St Moritz Ski Resort Switzerland

The Best Guide to Engadin St Moritz Ski Resort Switzerland

It is difficult not to be impressed with the picturesque Engadin St Moritz Ski Resort Switzerland. You can see why both royalty and some of the worlds elite choose to come here for their winter holidays. It contains luxurious 5-star hotels that look like palaces, hosts some of the most prestigious events. As well as world-class skiing on over 350kms of ski slopes and an array of non-ski activities.

Snow covered ski chalets in the Swiss Alps
The view from my private balcony at Hotel Nira Alpina – Engadin St Moritz Switzerland

St Moritz Ski Resort

It is hard to believe that it has been 150 years since winter tourism was initiated in Engadin St Moritz Switzerland and it is still considered to be one of the worlds best all-round Ski resortsAs I got off the snow train from Davos I knew straight away that it was in a resort like no other, especially as my transfer was a BMW Sports car and another transfer vehicle at the train station was a Rolls Royce!

However, there was so much more to this beautiful winter resort and I could not wait to explore during my 4 days here.

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Snowy view of Palace Hotel
Badrutt’s Palace Hotel on Lake St Moritz- Engadin St Moritz Switzerland

Engadin St Moritz Ski Resort

Engadin St Moritz Ski Resort is a fabulous place for both skiers and non-skiers with an endless list of activities and events during the winter period. From being a spectator at the ice cricket with some of the worlds best cricketers, watching the horse-racing on lake St Moritz or taking a Toboggan on Muottas Muragl mountain, you are really spoilt for choice. 

Most of the skiing in Engadin St Moritz is divided across two main mountains with 4 Main Ski Areas and 5 other smaller areas that cover over 350kms of piste runs. Some of these areas are connected via lifts, while others you can get to via the local bus. It really depends on the area that you want to be in and what you are doing.

Race horses vie for position in St Moritz's famous horse race on the snow
ENGADIN ST. MORITZ – White Turf St. Moritz: The famous international horse races taking place on the frozen Lake St. Moritz Copyright by ENGADIN St. Moritz By-line: Mettler

I was supposed to do a Snow Safari with my guide John Webster, unfortunately, due to bad weather conditions the chairlifts were closed and my skiing was limited. We did, however, start off in the Corvatsch ski area until it was shut down due to the wind. So we headed over to the Corviglia mountain where both the St.Moritz Dorf-Chantarella & Chantarella-Corviglia trains were open.

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MelB selfie in ski gear on the snowy slopes of St Moritz
A selfie on the Corviglia mountain – Engadin St Moritz Ski Resort

Ski Runs & Pass

Engadin St Moritz Ski passes are really flexible, you can get a lift pass for the individual areas, as well as Full-day, half-day, morning and afternoon, passes. There are 4 Main Ski Areas Corvatsch / Diavolezza (Lagalb)/ Corviglia (Piz Nair) / Zuoz and 5 other smaller areas, Samedan / Pontresina (Languard)/ Maloja / La Punt / S-chanf

It really depends on your experience, comfort, budget or the activity that you may be doing. St Moritz ski passes will be in Swiss Franc

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Top Tip

  • Children under the age of 6 years can travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult, depending on the area.

Overview of the St Moritz Ski Area

  • 4 Main Ski Areas – Corvatsch / Diavolezza (Lagalb)/ Corviglia (Piz Nair) / Zuoz
  • 5 other small special areas ( Samedan / Pontresina (Languard)/ Maloja / La Punt / S-chanf
  • 57 lifts 
  • 82 ski slopes
  • 350km (217 miles)
  • Toboggan on Muottas Muragl Mountain
  • 3 SnowParks – Geschlossen / Offen x 2

Head skis standing in the snow with St Moritz in the background

Visit the Olympia Bobsled & Cresta Run

It is not a trip to Engadin St Moritz Ski Resort without visiting the world famous Olympic Bobsled track (or Cresta Run) that has staged events for two Olympic Winter Games. It is the oldest bobsleigh track in the world and the last remaining natural ice track in existence. The Cresta is the original and infamously men-only home of the skeleton. Women have not been allowed to compete on the Cresta course since 1929.

With speeds of up to 130km/h (80mph) and the centrifugal force of 4.5 G this looked like the ultimate adventure ride. If you are game enough and up for a 75-second adrenalin rush then you can take a guest ride on St. Moritz’s bob track. You will go down the track in a four-man bob and sit in the middle with a professional pilot in front and brakeman at the back.

Chinese Olympic Athlete taking off for a skeleton training run
Chinese Olympic skeleton athlete training – Engadin St Moritz Ski Resort

I would have loved to have tried this but the Chinese women’s team was training for the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics at the time. I was in awe watching these ladies and impressed at how fast they went flying down the track. It must take a lot of courage to go head first down that track.

Additional Information

  • Cost – CHF 250- per person
  • Track Walks: – CHF 200.- (10-15 people) approx. 1 hour
  • Free to watch from the start of the course
  • Season: – Starts Mid December – Ends early March
  • The minimum Age: – 18

Make sure that have the right camera for taking all those action shots of people zooming down the Bobsled.


Take a Tour and Whisky Tasting at Devil’s Place

My tastes have definitely changed and refined as I have gotten older and one such thing I enjoy now is a good glass of whisky on ice. If you are a Whisky lover then Devil’s Place, at the Waldhaus is the place you want to visit. With over 2,500 different kinds of whisky, it is the largest selection in the world and has gained a place in the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’.

The hotel Waldhaus has recently built a new whisky display area too, so you can admire most of the collection while you enjoy a drink. If you are up for it, Devils Place also offers a variety of whisky tasting depending on your budget and tastes. They even have a 22,000 CHF bottle of Whisky on display.

Waldhaus Tasting

  • Small      (x4)    45  CHF
  • Large      (x5)     65 CHF
  • Deluxe    (x6)    90 CHF

Top Tip:

  • See if you are able to go down to the whisky cellar which also houses some of this impressive collection
Outside Hotel Waldhaus
Hotel Waldhaus on Lake St Moritz

Resort Location & How to get there


The closest international airport to Engadin St Moritz Ski Resort is Zurich International Airportwhich is roughly around a 3-hour drive in good weather conditions.

There is a smaller airport Samedan Engadin Airport only 10 minutes drive to St Moritz. But it is only for private jets and helicopter transfers.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Please make sure to have your Face Mask and Hand Sanitiser where required before travelling. #Travelsafe 

Top Tip

  • Check with the airline that you are travelling with because some of them allow you to check your skis on the plane for free.


There are numerous ways of getting to Engadin St Moritz Ski Resort like trains, private transfer, shared transfer or hire a car . But the best and most cost-effective way to get is via train. This should take you around 3 and half hours from the Zurich Aiport.

The standard Train as follows:

  • Zurich Airport →  Zurich Central Station → Chur (You change onto the Snowtrain)→ St Moritz

If you have ever caught a train in Switzerland you know that they are always on time and are efficient. And also, I personally think one of the prettiest train rides.

Top Tip

  • You can keep track of the trains and platforms using the SBS train app
View of arched bridge and snow covered trees from the train window
A train ride through the Swiss Alps

Accommodation in St Moritz

No question about it St Moritz Ski Resort has some of the most prestigious 5 star hotels in the world like Badrutts Palace Hotel and the Kulm Hotel. However, there is also a large variety of other types of accommodation that are available from chalets, apartments and even hostels. There is definitely something for everyone with any type of budget.

Hotels in Switzerland use two different types of plugs for electrical equipment. Plug type C (which has two round pins) and type J ( which has three round pins).

View of the snow covered Swiss Alps from the indoor pool at the Palace Hotel
The view from the Palace Hotel indoor pool – Engadin St Moritz Ski Resort

Hotel Nira Alpina

I stayed at the Hotel Nira Alpina a stunning ski-in and ski-out contemporary hotel, located at the foot of the Corvatsch mountain and adjacent to the Corvatsch cable car. With views of the Engadin Mountains, some would say it is in one of the best skiing locations in the Engadin. 

I had a luxury modern room with floor-to-ceiling window that opened onto a private corner balcony, I loved waking up in the morning and having the mountains as my backdrop. The hotel also had a spa that includes a sauna, a well-equipped gym, a bakery and 3 restaurants as well as a rooftop bar.

I enjoyed coming back in the afternoon and having a relaxing drink at the rooftop bar with the panoramic views over Lake Sivaplana. Whether you are skiing or enjoying a summer holiday hiking in the mountains, Hotel Nira Alpina Switzerland is a great place to stay.

Check the current availability of accommodation for the St Moritz Switzerland area.

Top Tip

  • Children are only allowed in the spa area up to 5.30pm and then it is adults only. 
  • The hotel provides a kids club for children over 3 years 
  • Guests staying 2 nights or more get reduced ski passes directly at the hotel during the winter season.
Accomodation in St Moritz Switzerland
Fabulous top floor bar with its panoramic lake views at Hotel Nira Alpina

Top Tips for the St Moritz Ski Resort

  • You can take a train from Engadin St Moritz Ski Resort to Davos Ski Resort, which is only 1hr and 28minutes. If you wanted to spend a few days in each resort and basically having the best of both worlds. Skiing in two amazing Ski resorts.
  • Check with your hotel to see if they are doing any deals with ski passes, as sometimes you can get a ski pass for half the price than if you buy it on the day.
  • When walking around St Moritz, make sure to wear good shoes for walking in the snow, so you don’t slip.
  • Have a fondue at The hotel Waldhaus and take in the stunning views of Lake St Moritz
  • A free shuttle bus provides links between Silvaplana, Surlej and Corvatsch. The Corvatsch ski area is linked to St. Moritz’s Corviglia by a 2.5 miles ski run.
  • Beware when booking a hotel, as the resort is divided into three separate villages which are spread out.
Outside of the amazing Kempinski Grand Hotel
Kempinski Grand Hotel – St Moritz

Other Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Discover other Ski Resorts in Switzerland, then feel free to read the following. All are great options for ski holidays.

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Thank you for reading this article ‘The Best Guide to Engadin St Moritz Ski Resort Switzerland’, I hope it helped you to decide where to go for your next Ski Trip. Engadin St Moritz Ski Resort is truly a beautiful Swiss ski resort.

ENGADIN ST. MORITZ – Panorama Muottas Muragl Copyright by ENGADIN St. Moritz By-line: Sonderegger

Have you been to Engadin St Moritz Ski Resort before? I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below.

Staying in Zurich before or after your ski holiday, then there is plenty of activities to do while in the city.


The Best Guide to Engadin St Moritz Ski Resort, Switzerland

Feeling adventurous, here are some of the other amazing activities you can book in St Moritz Ski Resort

Disclaimer: Even though I was working with the  Switzerland Tourism UK and Engadin St Moritz Tourism office  All views are my own and based on my own experience.



Highlights in Engadin St Moritz ski resort, Switzerland

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    My husband loves to ski (but I don’t) so he would love to go to the luxurious Engadin St. Moritz Ski Resort in Switzerland. I am sure he would not opt for the Rolls Royce but take the BMW sports car, too. While he goes skiing, I will soak in all that beautiful scenery! Spectacular.

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    I don’t do skiing but St. Moritz resort looks worth visiting. As this resort is situated in picturesque surrounding , I would love to take a tour of this place. Horse race on frozen lake … wow … never heard of this but must be so beautiful thing to see in person. I would also love to take a train ride as you have said, they are always on time and are very efficient to travel.

    • Melbtravel
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      You definitely don’t have to ski to come to St Moritz, it is an all-around resort for non-skiers. I saw a lot of people there that didn’t even ski they shopped, enjoyed the view and champagne.

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    Those train views seem to be beyond jaw-dropping Mel. I’d train in and IG my way through the entire trip. Warm weather guy here but Switzerland is one country begging me to break my habit of living in the tropics.

    Signing off from Thailand 🙂


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      I totally agree with you and I did actually took hundreds of photos while on the train. At one point I needed to stop because I think everyone was staring at me. I do love the view from the swiss trains.

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    St Moritz looks like my kind of place! The scenery looks amazing and the slopes look great. I love the view from Hotel Nira Alpina – just being inside looking out at the falling snow would be wonderful. This is going to be my next skiing vacation!

    • Melbtravel
      Melbtravel says:

      As soon I got off the train I was taking photos and it was night time, such a pretty place. Hotel Nira Alpina was so nice and my favourite part was waking up to the view and then fresh breakfast.

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    St Moritz Ski Resort seems like a perfect place to every winter lover! I prefer nice beach and sun but this place looks amazing! The views from the top are just incredible! And the whiskey tasting seems great as well, I don’t really do any winter sports so you would probably find me there 🙂 Switzerland is an amazing country, I cant wait to visit!

  6. Avatar
    Rachelle says:

    I’m convinced that you can plop yourself pretty much anywhere in Switzerland during the winter and you’d find yourself in a picturesque fairytale land, and Engadin is no exception! What a beautiful location. I can’t believe that they host a horse race on the frozen lake! That’s so crazy and awesome and nerve-wracking all at once! I love that you can visit the bobsled run! We have one here in Salt Lake City, but there’s no way it’s all a natural ice track that the one you saw!

    • Melbtravel
      Melbtravel says:

      I totally agree Switzerland is such a beautiful place and it is hard to think of it any other way. I would love to see the horse racing or the cricket on ice I think that would be amazing.

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    I couldn’t argue with your opening statement – I was just about to say that this resort is magical. The view from your balcony looks like it’s something out of a fairy tale book. But no real. It doesn’t look real. I need to go here especially because I have the Swiss Alps in my travel bucket list!

  8. Avatar
    Ella says:

    Wow. A winter wonderland! Switzerland will always have a special place in my heart. In high school, I spent 4 months studying abroad in this country and the school would take us every Wednesday and Sunday to ski resorts all over the country. It was the most amazing experience of my life! Your pictures are fantastic – it truly captures the magic. 🙂 – Ella

  9. Avatar
    Medha Verma says:

    I am not a ski enthusiast (I cannot ski!) but I do love other snow sports and I have often visited ski resorts, just to enjoy the atmosphere and vibe. I’ve heard a lot about St Moritz, and the pictures you’ve shared are amazing. I particularly like Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, looks like a castle!

    • Melbtravel
      Melbtravel says:

      St Moritz is an amazing place to visit for non skiers and there is a lot of people that go there to enjoy the other activities. I went inside Badrutts Palace and wow it was such an amazing place. I would to stay there one day.

  10. Avatar
    Turtle says:

    I love how Switzerland looks in the winter. The snow makes it all so gorgeous! I haven’t done a lot of Swiss travel – and one of the reasons is because of the cost of things. But for a luxurious weekend like this, I’m sure it’s worth it!

  11. Avatar
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    What a beautiful place and your pictures took me right there. I never realized how beautiful Switzerland was and that train ride! Wow what an awesome, magical experience!

  12. Avatar
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    This looks like a fabulous adventure. Love your photos! I really like that there are other things to do if you don’t want to ski the entire time – especially the bobsled/tobogganing looks like fun.

  13. Avatar
    Perri says:

    St Moritz looks amazing! I would love to have a ride on the bob run and the hotel you stayed in sounds heavenly. Nice touch that the spa is adult only in the evening, great for relaxing after a day on the slopes.

  14. Avatar
    Vibeke J says:

    Wow, this looks amazing. I havent been to Switzerland yet but I would love to go so and to a ski resort like this. Looks so fun and the landscape is breathtaking. It is good that there are so many different types of activities as well. 😀 Thanks for sharing all the tips.

  15. Avatar
    Candy says:

    Wow! A guest ride on a bobsled?!?!? That sounds super intense and a once in a lifetime experience. I love whiskey so you would probably see me there instead of skiing 🙂 The landscapes in Switzerland are amazing too!

  16. Avatar
    Juliette Lang says:

    Oh wow St Moritz is just so very beautiful. I would love to go here one day and ski. I would also be happy with the whisky bar ☺

  17. Avatar
    Dorothy says:

    I can’t imagine speeding down a hill at 80 mph in a bobsled, I’m sure that’s an amazing feeling. From the looks of Engadin St Moritz, I can see why it attracts the wealthy.

  18. Avatar
    Jennifer says:

    This is kind of what Vancouver looks like today:) I’m not very good at skiing, but would definitely be up for a bobsleigh ride. I also enjoy quiet walks in the snow and would love to explore these mountains.

  19. Avatar
    Punita Malhotra says:

    Wow! Amazing is the word for ski resorts like these. In the middle of that pristine landscape, one would feel lost in a fairyland. And even though I can’t ski, I would love to give it a shot here.

  20. Avatar
    Bernie says:

    I’m absolutely intrigued at the thought of ice cricket; I guess you’d have a balancing act with stumps in the ice, so they would actually fall down when hit? And the bob sounds fab – how exciting to hurtle down the track with experts keeping to the best lines. That would be a massive adrenaline rush!

  21. Avatar
    Food and Footprints says:

    That looks like quite an adventure! Would especially enjoy taking that train through the Alps – that one bridge looks a bit like the Nine Arches in Sri Lanka

  22. Avatar
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    I love reading your ski guides as they always give me new inspiration and ideas for future ski holidays! I need a whole season in Europe just to visit a few of them…This sounds like a great resort, especially activities like jumping in the Bobsleigh! How cool is that?! Another fab guide, as always.

  23. Avatar
    Dave says:

    What was once an exclusive resort only for celebs, (listen to Peter Sarstedt song, “Where do you go to my lovely” where he mentions the Jetset . I would love to o there and actually see the settings of your fabulous photos even though i do not ski.

  24. Avatar
    Marteen says:

    This place so beautiful, like as if it’s straight out of a postcard. Of course I wouldn’t expect anything less from Switzerland 😊 I’d love to learn how to ski and go on ski holidays 😊

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    Wow the Swiss Alps look amazing. From the architecture to the deep culture of skiing to seeing horse racing on a frozen lake this place looks amazing! Might have to add St Moritz onto my personal bucket list.

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