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Best Night Markets to Visit in Taiwan

Taiwan is known for its delicious street food and drinks, you can try anything from beef noodle soup to its flavoured teas like bubble tea. The Taiwanese have an amazing variety and what better way to try all of these different types of food and drinks than a visit to the colourful night markets. Here are some of the best night markets to visit in Taiwan.

The concept of the night market traces its roots back to the medieval Chinese Tang dynasty. Night markets (or night bazaars) are street markets that are typically open-air markets. You can generally stroll around leisurely, eating, drinking and shopping.

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Night Markets in Taiwan

Here are some of my favourite night markets in Taiwan and what to try when you are there.

Highlights of street food in Taiwan

1. Luodong Night Market – Yilan 羅東夜市

Located in Luodong Township, Yilan County, and only 0.2 miles from the Main Station is the Luodong Night Market. It is considered to be one of the biggest and most crowded night markets in Taiwan. It is a great place for food lovers, as there were loads of food stalls and so many choices around every corner. 

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The best part is that it is feasible to get here if you are staying in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. There are various transportation methods that can be used like cars, buses, trains or even taxis. If you come by car there is a multi-storey car park near the Luodong Night Market’s entrance to accommodate the crowds. If you take a bus, for example, it is around an hour, it really depends on your budget.

It has everything from local food/snacks, drinks, fashion shops and even games to keep the children entertained. Some of the local popular dishes to try at Luodong night market are milkfish soup, mutton soup, spring onion pancake or even smoked duck. 

Mutton soup What to eat at the night markets Taiwan
Mutton soup – Luodong Night Market

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Additional Info:

  • Location: 265, Taiwan, Yilan County, Luodong Township, Xingdong Road
  • Opening hrs – 3pm – 12am

Tip for visiting Luodong

  • There is a free city bus, which runs every 30 minutes or so around Luodong. However, the route maps are only in Chinese.

2. Day option with cooking lessonsMorning Market Yilan with Leo

If you are wanting to explore a market during the day and want to learn about authentic Taiwanese food, then I highly recommended doing the Morning Market Yilan tour with Leo. You get to learn a lot about Taiwanese food while at the same time, meeting lots of local vendors.

This was one of my favourite tours while I was in Yilan county Leo and his wife were amazing hosts and I even got to meet their newest member, who was adorable.  

The best Taiwanese markets to visit
Meeting local vendors at the

3. Dongdamen Night Market – Hualien  東大門夜市

The Dongdamen ( also known as Dongdaemun) Night Market is a night market in Hualien City. In English Dongdamen means east gate and due to the location of the night market being on the eastern edge of Hualien City.

Apart from the usual stalls of food and drinks, there was an undercover area with lots of tables and some entertainment where you were able to sit down and enjoy your food. I also saw lots of toilets but like most markets, there were large lines to use them. I loved this market a lot and it reminded me of Christmas markets in Europe with its big arch gates.

Here is where I also learnt that cocktails don’t necessarily have alcohol in them, it just means mixed drinks with fruit. Why don’t you try some of the cool and creative teas to cool down your evening, like mango tea. If it is food that you are looking for, how about fried chicken or succulent pork sausages. 

Additional Info:

  • Location: No. 50, Zhongshan Road, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan 970
  • Opening hrs – 6pm – 12am


  • It was really really busy here and I could see that there was not much parking available. I also didn’t see cash machines, so best to get it out before you go.

Green tea

4. Hualien City Old Railroad Pedestrian or Old Railroad Pedestrian Zone

Sometimes called Hualien City old railroad pedestrian or old railroad pedestrian zone. This is not really a night market but a great area that has stalls and shops along it, as well as nice restaurants and bars. It is located on the tracks at the western edge of Hualien City’s downtown triangular shopping district.

Hualien City’s Old Railroad was a section of the old Hualien line, which once passed through the city. However, when a new line was put in place the route was changed out of the city. The old railway area became empty space, so it was changed into a pedestrian zone. The area has lots of small souvenir and handicraft shops, which are great for visitors, especially if you are in town seeing Taroko Gorge. Or exploring any of the other great outdoor things to do in Hualien 

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You can also visit this place during the day but I think it is better in the afternoon, especially when the bars and restaurants open and the trees are all lit up. One of the things to try in the restaurants while here is fish ball soup. 

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Top Tip

  • If you are looking for a drink there were a few pubs in the area that definitely look worth a visit. However, they didn’t open until after 7pm.
Fish Ball Soup Taiwan
Fish Ball Soup Taiwan

5. Kenting Night Market 垦丁大街

After a day of enjoying water sports or exploring the beautiful Kenting coast, head down to the vibrant Kenting Night Market for some fun and to enjoy some must-try street food. The main difference with this one than all the others is that it is along the main street and it definitely has the relaxed beach vibe. 

Apart from your traditional stalls that sold things like grilled squid, I noticed here that they had a few western stalls too that sold things like Pizza. Kenting night market was also a good spot if you like seafood and enjoy going to bars, as there was plenty of choices. 

Additional Info:

  • Location: 946, Taiwan, Pingtung County, Hengchun Township, 墾丁路海濱巷5號
  • Opening hrs – 3pm – 12am.

Where to have a drink afterwards

If you like cocktails especially Gin based and are looking for somewhere for a drink after the Night Market, then head to the Hidden Star which is on the main street where the Night Market is held.  

Cocktail Hidden Star Kenting Taiwan

6. Garden Night Market – Tanian 花園夜市 

The Tainan Flower Night Market (or also known as The Hua Yuan Ye Shi)  is a tourism night market based in Tainan city. There is plenty of car parking in the area as the night market is on a large plot of land that is right next to a parking lot. Not only was there a large selection of food and drinks to try there are also craft stalls and electrical stalls. 

Tainan is renowned for its Beef soup, which was invented in the 1980’s, you can have it on its own or with noodles. You definitely have to give it a try, especially if you like red meat. If you don’t like meat and you are feeling daring enough, then how about the stinky tofu?

Tainan, the former capital of Taiwan, read more on the Historical sites to see while in the city.

Additional Info:

  • Location: No. 533號, Section 3, Hai’an Road, North District, Tainan City, Taiwan 704
  • Opening hrs – 5pm – 12am (Closed Fridays, Mondays & Tuesdays)
Beef Noodle soup food at the night markets taiwan
Beef noodle soup at night markets

What to try at the Night Markets

There are so many yummy options for local food and drinks to try that it’s often difficult for people to choose what to have. Below is some Taiwanese cuisine to try at the night markets:

Bubble tea

Bubble tea (also known as pearl milk tea, bubble milk tea, or boba) is a very sweet Taiwanese tea-based drink. It is a concoction of milk powder, ice cubes, sugarcane syrup, and boiled tapioca balls. Don’t worry if don’t try it at the market because the drink is so popular that you can literally try it everywhere.

Gua Bao (also known as Pork belly bun)

One of my favourites was Gua Bao (also known as Pork belly bun). It is a super soft bun filled with cuts of local meat, sour fried mustard green and fresh coriander leaves. Gua means cut-open bun in Taiwanese.

Stinky tofu

If you can handle the smell and you are feeling adventurous then you have to try the very popular Stinky tofu. It is a Chinese form of fermented tofu that has a very strong odour. It is so strong that you can even smell it a couple of stalls away. Personally I couldn’t try it but I hear (from more than one local) that if you can get past the smell Stinky tofu tastes really amazing

Oyster omelette

One of the most famous street foods in Taiwan is an oyster omelette (also known as a Teochew omelette). If you don’t want to try one, watch how they make so many at one time as it is really interesting. 

oyster omelette food at the night market Taiwan
Yummy oyster omelette at Night Markets

Tips and Information before visiting a night market in Taiwan

  • Most places take cash and not bank cards, best to get some money out before you go.
  • Have 24hr access to the internet to keep update with maps and things to do while in Taiwan. You can purchase a 4G Sim in advance and pick it up at the airport in Taiwan when you arrive.
  • The currency used within Taiwan is the Taiwanese dollar
  • Night markets get very busy in Taiwan, so if you don’t have a local sim card to make a call, arrange a meeting point if you get lost. 
  • There is usually very limited parking, so I suggest taking a taxi or local transport.
  • Carry a water bottle to keep you hydrated, especially during the humid months.

⇒  I used Lonely Planet Taiwan (Travel Guide) Paperback, as a reference while travelling around the country for a month.

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Basic Mandarin phrases you might find useful

The main languages spoken in Taiwan, especially at the night markets are Chinese and Taiwanese. Mostly the older generation will speak Taiwanese while the younger generation prefers to speak Chinese. English is not frequently used by the locals.

Useful phrases

The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese and I learnt some basic Chinese words when I was there. It is amazing how far a few basic words and a smile can get you.  Here are some useful Mandarin phrases that you may find useful:

  • Hello = ni hau 你好
  • Yes = shr 是
  • No = bu shr 不是
  • Please = ching 請
  • Thank you = shie shie 謝謝
  • Excuse me = duei bu chi 對不起
  • You’re welcome = bu yung shie 不客氣
  • Where is the bathroom? = xǐshǒujiān zài nǎli  洗手间在哪里  (Literally means Restroom/Bathroom/Toilet At Where?)

Top Tip

Download google translate to help with saying longer sentences while at the night markets in Taiwan. It helped me a lot especially when I was on my own and not with a guide.   

Night Markets

Other places to visit in Asia

If you are interested in discovering other places in Asia, feel free to read my following articles. All are great options for travelling with a group of friends or family.

⇒  The climate in Taiwan during Aug-Sept is tropical, best to wear good light walking shoes

Thank you for reading this article ‘Best Night Markets to visit in Taiwan’. I hope it helped you to decide what night markets to visit while in Taiwan.


What to eat at the Taiwanese night markets Best night markets in Taiwan

Who loves night markets or even Taiwanese food? I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

Disclaimer: Even though I was there with Taiwan Tourism UK.  All views are my own and based on my own experience.

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16 thoughts on “Best Night Markets to Visit in Taiwan

  1. Michael Hodgson says:

    We just LOVE night markets in Asia … and these look amazing. I think for us our favorite would be the Dongdamen Night Market and not just because of the big gates or food scene. And you just taught us something — seen this word before and had no idea Dongdamen meant east gate. Great tip on getting money BEFORE entering the crowded markets.

    • Melbtravel says:

      Me too, I loved to try everything in the markets. I enjoyed the food the most in Dongdamen Night Market the most, especially the seafood and the chicken.

  2. Jenn and Ed Coleman says:

    I love the unknown with night markets. You never know what you’re going to find. A pork bun and some bubble tea would make any night of shopping complete.

  3. Sage Scott says:

    While I don’t know much about this part of the world, I feel like I know the most about the night markets. I’m not sure if that’s because everyone who speaks about them makes them sound so delicious, or if it’s because they’re truly one of the most remarkable things to do in Taiwan. Either way, it would be fun to visit a night market first hand!

    • Melbtravel says:

      Taiwan is known for its food and no surprise as it was very yummy. There are so many night markets and it was a lot of fun visiting them and trying evereything out. I hope that you get there one day.

  4. Jane Frith says:

    These look so colourful and lively. I loved visiting the night markets in China and from your account am sure Taiwan would be a wonderful experience also. The streetfood looks delicious, although I must admit, I have never been able to get on with bubble tea! Not tried Stinky Tofu, but would certainly give it a go.

    • Melbtravel says:

      I reckon I would like to visit the night markets in China too. They sound so very interesting. I have to admit to you that the bubble tea was to sweet for me but I can see what people like it so much.

  5. Delphine says:

    Night markets have such a great vibe! I remember I enjoyed the street market in hong Kong very much. It was very atmospheric and the food was delicious. Thank you for the tip about the lack of ATMs, it would be so disappointing to turn up and have no money!

    • Melbtravel says:

      I think one of my first experiences of night markets were in Hong Kong too. I really do like going to them and trying all the food. I also like to wander around and see what people are eating.

  6. Mohana Das says:

    Such eclectic and vibrant fare, all throughout! The food looks absolutely delicious. It was lovely to learn about the oft required Mandarin phrases. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Melbtravel says:

      The food was just so yummy and colourful. It was a lot of fun trying all the different types of food and looking around. It was also cool watching everyone. I hope that you get to go there.

    • Melbtravel says:

      Suzanne you would love these markets they were so much fun and you could wander around for hours. People are friendly too so everyone always want to say hi.

  7. Lara Dunning says:

    I would totally want to sign up for the Morning Market Yilan so I could learn more about the food and flavors. I feel so at a loss when it comes to understanding the ingredients and flavors of Asian cuisine. Not sure I’d want to try an oyster omelet, but I definitely want to watch one being made.

    • Melbtravel says:

      The morning market was my favourite and Leo the guy that runs it, is really amazing and so is his wife. Everyone wants to talk to you and it was so interesting to learn about their food tradition.

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