EDRO III Shipwreck Things to do in Paphos Cyprus

15 Historical and Cultural Attractions in Paphos

Paphos, Cyprus has stunning beaches, fascinating historical attractions, and enriching cultural experiences. The harbour city is located in the Mediterranean and is the perfect place to take a winter summer holiday. The weather is a nice temperature, there are fewer crowds and the tourist attractions and historical landmarks are still open. 

From exploring UNESCO sites and eating delicious food to enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean beaches, Paphos has lots of amazing things to do. Here are some of the best cultural activities and historical attractions in Paphos to do all year round.

Paphos Fort one of the top attractions Cyprus

Paphos Fort is one of the top attractions to see

1. Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

One of the top attractions in Paphos is Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This historical site is a must for any history lover and enthusiast. While the site covers a large area the main entrance is located on the harbour near Paphos Castle.

Paphos Archaeological Park area includes ancient ruins such as Roman villas, well-preserved mosaics and the Odeon amphitheatre. It used to be part of an important Ancient Roman and Greek settlement in Cyprus and is one of the best things to do in Paphos.

It is open daily with times differing between winter and summer and is less than 5 euros per person. The best way to get around it is to take a guided tour through Paphos Archaeological Park and learn about this important Cyprus site.

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Here are the main highlights of Paphos Archaeological Park if you only have limited time;

The Roman Odeon is a small amphitheatre dating back to the 2nd Century. Which is still used today for performances in the summer. The Paphos lighthouse is in the background which is a great backdrop for pictures.

Agora (Marketplace) is a historic marketplace that contains the remains of various structures such as columns, shops and public buildings.

The Roman Villas Mosaics in Paphos Archaeological Park are some of the most well-preserved mosaics in Cyprus. The most popular of the villas is the House of Dionysus which contains mosaics of famous battles, gods and goddesses which will take your breath away.

Roman Villa with Mosaics Paphos Cyprus House of Dionysus one of the attractions

House of Dionysus mosaics are one of the most popular things to see inside Paphos

2. Paphos Castle

Next, head to Paphos Fort also known as Paphos Castle located at the end of the Harbor 5 minutes walk from the Archaeological Site entrance. A prominent landmark in Paphos, it was originally a Byzantine fortress built to protect the harbour. Throughout time the fort has been a prison, a salt warehouse during British occupation and a refuge.

Today it is one of Paphos’ top historical attractions to visit and a prominent landmark. During the summer months, it is used as a backdrop for performances by locals for festive gatherings. Go inside the fort and climb onto the ramparts to have panoramic views across the Mediterranean and harbour. It reminded me of the Kasbah Fortress Tunisia with the views.

It is open every day except public holidays and costs less than 3 euros per person.

3. Explore the Tombs of the Kings

The Tombs of the Kings is the top thing to do in Paphos and one of my favourite archaeological sites. They are underground tombs (empty now) that date back to as early as the fourth century BC. Cut into the native sandstone rock along the Mediterranean coastline.

The Tombs are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and despite its name didn’t have a king in them. They were the burial grounds for high ranking officials and members of society. The impressive burying spaces are set within caves and tombs with a distinct Egyptian influence.

Don’t miss out on tomb number three with its Doric columns surrounding its atrium. It is a great spot for your Instagram pictures inside and above. You will need at least a couple of hours at this historical site and you can get there on the 615 bus from the Harbour.  

Tombs of the Kings One of the best things to do Paphos Cyprus.

Wandering around tomb number three activities in Paphos

4. Hike the Aphrodite nature trail

For those wanting to combine adventure with cultural activities, I suggest hiking across the Aphrodite nature trail. Located along the Akamams Peninsula coast about an hour’s drive from the centre of Paphos. Akamam Peninsula is a popular area for hiking with Aphrodite nature trail being the main route.

The Aphrodite nature trail stretches a distance of 7.5 kilometres and should take around 3 hours. The nature trail follows in the footsteps of the goddess Aphrodite and takes you past the Baths of Aphrodite. While the trail is well marked and organised, there are uneven parts with loose stones. It is perfect for hikers and nature lovers.

After the hike have lunch at the Baths of Aphrodite restaurant, located at the entrance of the Akamas trails. Wear good shoes for the uneven ground, I wear Merrell walking shoes which are lightweight and comfortable.

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5. Do a Jeep Safari

Enjoy an adventure on a Jeep Safari seeing some of the top attractions around Paphos like the EDRO III Shipwreck and the Blue Lagoon. The tour is in a 4×4 Land Rover that has an 8-person capacity not including the driver/guide and will pick you up from the hotel 

Our Jeep Safari was an all-day trip that took us to Akamas Peninsula to see the Shipwreck Edro3, Sea Caves, Agios Georgios Harbour and the Kathikas Moundiko Nature Trail. Then after that, we went wine tasting at Vasilikon Winery before going to Minithis Hills Golf Club for lunch.

A Jeep Safari is a popular activity in Paphos to see the attractions and sites outside of the city.

Jeep Safari top activities in Paphos Cyprus

EDRO III Shipwreck from the Jeep Safari

6. Take a day trip to Fyti (Pyti)

Looking for attractions out outside of Paphos, then head to the farming village of Fyti for half a day. Where you will feel like you have stepped back in time. You can wander around and learn about the age old tradition of weaving. Fyti is just a 45 minute drive from Paphos and is located near Paphos Forest

Learn the art of traditional textile weaving handed down by the generations, visit the small folk art museum and purchase some of the colourful patterned products. All before wandering around the narrow cobbled streets and seeing the village fountains. 

7. Episkop Environmental Centre

If you love nature and the outdoors then head to Episkopi Environmental Information Centre. It is located in the Ezousa Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys of Cyprus and just a short drive from Paphos. There is a screening room, an exhibit area with interactive displays, and a lovely botanical garden with a variety of species like frogs.

There’s a viewing point overlooking the stunning Ezousa Valley area, which is great for bird watching.  There is a great introduction film about the Ezousa project worth watching before going eploring. The centre is open every day except Mondays and the last tour for each day begins at 1:15 pm.

Episkopi Environmental Information Centre Paphos Cyprus

Episkopi Environmental Information Centre outdoor activities

8. Experience an authentic Cypriot dinner

If you want a more authentic experience I suggest trying a Cypriot mezza meal. One of the best restaurants in town to experience this is the Konia Tavern (Mr Michalis). They offer an amazing Mezza meal, great local wine and live music with traditional dancing that you can join in on.

Mezza meals consists of an assortment of small dishes like dips, olives and halloumi (fried cheese). Then an assortment of larger dishes that can be meats or seafood before dessert. 

9. Halloumi and Anari Cheese making

If you love cheese and want to immerse yourself in the local culture, visit Eleni Dairy Products. It is a family-owned and run business that makes halloumi, anari and other varieties of cheese, yoghurt and Trahanas (a porridge of flour with yoghurt or sour milk). 

Learn to make Halloumi and Anari cheese hands on, or watch a professional demonstration. Then afterwards try the local cheeses with freshly grown products and fresh bread. Eleni Dairy Products is located in the village of Koili just a short drive from Paphos. It is a great way to support Cypriot businesses in the area and a fun cultural experience.   

Eleni Dairy Cheese Products Koili Village Cyprus

Eleni Dairy Products halloumi making demo

10. Halloumoti (Cheese Pie) Cheese Workshop

After the Halloumi cheese making head to Εργαστήρι Παραδοσιακών Γεύσεων or Traditional Flavors Workshop in English. It is a traditional bakery that sells homemade products and gives cooking class workshops on making bread and Halloumoti (cheese pie).

Watch one of the local ladies make traditional homemade Halloumoti pie before trying some and having a fulfilling homemade lunch. The Halloumoti pie taste is original and lovely. There are tables inside and outside where you can enjoy your delicious Halloumoti and lunch.


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11. Visit St Neophytos Monastery

Take a trip up to St Neophytos Monastery, one of the most well-known in Cyprus. Founded by a recluse monk and writer Neophytos in the 12th century. Saint Neophytos Monastery lies in the territory of the community of Tala, 1 km north of the village, and 9 km west of Paphos.

The Monastery is known for its caves carved in the mountain by the monks, which were used as a place of reclusion (Enkleistra). Inside the caves, you will find some of the finest examples of Byzantine art covering the walls, as well as a small church.

Inside the pretty little Greek Orthodox Church is the body of the Saint in a tiny silver relief casket. Afterwards, go into the shop where you can have a traditional Cyprian coffee and buy locally produced products.

St Neophytos Monastery one of the best places to visit in Paphos Cyprus

Painting inside the St Neophytos Monastery caves

12. Explore Paphos Old Town

Wander through the charming streets of Paphos Old Town before stopping for a Cypriot coffee or wine. Check out the local arts and crafts shops, see the Paphos Street art murals, walk through Kennedy Square and buy products at the local market.

Then finish up at Axiothea Hill viewing point to take in the panoramic views over the city and coast with a drink. ‘The Place’ Cultural Centre is also located in the Paphos Old Town, which you can see at the same time. The 610 connects Kato Paphos harbour to Paphos’s old town and attractions in the city centre. It is only €1.5 per single ticket or €2.5 at night or €5 for a 24-hour ticket.

13. Buy local souvenirs at The Place

One of my favourite things to do in a new city is buy local products to support local businesses. The Place in Paphos Old Town is a shop to go to purchase all your Cyprian souvenirs. It is a cultural centre where you can meet Cypriot craftspeople at work, buy local products and participate in craft workshops.

You can buy various artisan gifts, jewellery, paintings and other traditional products. As well as taste and purchase homemade food, drinks and wine. Plus learn how to make your products in the workshop from the Cypriot craftspeople. The Place is great if you want to give back to the community and support local businesses.

A local artist working at The Place Paphos Cyprus

An artist working at ‘The Pace’ Paphos Old Town

14. Walk along Paphos Harbour

Walk along Paphos Harbour where you’ll find a good selection of restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops. Boats also line the harbour and at the tip is Paphos Castle.

It’s a great place to sit by the ocean, have a drink or some local cuisine while doing some people watching or even watch the sunset. Ta Mpania restaurant along the waterfront is a good spot for drinks and food.  As it is a harbour, most cruise and sailing activities leave here.

15. Take a visit to Aphrodite’s Rock

Visit Aphrodite’s Rock, also known as the Rock of the Roman (Petra tou Romiou). It is the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. According to mythology, Aphrodite emerged from the sea foam near this rock. It is the perfect place to scenic walk along the beach, take in the views and dip your toes in the water.

Aphrodite’s Rock is part of a geological formation of rocks that stand out along the coastline. Tradition also states that swimming around Aphrodite’s rock three times will bless you with fertility, true love, beauty and good luck. However, it is best not to try as the ocean is rough and deep and there are no lifeguards.

It is one of the more popular tourist attractions in Paphos and Larnaca due to its location. One of the best times to visit Aphrodite’s Rock is in the afternoon to watch the sunset. You can get here by public bus but alternatively, do it as a part of a jeep safari.

Aphrodite’s Rock Paphos Top Tourist Spot Cyprus

Aphrodite’s Rock is one of the popular attractions in Paphos

Getting to Paphos Cyprus

Flights to Paphos from the UK

Paphos airport is only a 15 to 30 minutes drive from the city centre and beach resorts. Jet2 offers flights all year round to Paphos from the UK several times a week. I flew from Stansted in February which was only 4 and half hour direct flight.

You can get some great deals on flights from London Stansted Airport with Jet2. Especially if you are planning on taking a winter holiday in the sun. 

Where to stay in Paphos

Constantinou Bros Athena Royal Beach Hotel is an adults-only 5-star hotel. It is located on the beachfront of Pachyammos Beach in Paphos, Cyprus. A pleasant walk along the coastal path, not far away from the harbour and the Paphos attractions.

The hotel has everything you would want from a beach resort, swimming pools, spa facilities, a fitness center and several restaurants and bars. The rooms are spacious and modern designed with luxury and comfort in mind.

Mine had a large balcony with stunning views of the resort and ocean. I enjoyed coming back to the Athena Royal Beach Hotel in the afternooon and watching the sunset from the balcony. It is a great place to stay if you are looking for Winter Sun Holidays that offer great food and beautiful scenery.

Constantinou Bros Athena Royal Beach Hotel Paphos Cyprus

View from the room at Royal Beach Hotel Paphos Cyprus

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