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Jack The Ripper Tour – London England

Jack the Ripper Tours is one of the most popular and famous historical tours based in East London England. With so many myths and stories about who Jack the Ripper was and why he killed so many women, it is something that is weirdly intriguing to a lot of people. Especially because it still remains one of the greatest crime mysteries.

For me personally, I find it fascinating that Jack the Ripper has become a bit of a cult figure.

Best Jack the Ripper Tour London UK History

Best Jack the Ripper Tours

The tours are so popular I can guarantee you that at any given time at night between 8-9 pm, you will come across a tour group within the area of his crimes. One such company that runs these tours is The Jack the Ripper Tour who is considered to be the best by the public on Tripadvisor

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Jack the Ripper Tour Map

About the Jack the Ripper Tour

What makes The Jack the Ripper Tour different from other tours in the area is their approach to telling gruesome stories via a handheld projector known as Ripper-Vision. Their tours are becoming so popular that the tour is run twice daily, 2.30pm and the other 7.30pm.

The handheld projector shines 5ft graphic images upon the dark streets and alleyways of Shoreditch taking you back in time when the streets were gaslight and covered in a layer of fog. 

Some of the images have never been shown before on tours and for a split second, you feel like you can hear the silent footsteps in the shadows as the Ripper hunted his victims.

Jack the Ripper Tour London England - best jack the ripper tour

The Jack The Ripper Tour Team

I always think what makes a great tour is the tour leader themselves and how they can portray the stories being told. All the guides on the tour are Jack the Ripper enthusiasts and all are members of the cloak and dagger club. A theatrical performance team who bring old crime history to life. 

Our guide loved everything about Jack the Ripper and had even written books about who he thinks the killer was. He was so enthusiastic when he spoke that I think it rubbed off on the group, which made it so much more enjoyable.

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Where you walk on a Jack the Ripper Tour

  1. Osborne Street (Scene of murder Emma Smith)
  2. Gunthorpe Street (Scene of murder Matha Tabram)
  3. Frying Pan Pub (The death of Mary Anne Nichols) 
  4. Hanbury Street (Scene of Murder Annie Chapman) 
  5. Wilkes Street 
  6. Dutfield’s yard off Berner Street
  7. The corner of Commercial Street and Fournier Street ( Ten Bells and Christ Church) & 
  8. Mitre Square (Scene of murder Catherine Eddowes)


  • The Frying Pan Pub does not exist anymore, it is now a curry restaurant known as Shaad.

best jack the ripper tour london

What you will see on a Jack the Ripper Tour

Ten Bells and Christ Church

Two of the most iconic places on The Jack the Ripper tour are  The Ten Bells pub and the Christ Church. They are situated on the corner of Commercial Street and Fournier Street opposite Spitalfields Market. 

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Depending on which story you believe The Ten Bells pub is linked to two of the victims of Jack the Ripper, Annie Chapman and Mary Kelly. It is also rumoured that all the victims frequented visited this establishment and perhaps even the Ripper himself. 

Directly across the road from The Ten Bells is Christ Church, an Anglican church built between 1714 and 1729. Christ Church was made more famous by the movie “From Hell” starring John Depp.


  • The tour finishes at Dorset Street which is only a 2min walk to the Ten Bells. So if you wanting the opportunity to go in there for a drink then this is the best time to do it. 
The Ten Bells London England History - jack the ripper tours london
The Ten Bells London -Jack the Ripper

Wilkes Street

If you love history and you want to feel like you have been transported back in time, then you are really going to enjoy visiting Wilkes Street on the tour. Wilkes Street and the adjoining streets like Princelet Street remains practically untouched on the outside since the 18th century.

Wanting to read more on Jack the Ripper

These narrow streets with the Georgian-era houses have miraculously managed to escape modernisation. The streets have become such an iconic landmark that they are used in blockbuster movies such as From Hell and The Women in Black. 


  • There are some great photo opportunities along these streets, however, due to the lighting on the street. The best time to get these photos is in daylight.  

jack the ripper tours london

Where the Jack the Ripper tour starts & finishes

The Jack the Ripper tour meeting point is at exit 3 at Aldgate East Station, near the front of the Whitechapel gallery. And finishes along Dorset Street, where the last Jack the Ripper murder happened. It is about a street away from Spitalfields market and about 5-10 minutes walk to Liverpool Street Station. 

Top Tips about Jack the Ripper Tours

  • It is a walking tour, so remember to wear good walking shoes as you cover a lot of ground. 
  • Also along Dorset Street is Donovan Bros shop front that looks like it is from Jack the Ripper times, 
  •  If you love street food and are looking somewhere for a quick bite before or after the Jack the Ripper tour, then head to Spitalfields market. Spitalfields also have free toilets. 
  • Check out the amazing graffiti artwork that is displayed all through Brick Lane and Spitalfields, if you have extra time.

Graffiti Artwork Brick Lane History Jack the Ripper London England

Additional Information about Jack the Ripper Tours

  • Duration – The tour takes around 1 and 45mins from start to finish point. 
  • Tour Run – Every day at 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm
  • Price – Adult
  • Starting Point- Outside Exit 3 of Aldgate East Station
  • Online Bookings – You can book your tickets online to save time and money. Make sure you print them out before you go.
  • You can check out the other reviews on TripAdvisor for Jack the Ripper Tours
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Where to go for a drink in Spitalfields

If you are looking for somewhere to have a drink afterwards in the Spitalfields area, then  The Golden Heart Public House or William and Cider House are good options. The Golden Heart Public House is across the road from Spitalfields Market and only 5 minutes walk away from your last point on The Jack the Ripper walking tour.

While William and Cider House is down one of the lanes towards Liverpool St Station and only 5minutes walk from the last point on the tour.

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Discover more of England

If you are interested in discovering more about England, or History, feel free to read my following articles. All are great options for groups of friends or family, especially who love the outdoors.

Thank you for reading this article ‘Jack The Ripper Tour Walking Tour – London England’. It is such an interesting tour, especially with the Ripper-Vision.

Have you been on a Jack the Ripper Tour London before? I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below.


Jack the Ripper Tour London England   interest Jack the Ripper London

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Disclaimer: Even though I was a guest of The Jack the Ripper Tour  All views are my own based on my own experience.

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  1. Dana says:

    I love taking tours when I travel, especially historical ones. This tour sounds great. Will keep it in mind for the next time I am in London.

  2. Maggie says:

    This sounds like so much fun! When I was in London, my group did a Charles Dickens tour. I think themed tours, particularly in London, make learning the history so much more fun and easier to understand by narrowing in on one particular period of history. And you’re so right, the tour guide can make or break the tour, so having an enthusiastic guide is so important!

    • Melbtravel says:

      I haven’t heard of the CharlesDickens tour but I will definitely take a look, sounds like fun. I agree with you that themed tours can make learning so much more fun.

  3. Inge says:

    I’ve started to love walking tours more and more over the past year… This tour is one I would definitely do when in London. I like the fact that they’re projecting images with a hand projector. That’s kind of different!

  4. Jane Frith says:

    Part of me thinks this is really ghoulish, but the bigger part knows that I would love this tour! I agree: the tour guide makes or breaks a tour: it can be run of the mill or really memorable. I love the idea of the hand-held projector to bring the tour to life. This really adds a whole new perspective.

  5. Angela says:

    This sounds like such a fun tour! A little creepy which is part of the fun. And I agree the tour guide can make a big difference. We’ve been on a few house tours that could have been better. Adding this for next visit!

  6. Lara Dunning says:

    I so agree with you, the guide makes the tour, and it sounds like you had a guide that was super passionate about Jack the Ripper. I will keep this tour in mind when we go to London!

  7. Astrid Vinje says:

    I think people have a fascination with horrific and violent events. That may be why there’s such a cult following for Jack the Ripper. I do think this sounds like an interesting tour, though. I’ll have to consider it the next time I’m in London.

    • Melbtravel says:

      Dark tourism is something that intrigues me. More for the fact that I wonder why people do the things that they do. I am amazed though how many people do this tour.

  8. leah says:

    I love true crime stories and Jack the Ripper is one of the best, I can’t believe I’ve been to London so many times and never done the tour though! I wonder what made the owner change the pub from the iconic Ten Bells to a curry house though.

    • Melbtravel says:

      I love crime stories to and I am always documentaries about them as well. The pub changed names because it was not making as much money and there was a backlash about changing it. So they changed it back .

  9. kenan says:

    This is an interesting way to explore London’s dark history. I feel sad that it honors a serial killer but it does point out a lot of interesting places to visit in London. Cheers!

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