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A Summer Winter Sports Region Saas-Fee Switzerland

The glacier village of Saas-Fee Switzerland is definitely a summer winter sports paradise. Not just for outdoor lovers but also skiers and snowboards as well. It is known as “The Pearl of the Alps” and is one of the most picturesque villages in the Swiss Alps that I have ever seen.

Skiing on a glacier in summer is something that has been on my bucket list for a long time. So I jumped at the chance to try it in one of Europe’s most recognised summer ski areas. If anything,  going to Saas-Fee cemented why Switzerland is one of my favorite countries to visit.

Skiing on the glacier – Saas-Fee Switzerland

Whether you are skiing, hiking, mountain bike riding, or enjoying one of the other many activities, there is something for everyone.

About Saas-Fee Ski Resort

Pretty and relatively unspoiled the resort village of Saas-Fee definitely has a very Swiss feel and look about it, especially with the chalet style hotels dotted around and the glaciers dominating high above the village.

It is only one of nine Swiss Resorts that is car-free, enabling you to fully enjoy the mountain experience and the Swiss mountain way of life. 

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At more than 4,000m above sea level, Saas-Fee ski area is in the heart of the Swiss Alps and is one of the highest in the Alps. The Saas Valley which comprises 4 Swiss resort villages (Saas-Fee, Saas-Almagell, Saas-Grund, and Saas-Balen) forms part of the Valais area that compromises some of the most upscale and famous Alpine resorts in the world.

Saas Fee Ski Resort Switzerland
Walking through the Saas-Fee Village with the glacier above – Switzerland

The Citizens Pass for Summer

If you are staying in the Saas Valley for more than one night and your host is part of the partner business. You can obtain a ‘Guest Card’ thanks to the Citizens Pass and benefit from the many advantages offered.

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You will be able to use 10 of the 11 cableways free of charge (the exception being the Metro Alpin) as well as the PostBus throughout the Saas Valley. Allowing you to easily move between the Saas Valley area and take full advantage of the mountains


  • Check with your host (accommodation) and see if this something that they provide.
Up above Saas-Fee village Switzerland

Summer Skiing

Skiing doesn’t need to stop because it is summer, in Saas-Fee Switzerland, you can ski up on the lofty Allalin glacier from mid July to the end of October near the Mittelallalin summit. Depending on the weather, the area opens between 7 am/8 am and closes between 12noon to 3pm everyday.  

While you’re unlikely to experience fresh powder, you can still get great conditions skiing during Summer. Especially when the melting and freezing of old snow happens due to the weather getting warmer. The ski area is a mix of blue and red slopes, so do not worry if you are not an advanced skier or snowboarder. 

Take a pair of shoes to change into after skiing, as it can get really hot back in the village. It is not a great feeling walking back in ski boots (or snow boots) when it is so hot. I just had my flip-flops and pair of jeans to change into and it made a whole world of difference. 

Skiing Saas Fee Switzerland Europe
Heading to the snowpark – Saas-Fee Switzerland

Overview of the Saas-Fee Summer Ski Area

  • Ski Area is accessed via cable car and one of the highest funicular trains
  • 20 kms pistes
  • 2 lines of kickers in the freestyle park
  • A hip jump, rails, boxes and superpipe
  • A revolving restaurant and ice grotto at the entrance to the ski area (Which can be accessed even if you are not skiing) 

Can you Ski all day?

Skiing in summer is definitely different than skiing during the winter season, for one you can’t ski all day long. The other major difference is that you ski super early and finish around midday.

This is to allow the optimum conditions for both skiers and snowboards. You don’t want to be skiing in slush and even going over rocks and scratching your equipment. 

A selfie on the slopes skiing – Saas-Fee Switzerland

Where to Eat and Drink

Have a drink or something to eat at Revolving Restaurant Allalin, Saas-Fee. Known as the highest revolving restaurant in the world at 3,500 meters above sea level (11,482 ft) on the glacier of the Mittelallalin.


  • Make sure that you take up sunscreen, it might be really early but it gets hot quickly and the sun reflects off the snow.
Ski Frields Saas Fee Switzerland
Looking up the summer ski slopes – Saas-Fee Switzerland

What to do other than Skiing

What I like about summer skiing in Saas-Fee is you get the best of both worlds from one resort. You can ski early in the morning and then have the afternoon to explore other outdoor activities that are available.

You are definitely spoilt for choice in the glacier village of Saas-Fee, from your usual hiking, biking, golfing and swimming. As well as amazing adventures like glacier trekking, via Ferrata or taking a thrilling ride on the feeblitz toboggan run.

Or you can just relax and breathe in the fresh mountain air and indulge in traditional Swiss food and wine. All are definitely a great option in my eyes.

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  • Go skiing in the morning and then head up the Spielboden cableway to Langfluh in the afternoon to take in the panoramic views.
  • Check with your accommodation if you get any discount with the ‘Guest Card’

Accommodation in Saas-Fee

I stayed at the charming family-run Park Hotel which was situated in a prime position. Only 5minutes walk from PostBus terminal (Village Car Park), right next to the tourist office, and within walking distance to the shops and restaurants.

The hotel staff were really nice and went out of their way to help, they gave me a lift when I needed to get to the cable cars and every time they saw me they would say hi and ask how everything was going. Sometimes it is just the little things that can make all the difference.

The Rooms

My room was a good size with a comfortable double bed and all your mod cons like TV etc. The bathroom was also a good size with a great hot shower and a bath, which is always great after a long day. As well as a balcony with two outdoor chairs that took in the views of the stunning glaciers above.

Check the current availability of accommodation for the Saas-Fee Switzerland area.

Where to Eat and Drink

There are lots of pubs and restaurants near the hotel but if you are looking for a delicious meal and great wine. Then I highly recommend Zur Muehle Restaurant. I had the most amazing fondue with truffles and champagne for dinner.

Reviews of Zur Muehle Restaurant, Saas-Fee Switzerland on Trip Advisor


  • If you are skiing, the hotel has a storage locker at the main cable car, to leave your equipment.
Park Hotel Saas Fee Switzerland Skiing Hiking
The charming Park Hotel – Saas-Fee Switzerland

Location & How to get to Saas Fee


The two main international airports to Saas-Fee Ski Resort is Zurich International Airport and Geneva International Airport. Both are roughly around 3 hours via train and then bus, though Geneva should be a little less. 


There are numerous ways of getting to Saas-Fee Ski Resort like trains, private transfers, shared transfers or hire a car. But the best and most cost-effective way to get to Saas-Fee is via train then bus. This should take you between 3 hours from the Zurich Airport to Saas-Fee Ski Resort, depending on changes.

The standard train is as follows:

Zurich Airport →  Zurich Central Station → Visp (You change onto the Bus 511) → Saas-Fee Village


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Top Tip

  • Keep track of the trains and platforms using the SBS train app
  • You can buy your train tickets online beforehand to miss the queues 

Car Free Saas-Fee

Glacier village Saas-Fee Switzerland is one of nine Swiss Resorts that is car free which enables you to fully enjoy the mountain experience. If you are driving to Saas Fee there is a car park and an undercover area where you leave your car while in the resort.

Where is the Car Park in Saas-Fee

The car park is situated at the entrance to the village and also it is where the public bus terminates. 

Saas Fee Switzerland
Admiring the glaciers over the village in Saas-Fee Switzerland

Hotel Guests

If you are a guest in one of the hotels when you have parked the car use the free telephone to call the hotel to let know you have arrived. They will pick you up to bring you to your accommodation free of charge in their electric car.

Apartment Guests

If you have rented an apartment during your stay, check with your rental contract if they arrange to pick you up. If not you can get an electro-taxi or use a trolley to carry your luggage to the apartment.

Saas Fee Switzerland

Additional Information

  • Peak season: Monday – Sunday 6.15 am – 19.45 pm
  • Contact – Parkverwaltung Parkhaus Saas-Fee 3906 Saas-Fee
  • Trolleys are available on deposit at the tourist office (across the PostBus terminal).
  • You get around by electrically powered buses that are free of charge
  • Electrically powered taxis are available

Top Tips Saas-Fee

  • Looking for some extra fun, why don’t you try the Feeblitz toboggan run with its 55-degree incline. You can also do it in the evening after your day of exploring.
  • If you are looking for somewhere to go out at night or just for a drink during the day try the Popcorn Bar, near the tourist office. Apparently, there is Disco Club here during the winter season which is supposed to be pretty good too. 
  • We can’t live without the internet, so you will be glad to know there is FREE Wifi in the whole area.
  • There is a little electric train that runs across the village of Saas-Fee for FREE.

 Saas Fee Ski Resort Switzerland

Discover more of Switzerland

If you are interested in discovering more about Switzerland, feel free to read the following articles. All are great options for groups of friends or family, especially those who love adventures.

Thank you for reading this article ‘A Summer Winter Sports Region Saas-Fee Switzerland’. 

Have you been to Saas-Fee Switzerland before? I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below.


Saas-Fee Switzerland   Saas Fee Switzerland

Get some good Hiking Boots before your next adventure.

Feeling Adventurous or looking for other ideas, here are some of the other amazing activities you can book in the Canton of Valais area.


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  1. Rhonda Sachs Albom says:

    The view is so picturesque. It’s incredible you can ski in the summer, though I suppose that’s due to the high altitude. 4000 metres such is high.

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    What can l say what a beautiful place. Switzerland is one of those countries that l can only dream about. I love living my travels through you. I didn’t even know you can ski in summer that is amazing. BTW Great pictures

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    • Melbtravel says:

      The mountains in Switzerland are just amazing. Zermatt is right near Saas-Fee, you go to the same train station in Visp before you catch the snow train to Zermatt.

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      There is so much to do more than skiing in resorts these days, spas, hiking etc. I also love to go to Piz Gloria. Switzerland is definitely one of my favourite countries to visit.

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    Wow, Saas fee is winter and summer friendly and also a pearl of Alps. I loved the beautiful glacier views and would love to stay in family run Park Hotel.

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    There’s so much to do in this region of Switzerland! It reminds me a little of Whistler in BC!

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    Those pictures are beautiful! I go for 1-2 weeks of ski trip during winter but never thought it is possible to do it on summer in Switzerland. Thanks for the informative guide. Just to verify, is it more expensive than any ski resorts in Colorado for example?

  10. Juliette says:

    This is so cool! I have visited one of the Sommerski areas in Norway – summer ski where you ski or board down the glacier. It was amazing to see, although I didn’t get the chance to actually ski there. But it was beautiful. It felt so strange because it was the middle of summer! But that cold icy air would come straight off the glacier and was freezing. Saas Fee looks beautiful.

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    I really love the photos in this article they make me want to visit Switzerland even more! I’ve only ever been to Austria for winter sports but Switzerland seems like the perfect option for a summer winter sport holiday destination!

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