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“Life is really one big book waiting to be written and read” 

Welcome to MelBTravel

A Travel and Lifestyle site specialising in Adventure, Mountains, History and UK.  And also NOW everything about living and knowing your limits with having a Defibrillator, Pacemaker & Cardiac Sarcoidosis. 

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Who is Mel B

I am Mel B an indigenous Australian with dual citizenship in the UK and Australia. In 2004 I moved to London to pursue my career in banking. But my deeper desire was to experience other cultures, explore the world, and satisfy my hunger for adventure. Fast-forward 15 years, I am now a full-time travel blogger and content creator who loves nothing more than being outdoors writing about Travel, Adventure Mountains (mostly Skiing & Hiking ), History and Everything UK.

I have travelled to over 300 cities (mostly European ) in 60+ countries. Sometimes with my husband, other times with friends or on my own as a solo traveller. If I’m not out in my adopted city trying the latest food or sampling cocktails and wine, I can be found reading about history or visiting historical buildings. Basically, anything that encourages and allows me to learn more about the world.

Les Gets Ski Resort, France

2018 Everything Changed

In late 2018 I was diagnosed with a rare heart condition called Cardiac Sarcoidosis and had a defibrillator and pacemaker implemented to keep me alive. As an avid skier and adventure traveller, I had to reassess what I could and could not do with my Travelling with a Pacemaker or Defibrillator ICDcondition.

NOW, after reassessing my limits, I still do all the things I love. I want to show that you don’t have to stop your passion.

My goal here is not only to share my tips on how to travel smarter, or where to hang out in my adopted city, but also to entertain and provide a few laughs along the way. I treat every experience as if it may be my last, and so have dedicated my life to creating stories worth sharing. My black leather journal (I’m on my second!) is full of experiences such as dancing with the Massai Warriors in Africa and paragliding over the Blue Lagoon in Turkey, which I will be sharing on this space as well.

I hope you enjoy my adventures and look forward to connecting with you and hearing your stories as well!

Some of my Highlights

  • Trekking to Everest Base Camp and seeing Mt Everest – Himalayas, Nepal
  • Swimming with Whale sharks – Mexico
  • Paragliding over the Swiss Alps – Champery, Switzerland
  • Reaching the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro on my birthday and having everyone sing at the top – Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  • Skiing around and on the Matterhorn Mountain in both Zermatt Switzerland and Breuil-Cervinia – Italy
  • Flying to Lapland for a day to meet Santa – Enontekiö , Finland

Maasai, Tanzania


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“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train” – Oscar Wild

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