Edam Netherlands, A village Preserved in time

Edam Netherlands traditional houses on the canal Things to do

While Edam Netherlands is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Netherlands, it is not to be disregarded for a weekend break exploring the Dutch countryside. Within less than an hour from Netherlands capital Amsterdam, you can be deep in the Dutch countryside in Edam or Broek in Waterland, eating the famous Edam cheese or taking a boat ride through the quaint waterways.

Houses lining the canal in Edam Netherlands - What to do

Reflection on the water -Edam Netherlands

Edam Netherlands – A village Preserved in time

Edam Netherlands forms the municipality of Edam-Volendam and there are approximately 7,380 people that live in the village. Although Edam is known for its cheese, it was once an industrious shipyard and port.

The sailors used to take wheels of Edam cheese with them on their voyages because it was known not to spoil easily and it could be traded for other goods during their travels. These days this adorable village is sweet, charming, full of history, has quirky hotels, and great ambience.

Waterfront Hotel built in traditional Dutch style - edam holland

Hotel along the canal – Edam Village Netherlands

Things to do in Edam Village

Edam is in northwest Netherlands (north Holland) that is best known as the producer and exporter of world-class Edam cheese that is covered in red or yellow wax. The people of Edam have been manufacturing exceptional round Edam cheeses since the 14th century, a time when it was the most popular cheese worldwide, right through to the 18th century.


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Even today, Edam  cheese is highly favoured by many across the globe and stands out for its strong, complex and robust flavours. I even have some in my fridge now in London

Old town building - edam netherlands

To date, this city maintains its old world charm while still evolving with the changing times. The picturesque and serene town of Edam Netherlands, though small in area is blessed with plenty of enriching must-sees such as the St. Nicholas Church, The Edam Museum and The Town Hall, which attract tourists from all over the globe.

Edam Netherlands town hall - things to do in edam

From friendly and cosy al-fresco restaurants and terraces to quaint shopping streets, beautiful waterways, and stunning scenic views, Edam Netherlands is an absolute must-visit.

The weekly cheese market is another crowd puller that brings back memories of the past. Where farmers still bring their cheese by boat and horse to the centre of town.

Bicycle adorned with colourful streamers - what to do in edam

Take a trip to Broek in Waterland

Nestled in the Waterland and Zaan region of North Holland, Broek in Waterland is a peaceful and charming village with lovely wooden houses. Whether you are a nature lover or someone who appreciates history, Broek in Waterland will not disappoint.

reed lined canal boat ride - What to do in Broek in Waterland Netherlands

Along the water in Broek in Waterland Netherlands

Naturally blessed with heart-warming scenic beauty, this picturesque village is considered to be a sight for sore eyes. Known for its cleanliness and old-Dutch feel, the village is popular with travellers, especially from in and around Amsterdam as well as other parts of the world.

Best explored on foot or on guided walking tours, tourists can also choose to discover the many hidden treasures of this small village while cycling or driving. Interestingly, many of the buildings in this village are counted as National Monuments. Some famous landmarks here include the Saint Nicholas church and The Famous House.

Traditional Dutch houses on the waterfront - Broek in Waterland Day trip out of the Netherlands

For those who are interested in other forms of recreation, there are numerous opportunities for camping, electric boat rides, and canoeing. And if you’re in the mood for a little snack, do stop at the quaint food places.


  • Take a boat trip to the charming teahouse, Theetuin Overleek for a spot of lunch or afternoon tea, which you can only get to via boat.
Traditional house on the canal while taking a boat ride - Things to do in the Netherlands

Homes along the canal in Broek in Waterland Netherlands

Make cheese in Beemster

You can’t come all the way to Edam and not try making your own cheese in Beemster known for its ‘stolp’ farms and cheese. The Beemster is the first so-called polder in the Netherlands and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Discover how small family farms use traditional methods to make the famous Beemster cheese. While at the same time, learn how to make your own.

Top Tip

  • The cheese will not be ready for a few weeks, so ask if you can have it sent to you once it’s waxed and ready to eat.
Palaces near Edem Village

A Beemster cow Netherlands

Have Dinner in Fort Resort Beemster

Located in de Beemster, in an old fortress that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list is the Fort Resort Beemster which is a now a luxury Resort and Wellness Spa centre with two lovely restaurants.

I had a 5 course meal for dinner in the Poterne restaurant which not only tasted delicious but looked like little pieces of artwork. Even if you are not staying in the resort, you are more than welcome eat in the restaurant.


If you have the time, book into the Spa for half a day and then enjoy the dinner in the afternoon.

Tuna Meal Edam Netherlands - Where to eat near Edam Fort Resort Beemster


Location and how to get to Edam Village

The closest international airport is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and then it is a quick train ride into central Amsterdam. Edam is 40mins from Amsterdam and will cost you €4.30 one way on a bus.


Best is to buy an OV-Chipcard (€7.50) and adding money to it like an oyster card in London. It will work out cheaper than buying two one-way tickets and it will also save you time.

Getting the Bus

Edam to Broek in Waterland is only a 20minute bus ride and will cost you €2.77 from Edam. The bus from Amsterdam to Edam goes via Broek in Waterland and Volendam.

KLM aeroplane wing over Netherlands

Where to stay Edam Netherlands

L’Auberge Damhotel

We stayed in the quaint and quirky L’Auberge Damhotel in the centre of the village of Edam. Apparently, hotels have been at this same location as early as the 16th century but unlike now, the rooms were let out for overnight stays for diary merchants and not for visitors exploring the village.



Another option is Pillows Anna van den Vondel in Amsterdam 


Top Tips for visiting Edam Netherlands

  • Take a walking tour around the village, if you have time to learn all the quirky facts about the different buildings.
  • Visit the Edam Museum located in a 400-year-old historical residence with a floating cellar which was designed to accommodate changes in water level without destabilizing the structure.
  • You only need a night here and it will most likely only take you half a day to walk around.

Colourful tandem bicycle

  • You can easily see both villages in a day. I would go to Broek in Waterland and then head to Edam for the afternoon.
  • If you are confident with public transport, definitely do it at your own pace and not on a tour.
  • Try to visit during Edam’s Wednesday morning market; it’s held in July and August. 

Canal bridge and building lit up at night

Discover more of Netherlands And Europe

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Panoramic view of houses on the canal

Houses on the canal – Edam Netherlands

Thank you for reading my article ‘Edam Netherlands, A village Preserved in time‘, I hope it helped you to decide what to do in Edam or Broek in Waterland Netherlands. It is such a fun, intriguing village and definitely worth going there for a day or weekend.

Here are some amazing activities that you can book while in  Edam, Netherlands

Have you been to Edam or Broek in Waterland, Netherlands before? Please feel free to share your experience in the comments below or if you know any other places to see while in the area?


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  1. As someone who loves cheese, I would definitely be down for visiting Edam. All in all, I have heard so many good things about the Dutch countryside that it isn’t hard to convince me. These photos are very impressive though. And its sounds very easy to get to from Amsterdam.

    1. I love cheese too, I think it is definitely my weakness in life. Edam is super easy to get to and definitely worth a weekend trip away. Thanks in regards to my pictures too

  2. I didn’t know Edam was actually a place. But in Norway, the Edamer cheese is really famous and people love it! This little village looks so cute like it is just out of a fairytale book. I haven’t been to the Netherlands at all but would love to check out places like Edam. I just love those cute buildings 😀

    1. I love Edam cheese too and you should definitely visit the village if you go over to Netherlands. It is such a charming village and it was nice exploring and buying cheese.

  3. This looks like such a charming village through your pictures & words. I have to be honest, I had never heard of Edam before now. Definitely keen to add it to my Netherlands bucketlist

  4. I went here years ago on a brief tour but l was always keen to go back and spend longer. Your post has definitely made want to go even more now. I love farmers markets so would be keen to go on a Wednesday if possible. My problem would be buying to much cheese

  5. I’m a huge fan of Edam cheese & I didn’t realise it was place so close to Amsterdam. My missus would be keen for a weekend here. Nice pictures

  6. I love love love your pictures Mel & I always enjoy reading your posts. They always make me want to travel. Edam has now been added to my list especially because it’s beautiful, has cheese and it’s super easy to get too.

  7. Oh my gosh. This looks so perfectly cozy and quaint! I would love to take the walking tour and learn all about the history here. Sounds like a wonderful place for a weekend trip! It certainly has maintained that old world charm.

  8. OMG! Edam looks so adorable! This is exactly like Amsterdam, but as you say, looks like its frozen a few decades ago!!! Esp the first pic with the reflection, looks exactly like Nyhavn but with a period filter! Lolz!
    Hope I’ll get to visit here and ofcourse buy loads of Edam cheese!

    1. The reflection looked exactly like this I promise, it was like that everywhere you walked. I definitely recommend taking a visit there if you get a chance, you would especially enjoy the history.

  9. What an adorable little town. I have Netherlands on my list and I am going to bookmark this. A town less than 10K are the type of places I love exploring. I’ll definitely be taking the walking tour 🙂

  10. I am a cheesy person.. ha ha.. Jokes apart I would certainly love to visit this village. Apart from cheesy motivation the village itself looks like a movie set. Flawless and picture perfect!

  11. Wow I have never seen a more charming village. Seriously, scrolling through your blog is like flipping through the pages of a fairy tale book. It does feel like you’re being transported back into a different era.

  12. Wow your pictures are stunning – this place is a picture perfect village! Would love to explore the villages of Netherlands, I have never been! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I spent the whole week in the Netherlands travelling to different parts and I just loved everything about it. The food is great and the people were so nice. Definitely, recommend visiting Edam for a half a day.

  13. I visited Edam a few years back and thought it was really quaint. I have to say though, your pictures make me want to go back. You have beautifully captured the essence of the town, say better than I ever managed to

  14. You have found the home of the best cheese in the world! Really i pressed to read that there are so many outdoor activities to do there as well. We are really keen to do the walking tour and learn about this little hidden gem.

    1. I love cheese as well and this is definitely worth a visit out of Amsterdam. You can even learn how to make cheese when you are there. I had a walking tour and I was surprised at how much history the place had.

    1. It was a really pretty and charming village and so was Broek in Waterland which is also where I took some of the pictures. Definitely, visit if you ever get the chance to see it.

  15. OMG that is the cutest little town I ever did see! I wish I had known about it when I visited Amsterdam last year!! Obsessed with the preservation of such a cute, quaint city.

  16. Gosh how come I never knew about such a gorgeous place so near to Amsterdam. Being a history & nature lover, I am sure this place will be a hit for me!! I like to old Dutch houses, the architecture and the museum in the 400 year old house – thats fascinating!! Thanks for sharing!!

  17. I’ve only been to Netherlands once (to Amsterdam) but I’d love to go back and explore this place! I love charming cities like this! That first photo with the reflection of the houses in the water is stunning!

  18. Edam looks like such a charming village and I love the waterside location. I’d definitely like to visit to taste the Edam cheese!

  19. Visited with family in September 2017. We are from US but have family in Monnikendam, Oosthuizen and Stadshanaal. I enjoyed visiting your country and hope I can return soon! Edam and Volendam are truly wonderful places.

  20. Edam is So quaint and very dutch! I’d never have thought to visit here so thanks for the tips. A walking tour sounds fab and I’d definitely be up for trying some dutch edam at the cheese market!

  21. I was going to visit Edam when I passed through Benelux but never did. After reading this I wish I had made the trip! I would love to visit when the market is on during July and August. I guess anytime is perfect for photography, I love your reflection shot and the classic Dutch bike shot.

  22. This is a great article! Finally, something different to read about The Netherlands than just Amsterdam. There is so much more to explore 😉 Tweeted your article!

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