Hiking Niigata Japan

Hiking Routes of Niigata & Nagano Japan

Japan draws millions of visitors every year to go hiking but locals say there is far more to the country than just hiking in the main tourist areas. The lesser-known areas like Niigata and Nagano have so many amazing hikes that not only involve being outdoors with nature but combines spirituality as well.

Niigata and Nagano Prefectures are located in the Chūbu region of Honshu with Niigata being the fifth-largest prefecture in Japan including the island of Sado. They are both west of Tokyo and roughly 2 and a half hours via train, making it easily accessible to visit both.

Hiking in Niigata and Nagano

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced hiker looking for a day or a couple of hours hike. Here are a few hiking routes around Niigata & Nagano area that can be accessed via train or car:

Rice TerraceTokamachi Niigata Japan

Hiking above the picturesque Rice Terrace, Tokamachi

If you are looking for a medium hike that combines stunning views and getting back to nature then a trip to the rice terrace of Tokamachi is a must. Also known as ‘Tokaichimachi Tanada trek’ is only a couple of hours away from Tokyo city in the Niigata countryside. 

The Rice Terrace of Tokamachi has over 200 plots of varying sized rice fields producing the famous Uonuma Koshihikari Rice. With sweeping views of the nearby mountains covered in a sea of cloud and snow, the various rice fields below look like giant steps carved on the hillside. I can understand why the area attracts thousands of photographers and tourists yearly.

This 19km hike can be done in a day or over two days, depending on how long you want to hike and if want to combine it with other attractions in the area. In the near future, they are planning on opening up more of the area and extending it to a 30km track above the rice fields. This will then become a course for several days depending on your pace and fitness.

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Additional Information for hiking Rice Terrace of Tokamachi 

  • Duration: –  1 to 2 days
  • Please do not enter the rice fields when taking photographs.
  • There is a restroom available at the viewpoint. However, there are more options available at the stations.
hiking Tokamachi Niigata Japan
The viewpoint at Tokamachi Niigata Japan

Location and how to get there

  • Location:Matsushiro District, Tokachimachi City, Niigata
  • Closest Train Stations:Matsudai Station & Tokamachi Station

You can get to the Rice Terrance Tokamach by train and then by either taxi or car rental from either train stations. Matsudai Station is 20mins away and Tokamachi Station is 40mins away.

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Visit Matsudai Nohbutai while in the area

If you have time and are in the area then take a visit to Matsudai Nohbutai, which is only 5 minutes’ walk away from Matsudi station. Matsudai Nohbutai is a field museum that consists of a gallery, restaurant, shops and an observation deck where you can see some of the artwork displayed there.  

Additional Information

  •      Opening Hrs: – 10:00 to 17:00 (last entry at 16:30)
  •      Prices – 500yen per adult, 300yen per child (preschool children and under are free)
  •      Closed – Wednesdays

Hiking Rice Terrance Tokamach Niigata Japan

Osado Ishina Natural Cedar Forest – Sado Island

Situated on the island of Sado 900 meters up in the mountains is the Osado Ishina Natural Cedar Forest. The 200 to 400 year old cedar trees are truly impressive to see and remind me of something straight out of a Lords of Rings movie.

What makes these Himalayan cedar trees different from most are the unusual complex shapes that they have formed into, like branches that resemble mammoth tusks. This endemic species formed this way due to hundreds of years of harsh weather conditions of wind and snow at a high elevation. 

To preserve these majestic cedar trees and to allow tourist to see them, a 650-meter trail has been built with an observation point. The trail has been created to allow anyone young or old to enjoy the area and then to be able to stop and take in the views of the ocean beyond the forest trees.

Here are some good suggestions for day backpacks for walking and hiking, all are reasonably priced. 

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Additional Information for Osado Ishina Natural Cedar Fores

  • Duration: – 1hr to walking around the trail
  • Closed from the beginning of Nov to the beginning of May
  • Make sure that you wear good walking shoes and rainwear as some parts can get slippery

Location and how to get there 

  • Location: – Ishina, Sado Island, Niigata 
  • Closest Train Stations: – There are no trains on Sado Island
  • Closest Port: – Ryotsu Port, 353, Ryotsuminato

The Ishina Cedar Forest is located in the North of Sado Island and can only be reached by car. If you hire a car from the main ferry port Ryotsu then it should take you around a 40 minute drive.

Osado Ishina Natural Cedar Forest Hikiing

Niigata University’s Field Practice hikes – Sado Island

If you are looking for a more challenging, longer hike that makes you feel a little bit like Indiana Jones, then I suggest taking a guided tour through Niigata university’s field practice forest on Sado Island. 

There are 3 different routes you can take, depending on your hiking experience and what you want to see.  You will see various Japanese endemic species cedar trees, like Kongo Sugi or Daiou Sugi and the hikes should take you around 4 to 7 hours to complete. So make sure that you take enough snacks and water.

To preserve the environment in this area and these rare cedar trees, only a limited amount of people can do a hike in Niigata University’s Field Practice Forest. To book one of these guided hikes, you will need to contact the Sado Tourist Information Center in advance.

Additional Information for Niigata University’s Field Hikes

  • Duration: – 4 to 7 hours of hiking time
  • Closed:  from the beginning of Nov to the beginning of May
  • Make sure that you wear good walking shoes as some parts can get slippery. Also good waterproof gear due to harsh weather.

Location and how to get there 

  • Location: – Ryoutsu port at the Aikawa Sotomefukasseika Center  
  • Closest Train Stations: – There are no trains on Sado Island. It’s the starting point of the trekking tour
  • Closest Port: – Ryotsu Port, 353, Ryotsuminato

The meeting point for the guided tour is Aikawa Sotomefukasseika Center at Ryoutsu port, which is where you arrived by Ferry from the mainland of Japan. Then you will reach the forest by car/van, located in the North of Sado Island. 

Osado Ishina Natural Cedar Forest Sado Island Japan

Naena Falls trekking – Myoko Niigata Japan

Enjoy a stunning hike to one of Japan’s top 100 greatest waterfalls in Myoko Niigata. With the autumn colours, Naena Falls (also known as Naenanotaki) was probably one of the most colourful hikes that I have ever done. Everything just popped with colour and it is definitely one to be added to hiking trips in Japan.

Don’t worry if you don’t make it in autumn to see the colours though because Naena Falls is open all year round. At a height of 55 meters, the sounds of massive amounts of water falling down against the rocks can be heard in all directions, giving it the nickname of “Earthquake Waterfalls”.

The distance to the waterfall from the main entrance is around 500 meters and the hike is relatively flat. The only bit that someone may find hard is the climbing of the stairs near the entrance, which is a few levels high. The entrance to the hike is free and should roughly take around 45mins-1hr round trip.

Naena Falls things to do Niigata

Myoko Niigata Additional Information

  •   Duration: – 45 minutes around trip
  •    The best time to go is between June-November (with the beautiful Autumn Foliage)
  •   There are only restrooms available near the entrance of the trail. There are none available along the trail. 

Location and how to get there

  • Location: – Suginozawa, Myoko City Niigata
  • Closest Train Stations:Myokokogen Station

 You can catch a train to Myokokogen Station and then it is only a 15min taxi to Naena Falls entrance. If you are arriving by car there is a free car park available, a few minutes away from the entrance of the trail.

Top Tip

There is a restaurant next to the car park if you want something to eat. However, take a packed lunch and have it at the viewing point where you can watch Naena Falls.

Naena Falls Hike Myoko Japan

Togakushi Shrine Trekking – Nagano

Togakushi Shrine is considered to be one of the most significant sacred places in Japan. Nestled amongst 900 year old cedar trees this place is not only beautiful but it is also famous for soba noodles. The shrine consists of five buildings connected by trails and roadways up to the mountain.

Walking between the shrines is part of a traditional pilgrimage route. However, the most popular route and the one that I completed was the one starting at Okusha Shrine entrance and ending at the upper shrine. Back and forth took a little less than two hours and was a distance of 2kms each way.  

Read More –   Steps to Travelling with a Pacemaker or Defibrillator (ICD)

The walk to the upper shrine was beautiful, especially in the autumn colours. The first bit of the trail is a paved path through a grove of Japanese Red Cryptomeria trees(sugi), before reaching an impressive-looking gate known as the Zuishinmon. Once you pass through the gate, you will be greeted by the towering rows of 400-year-old cedars which are something special.

 Reaching the upper shrine required a healthy stair-step workout that even got my breath going. Just be aware that it might be a challenge for some people. After a small climb up the stairs, you will reach the Upper Shrine, where you can say a prayer.

Togakushi Shrine Nagano Japan Hiking Togakushi Shrine Japan

Togakushi Shrine Additional Information

  •   There are restrooms at the information centre
  •   You are best to catch the bus between shrines, especially if you are short of time.
  •   You need a full day to go here

Try Soba Noddles

Even though soba is produced all over Japan, Togakushi soba buckwheat noodles are considered to be the best in the country. It is a typical Japanese dish and one to try, especially if you are in Togakushi.

Soba noodles used to be a treat for pilgrims and special guests, who were visiting Togahushi and the shrines.

We ate at 手打ち蕎麦 戸隠堂 which translates into Teuchi soba Togakushi-Do and the soba noddles were excellent. 

Location and how to get there

  • Location: – 3506 Togakushi, Nagano-shi, Nagano-ken
  • Closest Train Stations:Nagano Station

 The only way to get to the Togakushi shines is via either car or by public bus. As Nagano station is around 50-70 minutes’ drive away depending on what shrine you want to stop at.

If you want to go by bus, you will need to get a return ticket and take either the Number 70 or 71 from Nagano. If you are driving there is a main car park at the information centre and one at the upper shrine. I think there may be a small fee for the parking.

Soba noodles Things to do in Niigata Nagano Japan

Trains and Boats

One of the most efficient and best ways to get around Japan hiking is via train. If you plan your trip in advance, then you can definitely take advantage of the passes on offer for trains around the country. Here are some of the rail passes for the areas I covered:


You can use the JR East Pass for the Niigata and Nagano area (You can get a discount if you purchase outside of Japan before you arrive).  If you like something a little different, then you can also get the Genbi Shinkansen (known as the Joyful Train). It runs between Echigo Yuzawa and Niigata but you can also use it from Nagaoka to Niigata as well.


If you are using a JR East Pass to travel around Japan and you are wanting to go to Sado Island, then you can obtain a special discount for the Sado Niigata Pass

Hiking on Sado Island Japan

Would I recommend it?

I had an amazing time hiking/trekking around different parts of Niigata and Nagano, Japan, on the mainland and on Sado Island. It is truly a beautiful part of the country with polite people and delicious food. The history behind most of the hikes I found to be interesting and intriguing as well.

All of these hikes and treks you can do as a group or as a family, as most of them suit all levels of fitness.  Not to mention all are accessible via the super-fast trains of Japan or by car.

Remember that you need to get some good Hiking Boots before your next adventure.

Naena Falls trekking - Myoko Niigata Japan

Top Tips for Hiking in Japan

  • Wear appropriate gear for all types of conditions (wet and hot). Layers are best (waterproof jacket, spare socks and hiking boots)       
  • Gaiters are options especially if you are up in the mountains and it is wet.
  • Quick-dry convertible hiking trousers work well. 
  • A 1 Litre bladder bag (Also known as Hydration bladder) or a water bottle sports water bottle will do the trick. 
  • Depending on the time of year you are in Japan carry some sunscreen and a hat
  • There are no toilets along the trail routes but there are some near the starting points. So best to go to the bathroom before you start any of the trails.
  • Make sure that you take water and snacks for the trail hike
  • Most of the trails are marked but best to let someone know where you are going just in case anything happens.

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Basic Japanese phrases you might find useful

The main language spoken in Japan is Japanese; however, a lot of people speak English, especially the younger generation. I learned some basic Japanese words when I was there and it is amazing how far a few words and a smile can get you. 

  • Here are some useful Japanese phrases that you may find useful:
  • Hello: –   Konnichiwa (Kohn-nee-chee-wah)
  • Thank you –  Arigatō. (Ah-REE-gah-tohh)
  • Yes: –  Hai (Hai)
  • No: –   Iie (E-eh)
  • Goodbye: –   Sayōnara (Sah-yohh-nah-rah)
  • Nice to meet you: –  Haji memashite
  • Sorry: –   Gomen nasai (Goh-men-nah-sahy)
  • Excuse me: –  Sumimasen (Soo-mee-mah-SEN)
  • Where is the toilet (Restroom): –  Toire wa dokodesu ka

Suggestive reading Lonely Planet Japanese Phrasebook & Dictionary or Japanese Slanguage: A Fun Visual Guide to Japanese Terms and Phrases


Download google translate to help with saying longer sentences, it helps a lot especially when in the rural areas of Japan without a guide.

Top things to do Sado Island Japan Hiking

Other places to visit in Asia

If you are interested in discovering other places in Asiafeel free to read the following articles. All are great options for travelling with a group of friends or family.

Thank you for reading this article ‘Hiking Routes of Niigata & Nagano Japan’. I hope it helped you to decide what hikes to do while in Japan. Have you been to Niigata or Nagano before or hiking in Japan? I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below.


Hiking Routes of Niigata & Nagano Japan Hiking in Niigata Japan

If you want to take a break from your Adventures or are staying in Tokyo for the day before or after your trip. Then there is plenty to do.

Disclaimer: Even though I was a guest of Niigata Tourism. All views are my own and based on my own experience.

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