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We are a travel and lifestyle site based in the UK, specialising in the travel, adventure, history and everything UK. As well as all things to do with having a defibrillator/pacemaker and living with a heart condition, while travelling.

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Our goal

Our goal is to create engaging content and build strong relationships with our readers and partners, through brand awareness and our honest feedback and recommendations. Based on what we believe in and our core values. We like the readers to be able to relate to us through our first-hand experiences of a destination or product.

Work with us

We are open to working with destinations and brands that reflect what we specialise in within the travel and lifestyle area. We are happy to welcome advertising, partnerships and sponsorship, as well as projects that would fit with our goals.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to Contact us to discuss further.

Some of the ways we can work together

      • Press trips
      • Reviews (Hotel, Tours, Bars & Resturants)
      • Product reviews & promotion
      • Social Media promotion & campaigns
      • Sponsored posts
      • Affiliate marketing
      • Brand Ambassadorships
      • Advertising
      • Competition and Giveaways
      • Twitter chat


I love to work with Travel and Apparel related products and services creating a signature style statement. I also enjoy working and helping others, especially bloggers, PR and people in the travel industries. If you are interested in working or collaborating with me, please contact me at info@melbtravel.com

Some of the Brands that we have worked with

I love creating lasting partnerships with brands and tourism boards that I respect. Below is a small sample of some of the amazing brands that I have worked within the last couple of years.

Recent Brands

List of collaborations

Some of our favorite campaigns

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Interested to know more or would like to get in touch? You can either go to our contact us page, email at info@melbtravel.com or we can connect on social media.

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