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Hip Hideouts Val d’Isère France – When luxury & Skiing Combine

Anyone who knows me knows that I love skiing and most of the time I [...]

The perfect start to the season Val d’Isère Ski Resort France

It is a pretty good estimate that if you mention  Val d’Isere to a British [...]

Meeting Santa for the day in Winter Wonderland Lapland

Have you ever had one of those bucket list items that you thought you were never going [...]

Podere Benintendi, a Villa that won’t break the budget Tuscany

It is easy to get caught up in the moment when in Tuscany, especially when [...]

Le Relais Saint-Michel – A Room With A View

A comment was once made to me by a passing traveller which has always stuck [...]

24 hours in Lisbon: A food lover’s guide, Portugal

If you’ve never been to Lisbon before, you’re in for a treat. Fertile soils, easy [...]

Terezin Concentration Camp, Czech Republic

Visiting Terezin Concentration Camp was eye opening and worth seeing. The Czech Republic is renowned [...]

What fairy tales are made of Hohenzollern Castle, Germany

As I stepped off the train at Hechingen Station and saw Hohenzollern Castle in the [...]

“Enter if you DARE!!!” – Catacombs of Paris France

I have always loved venturing to out of the ordinary tourist attractions (especially spooky ones) [...]

B&B Hotel Stuttgart-City Stuttgart, Germany

B&B Hotel Stuttgart-City Clean and Practical hotel I stayed in the B&B Hotel for a [...]

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