van den Vondel Amsterdam – Review

  1. Lisa says:

    I’m a big fan of boutique hotels, and Pillows Hotel sounds somewhere I would book. The name alone sounds pretty cosy, and I love the unconventional sound of the place. You already had me at ‘munchies at any time’ along with the complimentary glass of wine!

    • melbtravel says:

      Don’t worry I was sold once that I had a glass of wine. The bed though was definitely my favorite, it was great laying back on it with a glass of wine 🙂

  2. Tamara says:

    I live in the Netherlands and didn’t know about this hotel. It’s really nice how they make it so personal with the welcome note and those welcome snacks/drinks! That’s something I really like about an accommodation. It looks like a perfect stay, and it definitely has a perfect location! I live in the east side of the Netherlands, so if I’m going to Amsterdam for a few days I definitely need an accommodation. I will keep this in mind for next time!

    • melbtravel says:

      It only opened in January 2017, so relevantly still new. I definitely recommend it, a lot. When I spoke to the manager, I was informed that they are going to change their other hotels to the same concept.

  3. Anne says:

    Love the idea behind the check in and that garden looks fabulous. I’ve never heard of this chain before so will check them out

  4. My Travelogue by Bhushavali says:

    I totally agree with the quote. Home is a feeling!!! Amsterdam is a city I fell in love with! Those canals were just breathtaking! Clockless eating with open bar and kitchen? I’m already sold. Lolz… The room looks simple & chic!
    Btw, I too got that IAmsterdam card. Totally worth it!

    • melbtravel says:

      I love Amsterdam too and I never get sick of visiting and wandering around the beautiful streets. I think it is a great idea too that they have a clockless eating.

  5. Kim Fortune says:

    What a lovely hotel and I love this new concept of a home away from home. I haven’t been to Amsterdam for a while but I would definitely check this place out when I go again. BTW great pictures

  6. Jackie T says:

    I love the stories that you add to a hotel review. It definitely breaks it up from just reading a standard hotel review which can be quiet boring. By the sounds of it this ‘home away from home’ concept, sounds so good to me. BTW I could do with that complimentary drink now!!!

  7. Susan R says:

    This looks like a gorgeous place to stay in Amsterdam. I’m curious about the unusual name, why is it called Pillows? The outdoor terrace is lovely

    • melbtravel says:

      I don’t know the reason behind the name unfortunately but it is a good point. They do have a few more other Pillows hotels around the Netherlands which I know they are going to convert to the same concept.

  8. Kevin Wagar says:

    This place looks AMAZING! Amsterdam has been calling my name lately. I seem to be seeing it everywhere! Pillows looks like the perfect spot to stay when I visit.

  9. Claire says:

    Anywhere that gives welcome macarons definitely gets my vote! I love that spiral staircase too, although I’d probably get dizzy going up and down 😀

  10. Cat says:

    What a lovely hotel! The living room looks charming with the big windows. It really is a beautiful spot to enjoy breakfast. Also, I love the smart control system in your room!

  11. Tania Mukherjee says:

    The concept of munchies available 24×7 is fantastic! It’s like a blessing for night owls like me. You have captured a very artistic photo of the spiral staircase. I also liked the smart control system beside the bed!

    • melbtravel says:

      Randomly I couldn’t work out the smart control at first, I kept turning everything off. I got a little dizzy looking at the staircase 🙂

  12. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    Pillows Anna van den Vondel Amsterdam, seems to be an ideal place to camp in and explore beautiful Amsterdam. I love the fact that it gives you a feel of home and is not your usual anti-septic hotel without a heart.

  13. David McClane says:

    What a beautiful hotel! I love the idea of not having a normal reception. checking in area – I can imagine it gives the hotel a much lessy stuffy atmosphere. I stayed in the Vondelpark area last time I was in Amsterdam and it’s the perfect neighbourhood – a little out the way so feels peaceful but still close enough to the centre. I can feel another trip to Amsterdam coming on!

    • melbtravel says:

      I felt exactly the same way about the area, a little out but still very centrally. The vondelpark park is right near it and was nice walking through to get to the museums.

  14. Danni L says:

    That is a top location in Amsterdam! Great spot for exploring and easy access. Love the clockless vibe and lack of check-in desk, that takes away so much of the formality of hotels.

  15. Vibeke says:

    Sounds like a great place to stay. It is good that it is in a quiet street. I would imagine Amsterdam to be very noisy. I haven’t visited yet. But would definitely have Pillows Anna van den Vondel when I travel to Amsterdam. 😃

    • melbtravel says:

      The hotel is in an area called Vondelpark and it’s the perfect neighbourhood – a little out the way so feels peaceful but still close enough to the centre. I

  16. Patricia says:

    What a beautiful hotel! I love boutique properties, and it looks like so much care went into the design and the operation of this place. The location seems perfect, and I would have been sold when that first glass of wine arrived, too. This is probably a little thing, but I love the smart controls near the bed — it’s that kind of detail that makes getting comfortable in a place so much easier. It’s fantastic that they were able to blend the historic with the modern and provide such a relaxing space with the gardens despite being so close to major attractions. Thanks for sharing!

    • melbtravel says:

      It was really nice place to stay at and the bed was super comfortable. Don’t you worry I was definitely sold on that first glass of wine too 🙂 There were points that I didn’t want to leave the room.

  17. aareeba says:

    wow this hotel looks like a luxury . I totally loved your pictures and the way you reviewed this hotel. I am surely gonna save this for my future use . Thanks for sharing

  18. jitaditya says:

    Not sure it is just the angle or what, that drink looks extremely tempting!
    Overall a wonderful option to stay. It looks beautiful, but then, Amsterdam is beautiful anyway.

  19. Candy says:

    I’m loving this hotel. I mean home away from home! I love staying at places that make you feel like you are at home. The welcoming treat looks so yummy. I just went to a hotel and got a cookie, but wish I would have had the option of macaroons instead 🙂 And I appreciate hotels with strong wifi signals.

    • melbtravel says:

      They had me at wine and I felt super comfortable being in the hotel, I would of happily just hang out there all day. I do appreciate good wifi especially because my business is online and we need to keep up with Social media.

  20. Paige W says:

    This definitely does look like a home away from home. I love when you can find a place that makes you feel at home while traveling. It also sounds like it’s in a pretty good location which is amazing. You don’t have to go too far after a day of exploring! I also love that smart control system – that’s genius!

    • melbtravel says:

      I couldn’t work out the control system at first but I think I was just being silly or maybe I had too many wines 🙂 It was a really nice place and I highly recommend it.

  21. Chantell Collins says:

    I want to stay here! I looks divine. I love the idea of not having a “check in guest” and a welcome drink sounds wonderful. I also stopped when I read that there is an Clockless eating & drinking service that is open 24/7. I am in!

    • melbtravel says:

      When I read the clockless eating and drinking on the menu, I asked straight away what it meant. That is when they informed me that it is 24 hour service, I was sold!! It is nice to know I could eat at any time I wanted which is not always the case in other places.

  22. Laura Nalin says:

    This place looks so cute! It sounds like everyone was super kind and attentive – I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to stick around and have another few drinks and relax. I’m dying to get over there 🙂

    • melbtravel says:

      I love Amsterdam there is so much history and interesting things to see and do there. I also love all the canals everything, you can’t stop taking pictures of them

  23. Thirty30Courtney says:

    Sounds heavenly! I stayed in Amsterdam for four nights last summer but shared my time in two hostels. If I ever returned I wouldn’t mind stepping it up and staying at a hotel such as this. I am big on having a great vibe and sometimes hotel atmospheres can be “cold” so I am glad that you felt at home.

  24. Natalie says:

    What a pretty place. We always travel with the kids and haven’t shown them Amsterdam, yet, and it is just so pretty. Fantatsic hotel find!!

  25. Jurga says:

    What a beautiful hotel to stay at in Amsterdam, Mel! And right at the Vondelpark. Bookmarked it as we keep on saying we should go to Amsterdam for a weekend, but somehow always end up doing day trips in the area instead. With a nice hotel like that, I would even consider making it into a long weekend. 🙂

  26. Keri says:

    When you’re travelling from the train station which tram stop do you get off at? Staying here this weekend, loved reading this I’m all excited now!

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